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«Top Ticket Tips As you have been told many times and you will continue to hear about at rehearsals is the importance of selling tickets. Some people ...»

Issue No. 74 January 2012

Top Ticket Tips

As you have been told many times and you will continue to hear about at rehearsals

is the importance of selling tickets. Some people may find this difficult but

using these tips you may sell an extra couple of tickets. The gazette’s top ticket

tips are:FAMILY- You should make sure all members of your family purchase tickets. If

they have not then just keep nipping their heads until they do. These

members include mum, dad, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grans, granddads, cousins etc.

SCOUT GROUPS- You will hear Ged mention that you should make sure your Scout group should be coming or giving other members of the group the opportunity to come and see the show. This is very important that each group comes to see the show because the Gang Show is the biggest advert for public Scouting so they should be supporting this event. To make sure that your group is going is simple just go to your Cub, Scout, Explorer leaders or your GSL and ask if they are taking your group to see the show if they say no ask why.

Friends- You should try and sell some tickets to your Friends. The term friends can include schoolmates, work colleges, neighbours, people you hang around with, parent’s friends people from another organisation you may be a part of e.g. dancing, a sports team such as football etc.

Internet- The internet can be used as a good tool to publicise the show if used wisely. Ways in which this can be done is by putting the details about the show in your msn name, making the show an event on facebook and inviting all your facebook friends to the show, email the details of the show to everyone’s emails you have, every now and then mention the show on your status on facebook, using a countdown to the show on bebo, putting the details of the show on your bebo homepage, you could twitter the show details.

Posters- The more posters a person sees the better chance they have of remembering the gang show. Therefore posters must be placed where the public can see them. Such places include... your local corner shops, barbers, chippies, bakers, chemists, your mum and dad’s local, take-aways, workplace, schools, your window if you live on a busy road and other public places.

I hope this article has given you some ideas on how to sell tickets and hope you use these ideas. Let us hope that the theatre is full each night to make all our nights more enjoyable. There is nothing worse than performing to a half empty theatre so good luck and get selling!

Inside this issue: If you have any suggestions  Production Director’s spot or material for the gazette  Cast Profiles please let me know at  My

–  –  –

Well the show is fast approaching and when this issue of the Gazette goes to print there will be only 9 weeks until dress rehearsal on Monday 2nd April. Rehearsals have been going well and over the next few weeks the last of the musical numbers will be put on the floor and the sketches will be getting prepared. So it’s time for me to make my “annual plea”!!!

Words! - Please spend some time between rehearsals learning your words with the CD that Paul has provided. If everyone spent just a little time doing so you would be amazed at the difference it will make on a Sunday when you are trying to remember the moves on the floor.

Tickets! – As has already been said we have over 3500 tickets to sell, and it is up to everyone to make a big effort to do this. So let’s make sure all your family, friends, neighbours, and especially your Beaver Colony Cub Pack, Scout Troop, or Explorer Unit will be supporting you by coming to see the show.

Performing to a packed theatre makes all the months of rehearsal so much more worth while and the week of the show even more enjoyable.

So, keep up the good work at rehearsal’s and get selling those tickets!!!

Cheers, Ged Editor Expresses In the upcoming editions of the gazette I would like to have a new article entitled "My first Show" this article would involve a member of the cast writing a full or half page on their experience of their first show. In order for this new article to be a success people would have to be willing to write about it. If you would like to do it then please type your article and email it to gazette@dundeegangshow.com An idea of what to write about would be: What made you join the Gang Show  What year was it in  What you thought of rehearsals  What numbers were in the show  What was your favourite number and why  Did you find anything difficult  What did you think about the week of the show  Did anything funny happen during rehearsals, on stage, in the dressing room etc If you have any questions about this then please let me know. Please feel free to make this as funny as you wish. Or do in it in your own format above is just a guide.

An Article I will start in this edition of the gazette is the return of “Down Ure Way.” This article was done by Bill, George and Tony when they were gazette editors and I have decided to bring this back.

Details and the first edition of this is on page 4.

–  –  –

My first Gang Show was in 1999. I was 9 years old and a Cub. There are only 5 people involved with the show this year that were in the show in 1999 - Ged, George Walker, Stuart Sellars, Cheify and myself.

The Cub sketch that year was a sketch about James bond and several other bonds fighting against a mad professor.

Just a normal cub sketch! Numbers like Jesus Christ Superstar (I think), big band (where the cubs and comedy team dressed up as Shirley Bassey! AMAZING!) and a country and western number. The uniform number, which included Ralph Reader songs which included 'The world in Union' which wasn't written by him but it is a lovely song and one that has been sung by Dundee Gang Show many times throughout the years and it suits scouting ideals perfectly. The show also included one of my favourites, Les Mis, which has been repeated since then and will always be one of my favourites!!

I joined Gang Show after watching my cousin and my brother since 1996 in the show (I have all of these on DVD if you want to see Ged 16 years ago!!) As far as I can remember I loved the rehearsals and loved the week of the show and still do. I always had a smile on my face, and put all my effort and energy into the show. The rehearsals then are considerably different to now, but maybe that has something to do with my age!

My favourite moment of the show was probably when we had to dress up as Shirley Bassey. We looked ridiculous but it was hilarious!

I have been in 10 Dundee Gang Shows and 1 Aberdeen Gang Show since then so have been involved in Gang Shows for about 2/3rds of my life. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Down Ure Way

The Stage door of the Whitehall Theatre is located in Ure Street and this has been the traditional title for the interviews with some of the Gang Show’s “Young Old-Stagers”. Meaning that to appear here you must have completed at least two shows and been awarded your Gang Show necker.

For Calum Lynch Gang Show 2012 will be his 9th successive show. He is 16 years old and goes to St Pauls RC Academy. In his first show he was a cub. In his second show in the cub sketch he played Chief Running Water.

His older brother Ryan was in the Gang Show and that is the reason he joined. He hasn't decided yet what he wants to be when he is older. His favourite thing about Gang Show is meeting new people. His favourite number over the years has been the Circus number because it is fun and the costumes are really good. He keeps coming back to perform in Gang Show to meet new people and see old friends. His hobbies are field hockey and playing guitar.

–  –  –

Well, first of all, we don’t usually remember all our words, we always remember our words! We would suggest taking your Gang Show song book everywhere you go. Such as school bus, bed and we find that Dens Park would be a good location as you would get bored senseless and this would pass the time.

Dear Jim and George this is my first year in the show so I was wondering if you have any tips on how to sell lots of tickets?

Having been in the show for a number of years, and having a huge fan base, we don’t have any trouble in selling tickets nowadays. However when we were unknown, we would ask family, friends, neighbours, school teachers, Cub and Scout troops and anyone we knew to come along and see the Gang Show.

Dear Jim and George the person behind me always sings out of tune what should I do?

Dear Scout or Senior we understand and sympathise with your predicament. We have heard others complain about the same person. What you may not know is that this person left Dundee Gang Show to take part in another Gang Show up north and the singing deteriorated that much she was returned to Dundee. We have referred this issue to the Production Director.

My First Show by Daniel Byron

My First Gang Show was in 2010 where I was a cub. I joined the Gang Show to make new friends. The cub sketch that year was “The Doctor and the Little Monsters” where I was dressed as a skeleton. The songs in this number were horror themed such as the monster mash.

The other numbers in the show was The Opening, Four Little Fellas, Trolley Girls, Mersey Beat (songs from Liverpool singers), Baby That Is Rock & Roll (songs from Smokey Joe’s Cafe), Two of a Kind…Plus One, Back For Good (Take That songs), Trains, Down at the Old Bull and Bush, Slave Girls of the Bizzare (the seniors boys and the older men were dressed as girls), Maidens of the Air, The Finale and Sisters and Brothers (songs from Sister Act musical).

My favourite number was the Opening because it meant the start of the show. I thought the rehearsals were brilliant and fun. The week of the show was good because I got to perform for the first time.

Competition Corner This is the first competition of the 2012 show so it is your first chance to win a top notch Gang Show leather woggle. All you have to do to win is answer all the questions below correct and write them down on a piece of paper and handing it to Lee at rehearsals or emailing your answers to gazette@dundeegangshow.com Remember to put your name in your email or piece of paper The closing date of the competition is Sunday 19th February and if there are numerous entrants then the winner will be drawn out of a hat– good luck!!

1. What is the first song in this years Show?

2. What football team does Ged support?

3. What show is the circus number based on?

4. What night does the show start on this year?

5. How many Gang Shows has Calum Lynch been in?

6. In which sport does the song “The World in Union” get sang at?

7. Which country is “Waltzing Matilda” from?

8. Who now writes the article “The Real Deal”?

9. How many Gang Shows do you have do to get your red necker?

10. Which two people are the gazette’s agony aunts?

–  –  –

Abbey Hosie: A Disney number because I love Disney Chloe Foy: Grease I like the music Chloe Hastie: Disney it would be fun Kathleen Simpson The Osmonds as we haven't done this number before Amy Taylor: Disney it would be fun Rachel Thomson: Grease it would be fun Shelaine Donnan: Disney it would be fun Andrew Gray (Chiefy):Andrew Lloyd Webber tribute as his songs and musicals are fab George Walker: A Billy Elliott number, as its a fantastic musical and has so much emotion Lee Corr: A Madness number because there songs are brilliant, fun and everyone is bound to know at least one of their songs. If a Cheryl Cole song could get in a number this year Madness, for me, is a no brainer.

Jim Jenkins: A Rolf Harris number because he is a legend

–  –  –

Where do wasps go to when they are sick?

To the Waspital What kind of Scout can jump higher than a house?

All kinds, houses can’t jump What is the most dangerous vegetable to have on a boat?

A leek What kind of wig can hear?

An earwig 4 by Daniel Byron ___________________________________________________________________________________

–  –  –

Barnum is a musical, It is based on the life of showman P. T. Barnum, covering the period from 1835 through 1880 in America and major cities of the world where Barnum took his performing companies. The production combines elements of traditional musical theatre with the spectacle of the circus. The characters include jugglers, trapeze artists and clowns, as well as such real-life personalities Tom Thumb.

Some famous songs that are included in this musical that are also in this year’s Gang Show are: One Brick at a Time, Out there and Come follow the band amongst many other catchy tunes.

The original production opened at the St. James Theatre on Broadway, on April 30, 1980 and closed on May 16, 1982 after 854 performances and 26 previews. The show made its West End debut on June 11, 1981 at the London Palladium, where it ran for 655 performances. The show was recorded for television and broadcast by the BBC in 1986. It was later released on VHS and DVD.

Dundee Scout Gang show want to reprise a magnificent musical with so many young talent dancing around in clown costumes doing many different dancing manoeuvres, hope you’re all ready!

–  –  –

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