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«General Terms and Conditions The below terms and conditions apply to all Air India flights General Information While compiling this information, Air ...»

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General Terms and Conditions

The below terms and conditions apply to all Air India flights

General Information

While compiling this information, Air India has endeavored to ensure that all information is

correct. However, no guarantee or representation is made to the accuracy or completeness of the

information contained here. This information is subject to changes by Air India without notice.

Class of Service

Air India offers three classes of service:

First Class Executive Class Economy First class is available on most of our Boeing flights. However, we do not offer this class on the Airbus and ATR aircrafts.

Executive Class is available on most of our Boeing and Airbus aircrafts.

Non-Smoking Flights The Government of India prohibits smoking on all Air India flights. As a separate precautionary measure, all toilets are fitted with smoke detectors.

Reservation We suggest that you make your reservations as far in advance as possible through any Air India office or approved Travel Agent. You can also book pay and purchase your e-ticket using our online booking facility. We kindly request you to supply a contact number during reservation for each city in your itinerary. This will enable us to inform you of any irregularity with a flight on which you are booked.

Reservation Requirements

• Reservations are not confirmed until recorded as accepted by Carrier or its authorised Agent

• As provided in carrier's Regulations, certain fares may have conditions, which limit or exclude the guest's right to change or cancel reservations.

Ticketing / Fares and Time Limit Please note that fares are subject to change without notice. If you have purchased a ticket and subsequently the fares have increased then you will not be required to pay the difference.

However, if you decide to change your travel dates, which requires re-issuance of the ticket, the same ticket will be repriced at the applicable fare at the time of making changes and the difference would have to be paid. Please check your ticket after it is issued, for its correctness and we request you to read the Terms and conditions and Conditions of carriage.

Totally unutilized open tickets and domestic tickets are valid for one year from date of issue.

Unless otherwise specified on the ticket, the period of validity of international tickets issued at normal one way, round or circle trip fares shall be one year from date of commencement of travel. Or if the first flight coupon of the international ticket is open dated and or/unused, the ticket is valid from the date of issue thereof. You can change your travel itinerary after you have purchased your ticket through our offices or through an authorized travel agent. In case you do, please get your ticket appropriately revalidated at any of our offices, airport ticket counters, or by an authorized travel agency.

Please do note the following with regard to the cancellation, and rebooking of tickets, purchased under Normal fares.

For domestic travel within India:

• Any change to a confirmed ticket issued on INR fare - including cancellation, postponement, change of itinerary - must be done at least one hour before a flight(for tickets issued in RBD’s T, S & E 24 hours before a flight). When a ticket is reissued from a higher to a lower fare or v.v, a re-issuance charge is levied, irrespective of whether there is any change in sector/class of travel

• Subject to the ticketing time limit, if the same is not met, a 100% cancellation charge on the basic fare will be applicable. This holds true for a published full-fare ticket. For special fares, please check the applicable cancellation charges.

• Refunds will be processed subject to refund penalties as per fare rules and will be paid as per the original currency of payment, country of payment and form of payment. We will refund the

value of tickets purchased by you from our offices or airport ticketing counters directly to you:

If the ticket has been paid for in cash, we will refund the amount in cash;

If the ticket has been paid for by credit card, the proceeds will be credited to the respective credit cards If the ticket has been paid for by debit card, the proceeds will be directly credited to the respective bank account

• The refund of a ticket issued by a Travel Agent, must be processed through the issuing Travel Agent

• Tickets issued outside India will be refunded in the country where the ticket has been purchased

• Please note that certain fares may have conditions which limit or exclude your right to get a refund. For complete details, please refer to the terms and conditions of that special fare or contact your nearest Air India ticketing office or 24 hours reservation centre or your travel agent Air India reserves the right to make a refund only to the person named in the ticket or to the person who originally paid for the ticket, and to refuse a refund if any application for such refund is made later than 365 days after the expiry date of the ticket.

For international sectors:

Tickets for international travel are subject to cancellation charges. These are specific for a particular sector. Related details are available at our offices, airport ticket counters, on our website whilst booking online and from our authorised travel agents.

Tickets issued on airindia.in:

• The retrieved itinerary will display only the unutilised segments in your booking. If the status of your booking is either checked-in, used or refunded, the same will not be displayed.

• However please note that if a booking is modified or cancelled with the call centre /reservations office, it cannot be further modified or cancelled online.

• Further online modification or cancellation of a single PNR that have multiple passengers booked on it, will result in modification or cancellation of all the booked passengers and is not possible to cancel one passenger from a multi passenger booking. Once we receive your refund request, we will process the refund within 07 working days

• Should there be any cancellation / refund fees, we will deduct the relevant amount and the balance will be refunded to the same Credit / Debit card used to purchase the original itinerary

• For any further information or assistance, please write to us at ecommerce@airindia.in Concessional Fares A 50% concession on the basic Adult fare in Economy Class on all Domestic sectors within India operated by us is offered to Students, Senior Citizens (65 years and above), Cancer Patients, Blind guests and Armed Forces personnel. However, limited numbers of seats are allocated on each flight for the carriage of such traffic. In addition, certain conditions apply and formalities are required to be fulfilled in each case, and these and related details are available at our offices, airport ticket counters and from our authorized travel agents. All taxes, Airline Fuel Charges, and fees, however, are applicable as per normal (non-discounted) Adult fares.

From time to time we offer special fares and packages - detailed terms and conditions of which are available at our offices, airport ticket counters, with our travel agents and on our website.

Infant travel:

An infant is one who has not yet reached his/her second birthday. Infant tickets for normal fares will be charged at 10% of the basic normal adult fare however, the same may vary for special fares. For Domestic travel currently the infant base fare is INR 1000 (subject to change without notice). Applicable taxes, Airline Fuel Charges, and fees will be charged in addition to this fare.

Infant discounts are sometimes not applicable for special discounted fares. If the infant has crossed his second birthday when the journey commences, then the ticket would have to be issued with a part infant and part child fare. No seat will be allotted for an infant traveling on an infant ticket. If a seat is required the infant should pay the child fare.

Please note:

Infants below 14 days old are not permitted travel (both domestic and international).

However, in an exigency, wherein life saving treatment is mandatory for the infant, the mother may be permitted to fly with the new born, provided the new born is certified fit to fly, by the concerned pediatrician and is accompanied by at least a MBBS doctor.

Child travel A child is one who has reached his/her second birthday but not yet reached his/her twelfth birthday on the date of commencement of journey. Child tickets for domestic travel for normal fares are 50% of the basic normal adult fare and for international travel it is 75% of the basic normal adult fare. Child discounts are sometimes not applicable for special discounted fares.

Personal Data Personal data as given to the Carrier for the purpose of making a reservation for carriage and for obtaining ancillary services, by the passenger is recognized by him/her, authorising the Carrier to retain such data and to transmit these to its own offices, other carriers or the providers of such services, in whatever country they may be located.

Check-in Time

For Domestic flights:

Check-in usually starts 120 minutes before departure and the Check-in counters will be closed 45 minutes before departure time for all classes of guests.

Passengers are requested to report 120 minutes prior to departure time at Srinagar, Jammu & Leh airports for check-in due to extra security measures.

Please note that passengers travelling on flights originating from Jammu, Srinagar and Leh stations will not be allowed to carry any hand baggage

For International flights:

Check-in usually starts 3 hours prior to departure, and Check-in counters will be closed 60 minutes before departure time for all classes of guests.

Certain formalities are required to be completed by the guest at the airport before and after being accepted by the airline for travel. To complete these formalities and the check-in process, guests are required to arrive at the airport sufficiently before the departure time of the flight.

Baggage Allowance For detailed information on baggage visit http://www.airindia.in/baggage.htm Articles Articles, which may be carried free in addition to the free baggage allowance (Subject To Security Regulations).

• An overcoat wrap or blanket

• An umbrella or walking stick

• A lady's handbag, lady's pocketbook or lady's purse

• A reasonable amount of reading matter for the flight

• A small camera and / or a pair of binoculars

• Infant's carrying basket

• Infant food for consumption on the flight • 8. A fully collapsible invalid's wheelchair and / or a pair of crutches and/or braces or other

• prosthetic device for the guest's use provided that the guest is dependent upon them Security Regulations

According to security regulations, guests are advised:

• Not to accept any packets from unknown persons

• Not to leave baggage unobserved at any time, especially within airport area. Unattended baggagemay be removed by Airport Security Staff as object of suspicion

• To declare before baggage screening / check-in if carrying any arms or explosive substance.

• Concealment is an offence under Aircraft Act and Rules

• To carry only one hand baggage, the sum of the three dimensions (viz. length, breadth and height) of which should not exceed 115 cm

• Battery cells / Dry cells carried in the hand baggage or in any electrical/electronic items are liable to be removed and the airline would not be in a position to hand-over the same at the destination. The same may be carried in registered baggage.

Prohibited Articles Also carriage of dry cell batteries, knives, alcohol, scissors, sharp instruments, tools, fire arms, ammunition, and their toy replicas are prohibited in the guest cabin Valuable Articles Currency, precious metals, jewellery, negotiable instruments, securities, personal identification documents and other items of value, are best carried with the guests in the cabin.

Restricted Articles Medicines and toiletries in limited quantities which are necessary or appropriate for the guest during the journey, such as hair sprays, perfumes and medicines containing alcohol may be carried. Many of these listed articles can be carried as air cargo provided they are packed in accordance with cargo regulations.

The following items may be carried:

Dry ice in quantities not exceeding 2 kilograms (5 pounds) per guest, used to pack perishables, as carry on baggage only.

Alcoholic Beverages. With approval of the carrier(s), small oxygen cylinders for medical use and small carbon dioxide gas cylinders worn by guest for the operation of mechanical limbs.

The above terms are only illustrative and not exhaustive and for further information you may contact the nearest Air India office.

Dangerous Articles in Baggage For safety reasons, dangerous articles, such as those listed below, must not be carried in guest's baggage.

Compressed gasses deeply refrigerated, flammable non-flammable and poisonous) such as butane oxygen, liquid nitrogen, aqualung cylinders and compressed gas cylinders.

Corrosives such as acids, alkalis, mercury and wet cell batteries and apparatus containing mercury.

Explosives, ammunitions, fireworks and flares, ammunition including blank cartridges handguns, fireworks, pistol caps.

Flammable liquids and solids such as lighter refills, alcohol, lighter fuel, matches, paints, thinners,firelighters, lighters that need inverting before ignition, matches Radioactive material, Briefcases and an attache case with installed alarm devices.

Oxidising materials such as bleaching powder and peroxides.

Poisons and infectious substances such as insecticides, weed-killers and live virus materials.

Other dangerous articles such as magnetised materials, offensive or irritating materials.

The Government of India Prohibits the use of mobile phones on board at all times.

Domestic Travel:

Conditions of Contract for scheduled domestic flights within India:

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