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«.by Chris Travers Don’t you just love it when everything comes together and works like clockwork? I think we all do and this is exactly what ...»

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The Official Publication of Orange County Pickups Limited march - april 2010

...by Chris Travers

Don’t you just love it when everything comes together and

works like clockwork? I think we all do and this is exactly

what happened at our second annual Jeff’s Fun Run. With

almost 150 vehicles, this second ever event was a total

success and a darn right good time... no matter where you

are from!

What makes events like this the success they are is the people. When John Force himself takes the time from his intense schedule to show up, it sure does make you feel like you are doing something right. Without the generosity of the entire John Force Race Station and Ken Grody Ford teams, this event would never have gotten off the ground, and without the excellent support of the Orange County chapter of Pickups Limited whose members never question a request but rather just jump in and perform, the event would have been a logistical nightmare, but by working as a team, we managed to send everybody down the road with None of us can do it all alone and without Ken Grody Ford, the John Force Race Station, and a great bunch of volunteers, we could not have had this great run.

THANKS to everybody!

continued on page 6 Hauln’ Freight • march-april 2010 www.pickupslimited.com 1 President’s Page...

By Steve Stillwell Gearing Up for the 28th Annual F-100 Western Nationals After years of hard work by all of the members of Pickups Limited Orange County, even through numerous date and location changes, the F-100 Western Nationals is now recognized as the West Coast’s premier allFord, classic truck show. This event is a once a year opportunity to visit with old friends who travel from afar to kick truck tires and reminisce about old times during this weekend in June. I’m writing this page in March, so I pray that the weather in June will be good to us, but that is one reason we picked a venue surrounded by trees! Best part of this show is Pickups Limited Orange County Chapter’s members all being involved in hosting this little/big show. It is small enough to allow us the opportunity to meet and greet everyone who attends this Saturday show, but large enough for us to now attract major vendors. With a record attendance in 2009, we will not be surprised to host the largest F-100 Western Nationals ever for 2010!

I now serve you as President of this chapter for my second year, and could not be more proud to see our ranks continue to swell. Our latest roster indicates we have 38 members, with more couples prospecting to join our ranks. Last year we came up with the idea of supplying all working members at the Nationals with white T-shirts emblazoned with Orange County Chapter’s unique, cartoonish art work.

This caught a number of classic truck enthusiasts attention to the point that they now wish to join our chapter. Coupled with developing our exclusive metal plaques, we have created a form of pride that is refreshing. Enthusiasts are now asking how they can acquire a plaque, shirt or jacket which features this new art work. My reply is simple, “Join the club.” As President of our club, creating friendships is immensely rewarding. We all come from different walks of life and family lineage; however, we do have a strong common bond…the love of old fat fendered Ford trucks. The F-100 Western Nationals is our best opportunity to share our commitment to the preservation of these unique statements of Americana.

On the other hand, we have built our trucks from non-running vehicles and projects where we have become accustomed to knowing that every single part required to hand fabricate an F-100 pickup. Most of which is now available from the aftermarket. Beds, bumpers, running boards, hoods, fenders, grilles … yes, they are all available as reproduction parts that are often better than stock! Best part is, The Truck Shop, Mid-Fifty, Dennis Carpenter Ford Reproductions, ABS Brakes and more will be at the show with all of the parts show attendees will need to build their dream trucks.

I will never ask you to perform any task that is beyond you physical endurance, however, we do need your help to continue to make the F-100 Western Nationals the West Coast’s greatest show. Featherly Park is reserved for Saturday, June 26th, the Ayres Inn is locked in as our host hotel, and plans for the Friday cruise are set and even the Friday night restaurant reservations are in place. But there are a few voids. Ed Oe can use your help in coming up with items for the goodie bags, we need your help in distributing event flyers at every classic truck gathering, and help with some of the tougher tasks of visiting vendors and actually setting up the show. We will have sign-up sheets soon, so don’t be shy. This is our opportunity to shine and cultivate more members and tighter friendships with our fellow Pickups Limited Chapters. Bring any and all of your ideas or ways you can contribute to the Nationals at the next monthly meeting!

It may be March, but it is time to ensure Featherly Park will be filled with show trucks along with all of the industry’s leading suppliers of Ford truck parts. Let’s make the 2010 F-100 Western Nationals an event to remember as we all wave goodbye to the departing show attendees at the end of the day.

–  –  –

We had a great turn out for the 2nd annual Jeff’s Fun Run and there is more to read about that in this news letter. The 28th F-100 Western Nationals is our next event. Please fill out the flyer in the back of this news letter and send it in today. If you want to be a vendor check out the vendor pricing in this newsletter or at www.F100westernnationals.com. For $100 you can get a basic vendor spot with an ad in the program. That’s a deal at any event let alone the biggest and best all Ford truck show in the west.

There are other packages available too. We are also accepting prize donations for the raffle. If you have a business in this hobby you need to be a part of this show.

Pat Ford from Dennis Carpenter Ford Restoration Parts will be back along with our regular sponsors and vendors like The Truck Shop and Mid Fifty. If you haven’t been to the show and don’t have a truck bring your buddies and it’s only $10 per carload to enter.

T-shirts will again be made to order on-site so everybody that wants one will get one, and the artwork is fantastic. Over 200 trucks attended last year making our event one of the few events anyplace that can say that we experienced a robust growth year in 2009.This is THE F-100 show that is talked about all over the world. Mark your calendar and mail your entry in today! Call or email with any questions.

Ed Oe • Vice President • Pickups Limited OC • ed@pickupslimited.com • Cell (714) 651-3214 Orange County Pickups Limited - a chapter of Pickups Limited of So. California

–  –  –

4 www.pickupslimited.com 5 Hauln’ Freight • march-april 2010 A VISIT WITH A FRIEND... by Ed Oe It was a clear day at the cemetery. We started out around 9:00am from Yorba Linda making our way east on the 91. There were four F100's rolling in perfect form. Heads turned as we passed. This is normal whenever we took the streets as a group.

The ride was a time to reflect back on a time with a friend. The many times I looked out my front windshield to see his truck leading us to a destination, today I was leading the pack. The many times I had to call him on the cell to say "your brake lights are not working". It would be the next thing we fixed once we stopped. It's what we did for each other or anyone who was a long for the ride. Jeff was someone who cared for his fellow man and would do what was right. He had many friends. At times when at a car show it would take some time to walk and look at the cars. He stopped to talk with many people he had met at car shows over the years and it was as if it was yesterday that they last talked. Some he would just walk up to and make a new friend and you would think they knew each other for years by the way they would talk. Jeff always had a story to tell or had an option on current events and he wasn't afraid to let you know what he thought.

A year has gone by and much in the world has changed but my memories will stay with me forever, and what great memories they are.

Rest in peace my friend.


–  –  –

6 www.pickupslimited.com 7 Hauln’ Freight • march-april 2010 Hauln’ Freight • march-april 2010 www.pickupslimited.com 7 Give Me a Brake…what have you done lately?

Well... What HAVE You Done?

This is what your pride and joy classic truck is asking to YOU. “Please take me to our annual club safety inspection. I want to show off my stuff”. Our annual club safety inspection has been rescheduled to March 27 due to the unpredictable weather, most likely rain. After all, isn’t getting our trucks inspected the reason for this event? I’m not big on driving my truck in the rain. I know others that just plain won’t, and I don’t blame them.

The clean up after a rain run is a lot of work.

It’s Going To Be A Party In addition to the comradely and vehicle inspections we’re firing up the grill and deep fryer. As a result of a very successful fishing trip down south we’ll be having a special treat for lunch. Grilled Ahi burgers and fries. You won’t be disappointed.

My Perspective On Safety Inspections Here at the shop, we do safety inspections all day, every day. For every vehicle we work on, we’re looking at the condition of something. Sometimes we do a cursory inspection and sometimes we go over a vehicle with a fine toothed comb. Each vehicle and each customer has needs unique to driving habits and age of the vehicle.

–  –  –

As for me and my vehicles, I service them every 3000 miles with conventional oil and every 4000 miles with synthetic oils. Today’s oils may be able to go longer, but what about the rest of the vehicle systems that can fail? At these intervals our trucks can and should be given the once over for potential needs for service.

Remember “That Guy” that neglects his maintenance and is always breaking down? I don’t want to be “Him” and I’d venture a guess neither do you.

That Guy If It Can Happen To Me, It Can Happen To You We just recently installed a pair of drop spindles in my “pride and joy” (a story for a future newsletter). Now remember, I change my oil every 4000 miles and visually give it the once over. I wasn’t expecting any unusual problems. Pull the wheels, spend a few hours replacing the spindles and off to the alignment rack, right? Not!

Much to my surprise, my front brake pads were due for replacement with about 10% remaining. I didn’t expect them to be that low, but they were. Do I pull the wheels off every oil change and inspect the brakes? No. Like many of us, form is more important than function. Those small hub caps on powder coated steel wheels are a pain to remove. On top of that, sometimes they won’t stay on after they’re reinstalled. Yes, it happens to me too.

Because of these types of things I try to keep a mental track of how soon before I might due for brakes and only check them more often when I know they’re getting close. Surprise, surprise. They were due NOW.

This is only one of the examples I could give of when I thought it was “this” when in reality it was “that”. So, even for someone “in the business”, safety inspections are important.

Why So Often You Ask?

Why is it so important to inspect and service our classic trucks so often? There may be many reasons, but here are two good ones.

8 www.pickupslimited.com 9 Hauln’ Freight • march-april 2010 No Spring Chicken If your truck is a 1956 model it’s 54 years old this year. When you break it down, these trucks are just a piece of machinery with thousands of moving parts. The fact is that these pieces of machinery and moving parts wear out. Constant maintenance and vigilance will give us the best opportunity to prevent us from having a problem at an inconvenient time. Like on a run with our friends.

It’s All New, What Could Go Wrong?

“My truck was just restored and everything is new. I don’t drive it more than a few thousand miles a year so I don’t need to be checking it that often”. I can understand how this thinking can happen. After all, if they’re new and we don’t drive them very often how can things go wrong? There in lies the problem. Even new things can cause issues. Just ask Toyota. Things can go wrong from driving these pieces of machinery hundreds of miles every week or by not driving them enough.

Last year we saw one of our members have a power steering problem with a fairly recent restoration and low yearly miles. This happened even after he had his truck inspected earlier that year at the annual safety inspection. It’s impossible to prevent every problem that may arise, but with a maintenance program at least we can drive with the peace of mind that we’ve done all that was possible. What’s your piece of mind worth?

A Short Story Just because it’s impossible to predict mechanical break downs, even with the best preventative maintenance, don’t let that stop us from trying. I once had a 1960 F100. With a two week vacation I was planning a trip to the Glamis sand dunes for the last week of my vacation. Because this truck was a little “rough”, I spent the first week going over it and fixing everything I could find that might leave me stranded. It might have been only 250 miles from home, but there’s a lot of nothing in that desert.

After working all that first week on the truck we set out for a jam packed, fun filled week in the sand dunes.

Ever been to Westmorland? Its south of the Salton Sea and west of Brawley. As fate would have it, we blew a transmission cooler line somewhere between Westmorland and Brawley. Nothing but desert and farm land. But mostly desert. Of course I had every spare part but a piece of ⅜ hose. Fortunately one of my friends had the exact piece I needed in the back of his truck in a pile of junk we always teased him about. Twenty minutes later and I was a happy camper again. Stuff happens.

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