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Want to raise money for a great cause but do not know where to start? Fear not, the MuscularDystrophy Foundation fundraising guide is here to help! Fundraising is fun, rewarding and a great opportunity to meet lots of new people. There are hundreds of different fundraisers you could do – the most important thing is to personalise the event - both for the cause and for your workplace, school or community that you are targeting.

The document below outlines everything you should think about when organising an event, as well as some great ideas for raising money!

The list is aimed at anyone who wants to fundraise – schools, individuals, companies or communities. If you come up with a great idea, drop us a line and we will include it in the next edition!

If you have any comments or queries about anything in this guide, please email the Corporate Sponsorships and Event Manager at Rhonda.Grant@supportMD.org.au or ring: 02 9247 0055.



Getting Started:

–  –  –

 Do a budget. Make sure that you are getting good return for your efforts. If you have to spend a long time organising an event but only make $50, it’s probably worth thinking about an alternative activity.

 Read the guidelines (below) and Muscular Dystrophy Foundation terms and conditions document.

 Contact Rhonda Grant, Corporate Sponsorships and Event Manager at Rhonda.Grant@supportMD.org.au or ring: 02 9247 0055.

Organising an Event:

Once the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation has confirmed the event fits within our guidelines you can get started on organising it.

 Work out who can help you with the event – how many volunteers do you need to help you organise it?

 Sign up to Everyday Hero (if relevant). You can use this site to promote the event and make it easier for people to donate money online. http://www.everydayhero.com.au/charity/view?charity=926  Promoting your event o Contact your local newspaper and ask them about writing an article about you o Check out all the ‘what’s on’ website listings for events – which ones can you get listed on?

o Send emails to all your friends, family, work colleagues etc o See if the event can go in any local newsletters/work updates/school newsletters etc o Setup a Facebook page and tell everyone you know!

o Use an online blogging site to keep people informed about your event.

–  –  –

 Keep your donors and supporters updated about the event – they will feel appreciated and know that their money is going towards a great cause.

 Keep thanking people during the project then send them a thankyou letter with the final results after the event.

 We really appreciate your hard work and efforts in supporting people with a neuromuscular condition!




Governing bodies for fundraising activities In order to protect Australia’s charitable donors, there are a number of legislative points you should be aware of and comply with.

Most of this information is detailed in our Terms and Conditions document that you must sign before commencing your event. If you have any queries about any of these, please contact us to clarify before commencing your event.

Liquor Licensing If you intend to sell alcohol at your event and the premises does not already have a licence, you a Temporary Limited Licence may be required. Please contact OLGR of you need to apply for a permit.

Holding a raffle

The OLGR rules around holding a raffle for charitable purposes are:

 A raffle is a lottery held by a non-profit organisation for the purpose of raising funds and has a total prize value not exceeding $25,000.

 A minimum of 40% of gross proceeds must go to a not-for-profit organisation.

 No permit is required for a raffle.

Food Health and Safety If you plan to run an event which involves catering, you may have to register the event with your local council.

Providing you are doing less than 12 events (involving catering) per year, there is no need to do extra food safety qualifications, providing you have read and understood the food health safety requirements.

Detailed food safety information can be ordered or found online at http://www.foodauthority.nsw.gov.au/ Tax information All charity donations over $2 are entitled to a tax deductible receipt or statement.

At present, Muscular Dystrophy Foundation’s policy is to issue tax deductible receipts to any individual providing Muscular Dystrophy Foundation receives the donation and contact details of the donor directly.

Detailed information on what is tax deductible is available through the ATO website:

http://www.ato.gov.au/nonprofit/ As a guide, sponsorship, merchandise sales, ticket sales and auction sales are generally not eligible for a tax deductible receipt.

–  –  –

 Personalise your event to your target market and the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation project you are supporting  Is there a market space for this event? – are there already 50 sponsored walks that your community is involved with that this would clash with?

 If it is a one-off event, check the date doesn’t clash with the companies AGM or community fete.

 Is the ticket price reasonable to both make you money and sell enough tickets?

 Dollar for dollar: Ask your employer or local business to match all the donations you raise.

 Get family and close friends involved first. If they write their donation amount on your website or form first, they are likely to be the most generous and set the standard.

 Market the event as widely as possible! Email all of your colleagues to let them know what you are doing and ask them to support you.

 Be comfortable with asking and getting a ‘no’. Don’t get disheartened – there are a lot of fundraisers and charities out there, but there is no harm in asking and just stay positive!

 Use the web as much as possible. Online donations are really popular and easy to do! Muscular Dystrophy Foundation has an account with Everyday Hero, where you can design you own webpage!

http://www.everydayhero.com.au/charity/view?charity=926  Know where the money is going – check the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation website for background information, or if you want more, just let us know! Be enthusiastic and passionate about why you are raising the money – people always want to know where their money is going to.

 Be knowledgeable about some of the other projects that Muscular Dystrophy Foundation is involved with that people can also support



We will always need fabulous supporters like you to fundraise for us, but our priority projects occasionally change as projects are completed and new ones emerge.

Please check our website for events we and projects we are currently running, here are some examples below:

–  –  –

Take your community & workplace for a ride!

Christmas Parties: Use your end of year of Christmas party as an excuse to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy Foundation! Charge a small entry fee, hold and auction or raffle and have fun games!

Cinema Night: Ask your local cinema to host a charity screening. Charge a little extra for tickets for that screening.

Fantasy Football! Organise a sweepstake for this season’s matches. Use this idea for other sports or one off matches too!

Dress Up/Down Day: Donate to dress down for Muscular Dystrophy Foundation. You could also have a crazy hat, tie or sock day - Those who take part are asked to donate $1, those who don't pay a forfeit of $2.

Late for Meetings Penalty: Why not charge a penalty for anyone who arrives to a meeting after its planned commencement? - $1 per minute late!

Trivia Night: We know apes are one of the cleverest animals – how clever are your friends or colleagues? Contact a local pub or larger venue and charge per head to enter. You could also do this as a lunchtime quiz at work.

Treasure Hunt: Organise a treasure hunt at your workplace or school. Work out cryptic clues and get local businesses to donate prizes!

Caption Competition: Ask for photos of your teachers, colleagues or school friends doing something unusual and charge for caption entries. Or guess the photo competition – Who’s got the cutest baby photo?!

Pampered People: Organise beauticians and massage therapists to provide complimentary treatments in your home to your friends. Charge an entry fee.

Starry Sleepover: Venture into the wild and get a group of people (Guides, Scouts, sporting club) to hold a special outdoor sleepover. Have a campfire and discuss what animals they might see in the area.

Auction of Promises: Try to get people to donate a gift, the promise of their time or use of their belongings. You can even ask people to donate themselves as 'slaves for the day'!

Other Ideas:

• Inter-departmental sports matches

• Loud Tie day

• Dress up (or down) day

• BBQ/Sausage sizzle

• Swear box

• Coffee Morning

• Karaoke Evening

• Cookbook

• Fashion parade

–  –  –

BBQ: Australians love a good Bush Barbie! Many animals live in the bush – hold a fundraising BBQ in their honour!

Wine Tasting Evening: Ask everyone to bring a nice bottle of wine to your party, provide nibbles and organise a proper wine tasting session with score charts…give a prize to whoever bought the favourite tipple!

World’s Longest Sushi Train: Are you and your friends sushi fanatics? Organise your favourite restaurant to support Muscular Dystrophy Foundation by offering a discounted rate – you charge a little extra and hold a fundraising lunch/dinner.

Penguin’s Ice Cream Challenge: How much ice cream can you or your friends eat in a minute? Ask people to sponsor you and have a race to find out.

Dry Cereal Challenge: We all loved to eat dry cereals as a kid…didn’t we? Set up a line of people and bowls of cornflakes and bet who will finish their bowl first.

Cake Sale: Always a popular one at school, work or in your local community centre. Persuade your friends or colleagues to bring a cake and buy another. Yummy!

Guessing Competition: Fill a jar with lollies, seeds, shells or your own invention and charge $5 per guess. Give a prize to the winner.

Dollar for Doughnuts: Ask your colleagues to each bring a dollar into work in aid of Muscular Dystrophy Foundation.

Buy a box of doughnuts and sell those for morning tea with the profits going towards Muscular Dystrophy Foundation.

Sporting Seals Sponsored Events: There are many sponsored events you can organise to raise funds – walks, runs, climbs, bike rides etc.

Pub/Club Support: Ask a local pub or sports club if they can arrange a 24-hour sponsored event such as pool, darts, squash, badminton etc Aerobics: If you enjoy keeping fit - or want to start - why not get people to sponsor you over a certain time?

Bike Ride: Spin the wheels for Muscular Dystrophy Foundation! There are plenty of bike rides out there for everyone, or organise your own sponsored event!

Community Cricket Match: Charge a fee and bowl us over!

Dance-a-Thon: Pick a dance style and see how long you can do it for!

Football/Soccer: Organise a charity tournament with proceeds benefiting Muscular Dystrophy Foundation!

Golf Match: Organise a charity golf day.

Hula Hoop Contest: How long can you do the hula for?

Kite Flying Competition: Why not hold a family day with a picnic in the park and kite flying?

Marathons: We support City 2 Surf – get sponsored to take part and donate profits to Muscular Dystrophy Foundation by logging onto Everyday Hero!

Lawn Bowls: Arrange your local club to give you a discounted group rate and arrange a group of friends to pay to participate!

–  –  –

Scrabbleous Spider: Hold a scrabble competition – who is your local wordsmith?

Ten-Pin Bowling: Hold a sponsored bowling tournament and see who can bowl over the most money for Muscular Dystrophy Foundation!

Yoga-Thon: Can your friends or colleagues bend like giraffes? Get a group of people at your local club to do a 24hr yoga marathon Extreme Sports: Find something more extreme for your colleagues to do – some ideas could be

• Extreme ironing – how many places can you take an ironing board?

• Abseiling

• Acrobatics Display

• Parachute jump

• Windsurfing Competition Entertaining Evenings Theatre Night: Persuade a visiting company or your local theatre group to hold a charity performance for your school or workplace.

Drum-a-Thon: Do you know some great musicians who can beat the African rhythms for a fundraiser?

Dinner Dance: Organise a band and dinner; get a venue for free and have fun!

Themed events!

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