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University Studies Program

Southeast Missouri State University

Table of Contents

Courses in the 100-200 Level Core Curriculum

................. 15

................. 17

................. 18

University Studies Student Checklist

First Year Introductory Course......................

500-Level Interdisciplinary Courses.

–  –  –

Welcome to Southeast Missouri State University and our nationally-recognized University Studies program!

If you are like most college students, you have come to the University with the idea that you will take classes leading to a professional job and to a rewarding career in your chosen field. That is, of course, an excellent reason for investing your time, money, and energy in going to college; but you will not be getting the most out of your investment if all you get out of the Southeast experience is training for a specific career.

The era in which we live has been characterized by some as the "information age." One of the characteristics of our period is that the pace of change in every field is accelerating more and more rapidly. In some fields, experts have noted that the amount of new knowledge doubles every three to five years -- or in some cases in a matter of months. Many futurists have pointed out that most people entering the job market these days can expect to have several different careers during their lifetimes. This makes it more urgent that you look upon your university experience as an opportunity to prepare yourself to cope with a changing environment.

College has always been about change, in the sense that a college graduate should be a different person than he or she was at the start of his or her college career. At Southeast, University Studies is perhaps the most significant part of our curriculum for effecting the desired changes. As you review this booklet, you will see a list of the nine '·objectives" of University Studies. Those objectives spell out the kind of skills you will need for success during your lifetime of career changes. So I urge that you not consider University Studies as requirements to "get out of the way" so you can get on with the business of learning about a profession. University Studies is the very core of your Southeast experience -- providing you with a broad educational background and skills which will enable you to function in the 21st century.

As a new student at Southeast, you have been offered an extraordinary and exciting opportunity, and I am looking forward to sharing with you the adventure we call "higher education. "

–  –  –

Program Description A university education will be many things for you. At the very least it will assist you in securing an entry-level position in the career of your choice. At best it will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure advancement later in your career, improve your quality of life, and enhance your humanness. Most students approach their "university experience" from the point-of-view that the major will lead to a job and that University Studies, for the most part, is a continuation of high school subject matter to be overcome.

In reality, the major is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills and experiences that come from studying a discipline in considerable depth. The major will not ensure a job if jobs are unavailable. In contrast, University Studies is the breadth component of the curriculum and it is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a successful student, to be upwardly mobile in your career, and to beconle a life-long learner.

In the decade of the eighties, Southeast Missouri State University completely redesigned its general education program. We asked ourselves, students, and alumni the question, "What kinds of competencies, skills and abilities should students develop in the university today that will prepare them appropriately for life in the next century?" After extended discussion, we decided that students would need to develop expertise in the nine University Studies Objectives listed on pages 8 and 9 of this handbook in order adequately to prepare them for a quality life in the next century. We believe that you will need to access infornlation effectively, think critically, communicate effectively, understand past experiences, develop an awareness of your own and other cultures, be able to make intellectual rather than emotional decisions involving dilemmas, appreciate quality, and understand what it nleans to be a responsible citizen.

Every course in the program uses subject matter to provide you with opportunities to develop proficiency in these nine objectives. GS-10l Creative and Critical Thinking, our freshman seminar, introduces you to these objectives, the lower­ level curriculum courses provide you with treatment of the objectives from different perspectives (Individual Expression. Natural Systems, and Human Institutions), and the interdisciplinary curriculum provides you with ways to explore relationships within and among these perspectives. In short, the University Studies Program is a skills program.

It is designed to provide you with opportunities to develop skills that are essential for your immediate as well as your distant futures.

You are encouraged to approach University Studies with these skills in mind.

We sincerely hope that our past efforts in designing this nationally recognized program will result in an improved quality of life for you now as well as for the rest of your lives.

–  –  –

School of University Studies Administrative Offlees The location of offices and activities contained within the School of University

Studies are as follows:

Dean: Dr. John Hinni, 210 Memorial Hall, 651-2062.

AdministrGtive Secretary: Ms. Susan Ludwig, 210 Memorial Hall, 651-2062.

Senior Secretary: Ms. Tina Ellis, 210 Memorial Hall, 651..2579.

Director 01Planning and Assessment: Dr. David Green, 205 Memorial Hall, 651-2600.

Director, Center lor Scholarship in Teaching and Leaming: Dr. Fred Janzow, room 305, Kent Library, 651-2298. Ms. Sondra Phillips is the secretary for the Center.

–  –  –

Director 01the Honors Program and Coordinator o/the Governor's Scholars Program:

Dr. Larry Clark, Honors House, 902 College Hill, second floor, 651-2513.

–  –  –

One fundamental purpose of a liberal education is to ensure the acquisition of knowledge common to educated people and to equIp students to integrate acquired knowledge in order to produce interconnections of thoughts and ideas.

The goal of' the program is to' provide students with the information, ideas and skills they need to have in order to live a happier and more intellectually rewarding life.

The program is based upon nine University Studies Objectives:

Objective No. 1 Demonstrate the ability to locate and gather information This objective addresses the ways to search for, find and retrieve the ever increasing information available in a technological society. ;

Objective No.2 Demonstrate capabilities for critical thinking, reasoning and analyzing Students today cannot learn all the information that is produced. 'Therefore, they must be able to evaluate, analyze and synthesize information. They must be able to effectively process large amounts of information.

Objective No. 3 Demonstrate effective communication skills The ability to understand and manipulate verbal and mathematical symbols is a fundamental requirement in any' society, especially one that thrives upon the free exchange of ideas and information. Functional literacy is not the goal, rather, students must attain a high level of proficiency in order to be effective and happy citizens.

Objective No. 4 Demonstrate an understanding of human experiences and the ability to relate them to the present The degree to which individuals and societies assimilate the accrued knowledge of previous generations is indicative of the degree to which they will be able to use their creative and intellectual abilities to enrich their lives and the culture of which they are a part.

Objective No. 5 Demonstrate an understanding of various cultures and their interrelationships Understanding how other people live and think gives one a broader base of experience upon which to draw in the quest to become educated. As we become more proficient in information gathering, critical thinking, comnlunication, and understanding our past, our need to understand other cultures becomes greater.

Objective No. 6 Demonstrate the ability to integrate the breadth and diversity of knowledge and experience This' objective deals not merely with the possession of isolated facts and basic concepts, but also the correlation and synthesis of disparate knowledge into a coherent, meaningful whole.

University Studies Objectives (continued) Objective No.7 Demonstrate the ability to make informed, intelligent value decisions Valuing is the ability to make informed decisions after consipering ethical, moral, aesthetic and practical implications. It involves assessing the consequences of one's actions, assuming responsibility for them, and understanding and respecting the value perspective of others.

Objective No.8 Demonstrate the ability to make informed, sensitive aesthetic responses A concern for beauty is a universal characteristic of human culture. Aesthetics, while usually associated with the fine arts, can be broadly defined to include all areas of human endeavor, for example, science, history, business and sport.

Objective No. 9 Demonstrate the ability to function responsibly in one's natural, social and political environment Students must learn to interact responsibly with their natural, social and political environments in order to assure continued interrelationships among persons and things.

This objective presupposes an educated, enlightened citizenry that accepts its responsibility to understand and participate in the political and social process.

–  –  –

Reminder: In order to receive a degree from Southeast, students must pass MA-095 Intermediate Algebra, or score at the appropriate levels on placement tests to have the course waived. This requirement should be completed before attempting any course in the Logical Systems Category.

This requirement applies to all students regardless of the major selected (see "Graduation Requirements" in the University Bulletin).

–  –  –

Economic Systems

–  –  –

Business and Ethics UI-400 American Cultural Landscapes: Regional Architecture and Settlement Systems UI-401 Music in World Cultures UI-402 Aesthetics and Human Values UI-403 Transforming the Female Experience UI-406 Rational Endeavor UI-407 Manufacturing Research in a Global Society UI-410 American Health Care System UI-412 The American Temper: Ideas in Conflict UI-414 Science and Religion UI-415 Planetary Exploration: Fronl Galileo to the Present and Beyond UI-416 Images of Britain UI-417 Scientific Reasoning UI-422 Political Communication UI-423 Persuasion: Understanding, Practice and Analysis UI-425 Aging Successfully: Critical Issues Facing the Individual in the 21st Century UI-430 Shakespeare's Tragedies and the Hunlan Condition UI-431 Shakespeare's History Plays and Comedies and the Human Condition UI-432 Literature of Sport UI-435 The Nature and Growth of Mathematical Thought UI-438

–  –  –

Perspectives on Individual Expression Artistic Expression Literary Expression Oral Expression Written Expression Perspectives on Natural Systems Behavioral Systems Living Systems Logical Systems Physical Systems Perspectives on Human Institutions Development of a Major Civilization Economic Systems Political Systems Social Systems

–  –  –

Catalog Description (including prerequisites) This course is the introductory course in the University Studies program. The course has three purposes: 1) to help students make a successful transition to college life;

2) to help students develop effective learning and thinking skills; 3) to help students understand the importance of liberal education and life-long learning. (3) Course Content What thinking skills do professors expect students to master? What strategies can students use to improve their thinking skills? What thinking skills and attitudes must students master to become liberally educated citizens? The answers to these questions are important keys that unlock the door to becoming a successful college student and an educated person.

This course is designed specifically to help freshmen learn how to make a successful start in college. In it they learn about effective strategies for learning; they learn about dispositions and skills that are essential for effective thinking; they learn how to develop a plan of study for completing a college degree and about the importance of committing themselves to a life of learning. In short, OS-101 is a course that helps freshmen make the transition to university life.

Nature of Course In OS-101 students approach these topics through active learning. They do this through structured discussion, informal and formal writing, problem-solving, decision­ making and issue analysis.

OS-101 is unlike most courses that students have taken in the past. One difference is that OS-101 focuses on the processes of learning and thinking rather than on standard academic content such as.history, biology or econonlics. Another difference is that the professors teaching the course are from various academic departments. Thus the specific subject matter used to develop important learning and thinking skills may vary from section to section. However, all students will be given the opportunity to learn the same skills and work toward the same course objectives.

Student Expectations Students earn a grade in OS-10 1 through participation, written assignments, and examinations. Because OS-101 emphasizes discussion and other forms of active learning, attendance and participation are essential to achieve success in the course.

–  –  –

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