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North West London Group

NWL Group Officers & Committee 2009


Secretary Chairman Treasurer

Cath Woodman Mike Harrison Ted Manktelow

16 Rousbury Road 17 Brentford Close, Yeading 11 Furze View, Chorleywood Stewartby, Beds MK43 9NJ Hayes, Middx UB4 9QG Rickmansworth, Herts WD3 5HT Home: 01234 766797 Home: 0208 841 1657 Home: 01923 282130 Mobile: 07711 686181 Work: 0208 878 4667 tedmanktelow@btinternet.com nwlgroup@csmaclub.org Mobile: 07974 268560 mlh.bhm@btconnect.com Newsletter Editor Competition Secretary Mike Biss Dave Smith Alan Thurbon 19 Dunstable Close 18 Alameda Road 9 Gilded Acre Flitwick, Beds MK45 1JN Ampthill, Beds MK45 2LA Dunstable, Beds LU6 3TB Home: 01525 720299 Home: 01525 404638 Home: 01582 602916 Mobile: 07753 137415 dave@csmanwl.com alanthurbon@yahoo.com editor@csmanwl.com Shirley Baldwin Anne Graves Lee Craker 43 Orchard Drive, Park Street 20 Albert Road North 16B Goodwyn Avenue St Albans, Herts AL2 2QQ Watford, Herts WD17 1QF Mill Hill, London NW7 3RG Home: 01727 874751 Home: 01923 819735 Home: 0208 959 3399 Mobile: 07773 301786 Work: 01923 280904 Mobile: 07724 017016 Mobile: 07811 905360 lee.craker@btinternet.com anne.e.graves@btinternet.com

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August birthday wishes to Dave Gordon (5th), Graham Smith (23rd), Anne Graves (26th), Eric Crease (29th), John Brown (30th) and Dave Smith (30th).

Those are their birthday dates not their ages, in case you were wondering...

Opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the contributor and not necessarily those of the CSMA Club, North West London Group Committee or those of the Editor. In addition, articles on maintenance, etc. are published in good faith and no liability can be accepted by the CSMA Club, North West London Group Committee or those of the Editor for the accuracy of such contributions or for damage or malfunction arising from their use, no matter how they are used.

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The Big End - August 09 Page 2 NWL Group Editorial• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •••••••••••••••• Well July was a very busy month for me with an event of one sort or another to attend every Saturday and Sunday. It started off with a multi venue grass & tarmac autotest, with the Greenacres on the Sunday. Next weekend it was taking my mum out to a NEL event over at Burnham-on-Crouch, with an AutoSolo down at Guildford on Sunday. Next up it was the stag do for Owen Turner with a trip to karting, brewery and curry house, then another AutoSolo at Rugby the next day. And to finish off I was at Owen & Fiona’s wedding, with the Grasshopper on the Sunday. Now for a rest in August.

The Greenacres Autotest went off very well with 15 entries and the weather leaving its period of rain to the lunch break. Three open tests were on offer with three runs at each and everyone enjoyed themselves. I just managed to pip James Newbould to the win. Thanks to Mike H for organising.

The invite we had to the NEL signal box visit went well with three people attending.

What it did show was that there is a lot to see and a very interesting history of the railway and the signal box was given by our guide (which you don’t get on open days).

NWL will have its own visit in the New Year, so keep an eye out for the date.

I’ve only heard of one person who fell foul of the CSMA Club magazine mistake in our Group news listing (sorry Harry). It seems someone changed the article about the July Noggin and put in that the date had changed, which it hadn’t. Nobody had told us about amending our copy before publication and it would seem we will have to read it carefully in future to make sure they don’t muck it up again.

The Quadruplex was postponed from last month and has now been rescheduled to the 30th September. This is a Wednesday instead of the previous Saturday, so hopefully more people can attend rather than being busy elsewhere. If you are able to make the new date, don’t forget to let Cath know.

–  –  –

Back from the Grasshopper Autotest, which only had 10 entries this year, but a lot of that was due to the wedding the previous day. Hopefully they will recover for next year. Same format as the Greenacres, with three tests run three times. Although I did win, Cath had a very good run and finished second, but Mike H had the dubious honour of coming last, wishing he had brought the Sprite after all.

The Hungarian Grand Prix finally saw the return of McLaren to form with a strong win for Lewis Hamilton, even Ferrari had a good run to second. However, the talking point of the weekend was Felipe Massa being hit on the head by a rear spring that fell off the back of a Brawn. He suffered a fractured skull and had an operation when the severity of his injuries were found in hospital. He is now out of danger but they don’t know at present if his eye injury will allow him to continue. In another incident, the Renault have been banned from the next race in Spain due to letting the car of Fernando Alonso out knowing that a wheel hadn’t been fixed properly and then not telling him. They are however going to appeal.

Hope to see you out at the bowling, on our next clubnight on the 4th August, down at Garston.

Mike B.

–  –  –

Dave Smith, Cath, Kit and I all managed to take our various classic cars along to the picnic in the garden, where we were also joined by Bernard Ward from NEL with his MGB. A new event run on similar lines to the Classics on the Common and in fact organised by the same person.

A great and varied collection of cars were on show and although not that well attended by the public, this is surely an event that will grow in popularity as time goes on. Given that the reserve field was quite full, with some quite exotic machines, one will have to book early to get one’s car in next year.

I took the Sprite along to another track day at Castle Combe earlier last month, where I had an interesting spin at Quarry corner after a sprinkle of rain. Whether or not this contributed to stressing the nearside front wheel studs or not I will never know, but suffice to say that later that afternoon I discovered two were missing, which brought a premature end to the day and a trip home on the back of a lorry, courtesy of good old Britannia Rescue. As ever the service was excellent.

I was supposed to go along to NEL’s St Albans signal box visit on the following Thursday but had to cancel as I was changing all 8 front wheel studs that night, because the car was on show on the Saturday and Sunday at the MG Car Clubs Silverstone meeting. I have to say I did finish the job on the Thursday night and the car was back to normal in time to drive up to Silverstone on both days.

If you haven’t been before and like classic car racing, then this is certainly one to go to, with Jaguars, TVRs, Morgans and TRs, not to mention loads of delicious Austin Healeys, Midgets and MGBs. Something for everyone in fact.

The following Tuesday Doug and I attended the hill climbing course at the Gurston Down Hill Climb School and I have given a brief report on this elsewhere in the newsletter.

I am still having problems with the starter motor on the Sprite as Kit will tell you, but it is going back to Frontline in September to be hopefully fixed, in the mean time if you are at Classics on the Common in Harpenden on the 29th August please come and say hello, and stay around at the end AS I MIGHT NEED A PUSH!

This month don’t forget we are going bowling in Watford and Cath will need to know who is going so that he can book the appropriate number of lanes.

Mike H.

The Big End - August 09 Page 4 NWL Group Secretarys• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ´ •••••••••••••••••••• I’ve just got back from the Grasshopper autotest, which was great fun and good to be out driving again (after marshalling on the Greenacres… though even then I managed to get a brief drive in Bernard Ward’s automatic Mondeo, until he sulked because I beat him!). Thanks to NEL for organising the Grasshopper. It’s probably one our Chairman would like to forget, though: he not only got comprehensively beaten by his daughter, but also by a 14-year-old! Predictably, Mike Biss won, and for the next one, as a handicap, we’re going to blindfold him and get Mike H to navigate. Do you think that might slow him down?

Last weekend was the Drystone Rally, where I was out again with Martin Betts in his rapid Mk2 Escort. I’m really enjoying Derbyshire road rallies at the moment; they’re straightforward, challenging events and deservedly running full entries. We finished 3rd, which was a reasonable result considering the quality of the field. I then rather ambitiously (stupidly?) drove home and went straight to an orienteering event that was taking place round the lake near my house. Ian B came over and walked round with me (I don’t do the “running” bit…). I only knew the fairly flat path round the lake so naively thought it would be a nice Sunday stroll, but the organisers had found some really tricky, hilly areas which involved far too much climbing up or scrambling downhill for my disgracefully poor fitness level. We covered over 7km, which with a night’s missed sleep and a long time since breakfast, made me a bit grumpy towards the end sorry Ian! Amazingly we weren’t last, and even beat some serious (running) people to a couple of the controls. And Ian managed to avoid falling over anything so didn’t break any more bones.

On a completely different note (ha ha) watch out for the Prom concert on Tuesday 18th August – it’s a performance by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. If you think classical music isn’t for you… well, they play pretty much everything from rock and pop to popular classics and it’s very entertaining (and indescribable). I’m sure the concert will be televised or on iPlayer or something. Well worth checking out.

I hope you can join us at some or all of our events over the next couple of months:

Tuesday 4th August – Clubnight – a bowling evening at Woodside Leisure Park, Watford. We have three lanes booked, so plenty of room if you want to bowl, or just come along and laugh – from 8 p.m.

Wednesday 5th August – Classics on the Green, Croxley Green. Another chance to enjoy seeing lots of classic cars... From 4 p.m.

Thursday 20th August - Noggin and Natter at the Royal Oak, Chipperfield – our regular third Thursday get-together over a drink or two. We meet from around 8.30 p.m.

Tuesday 1st September – Clubnight – Scalextric at Chorleywood village hall. This is our qualifying event for the Centre championship, so come along to see if you could be the NWL champion! 7.30 for 8 p.m.

Thursday 17th September – Noggin and Natter at the Royal Oak, Chipperfield – our regular third Thursday get-together over a drink or two. We meet from around 8.30 p.m.

Wednesday 30th September - Quadruplex, Windsor. This is the revised date for the Inter-group quiz evening, this year hosted by West Middlesex group. Please let me know if you are able to attend.


–  –  –

July 2009 Motor Sport Coordinators' Bulletin Date Day Event (Status) Type of Event Club Champ Sept Sun 6 * AutoSolo (C) Cross between autotest/sprint CSMA NEL Centre Tue 8 * Castle Combe Track Day () Thrash round a race circuit CSMA NL Sun 13 AutoSolo (C) Cross between autotest/sprint Farnborough DMC Wed 30 Quadruplex () Intergroup Quiz CSMA WMx Centre Oct Sun 4 Autumn (C) Grass autotest CSMA NWL Centre Fri 9 12 Car Rally (C) Navigational rally CSMA WMx or NWL Centre Sun 11 Treasure Hunt () Driving treasure hunt invite Green Belt MC Wed 21 CSMA v GBMC () Quiz Night invite Green Belt MC Nov Tue 3 Hollstar Intergroup Comp () Table Top Rally CSMA NWL Centre Fri 13 12 Car Rally (C) Navigational rally CSMA NWL Centre Dec Fri 4 12 Car Rally (C) Navigational rally CSMA NEL Centre Licence required: (I/Nat A/Nat B/Cm) = MSA Licence, (C) = Club Card, () = Nothing, * = Regs available Previous Events Multi Venue Autotest This was a fun event with 30 tests at three venues (two tarmac, one grass) and 24 of them were different. Two tests repeated at the truck stop before a road section to the grass field, where they had nine different tests laid out. After lunch it was off to the next venue at Bramcote Barracks for two tests repeated, then back to the truck stop for another two repeated tests. Lastly it was back to the grass venue for another nine tests.

Greenacres Autotest Plenty of dry driving, rain at lunchtime and then dry again in the afternoon. Nice open tests and three runs at each saw everyone have a good time.

Farnborough AutoSolo Another very full event and dry conditions saw the sports cars pull away. There were a lot of murmurs about them using an Index of Performance to get an overall winner rather than just the fastest car.

Warwickshire AutoSolo Variable weather conditions, but mainly the same for everyone during the day. The tests were a bit tight in places and needed a bit of stretching whilst walking the course. A close competition throughout the day during the 12 runs.

Quadruplex Inter-Group This has been postponed until the 30th September due to a low turn out. Hopefully the new date will get the turn out it deserves, with support from all groups.

Grasshopper Autotest This hasn’t taken place yet, so results next month.

Future Events NEL AutoSolo NEL are running another AutoSolo on the 6th Sept, this time at Bovingdon airfield, near Hemel Hempstead. This means much more open tests and no kerbs! The event is using part of the airfield not used for competition before, so a varied route will be a challenge. The entry fee is £22 and the regs are now out and available from either myself or your local group.

CSMA Track Day This is a non-competitive event at the Castle Combe race track in Wiltshire on Tuesday 8th Sept.

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