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«Food Exhibitor Application (NOTE: Non-Food Ehibitors do not use this application. Please see separate Application) When: Sunday, April 26, 2015 10:00 ...»

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Food Exhibitor Application

(NOTE: Non-Food Ehibitors do not use this application. Please see separate Application)

When: Sunday, April 26, 2015 10:00 am-6:00 pm Where: Idlewild Park in Reno, NV

Welcome to the 2015 Reno Earth Day Celebration at Idlewild Park! This event now covers almost all 39 acres

of the park, with 250-300 exhibitors of all types (educational, arts and crafts, non-profit messages, games and

contents, demonstrations, workshops, etc.). Average attendance for the last 3 years has been 15,000-20,000 in the single day. Volunteer support increased to over 200 helpers in 2014, and we continue to get better organized every year. Please join us and help us keep the event moving in this positive direction.

BEFORE YOU CHOOSE TO EXHIBIT, please read all rules and expectations.

PARKING: Idlewild Drive will be open, but parallel parking along the park-side of the roadway will be reserved for exhibitors with long trucks and trailers. The park will only be open to vehicles for exhibitors, performers, staff and volunteers. Parking passes for ONE vehicle per exhibitor will be issued at the Park gates for "in-park parking. There is plenty of "in-park" parking available on both the east and west sides of the 39 acre park. The east lot was not filled last year - we will issue better maps to exhibitors this year so that parking can easily be found. Additional vehicles may park for free in the closest lot at Reno High School, 1/2 a block away. Please let us know if you will need any special parking considerations and we will see what is available.

LOADING ZONES: NO one may park in the loading zones. After unloading your booth, vehicles must be moved and parked in designated parking areas. License plates will be recorded and vehicles left in the event area after loading ends will be towed. Pay close attention to signage, listen to and respect Volunteer staff, please help us out here and "don't be that guy."

WASTE: All Food Vendors are required to utilize compostable supplies. Compostable means these items can be discarded right into the compost heaps. Please make sure your supplies, napkins, straws, cups and utensils are all “Compostable.” All exhibitors will be required to dispose of waste in the proper recycling receptacles.

Your space (and surrounding area) should "leave no trace" that your booth was there. If you have boxes to break down, they must be placed in the cardboard receptacle. Food/compostable waste should go in the compost trailer. There is NO GLASS waste allowed in the event at all, but if you "inadvertently find yourself in possession of glass waste," do not put it in the event trash cans - take it out with you. We are fined for glass in the event, and trash receptacles are the means of measuring that. There is absolutely no dumping of waste food, grease, liquids, wastewater, etc. at the event. These run off directly into the river.

–  –  –

Reno Earth Day ~2700 Scholl Dr. Reno, NV 89503~www.renoearthday.com~775-762-0651~renoearthday@gmail.com

Exhibitor Information:

Organization:____________________________________ Contact Email:____________________________

(as you would like it to appear on maps, signs and programs) (all contact and updates will go here) Contact Name:___________________________________ Phone: ____________________________

FAX: __________________________________________ Website URL: _______________________

Physical Business Address: _________________________________________________________________

Will you be staying overnight in Reno in order to Exhibit? ________ How many nights? _________ You need BOTH a City of Reno Business License AND to fill out the NV Sales Tax forms.

City of Reno Business License #: ______________________ (please attach copy of Reno License) If you do not have a City of Reno license, the event will be charged a $15 temporary license fee for the day.

Please pay for this item on Page 6. NOTE: Even if you have a business license from another city, the county or NV State, you still need a Reno Bus.Lic. to sell at this event.

NV Sales Tax Permit #: ______________________________

(please attach copy of NV tax permit AND fill out the simple Tax form on page 4)

1) If you sell items at the event and do not usually file a monthly/quarterly sales tax form to Nevada, we will collect the Sales Tax from you at the event. Please turn amounts in before leaving the event.

2) If you already file a monthly/quarterly NV Sales Tax return, you can fill in your Tax number on the Tax form in the AMOUNT space and simply report the sales in your periodic filing. You still must turn a completed form into us with this application (or at the event if we are to collect the taxes). We will turn in the event Tax forms exactly as you submit them.

NOTE: Food vending is the most restricted service at the event to ensure fairness to other food vendors. You must disclose all items to be sold, and we may need to restrict items on the menu. For example, if we already have a snow cone vendor, we cannot have another. There are a limited number of slots for certain items, and a limited number of food slots overall to ensure all food vendors do well.

Please describe the menu you plan to offer, or attach a menu: ____________________________________





If for any reason we cannot accept your application, we will notify you immediately and return the payment.


WCHD FOR PERMITTING AND WCHD FEES. Washoe County Health Dept. WCHD: (775) 328-2434 or (775) 328-2620. Please bring completed WCHD permits to the event on event day.

–  –  –

Reno Earth Day ~2700 Scholl Dr. Reno, NV 89503~www.renoearthday.com~775-762-0651~renoearthday@gmail.com

Booth Information:

Total Space Needed (Sq. Feet): _________________________________________________________

TABLES, CHAIRS, CANOPIES, WEIGHTS: Reno Earth Day is a free community event and exhibitors are encouraged to be self-sufficient in design and construction of their booth spaces. However, we have arranged with the equipment supplier to supply extra equipment if you order it ahead of time. No other suppliers will be allowed access to the event, so please plan appropriately for what you need. NOTE: ALL Food Vendors must provide their own fire-retardant canopies; you will not be able to rent these from us. Consult the Reno Fire Prevention Dept. if you have any questions; they will be inspecting food vendors on site, so be prepared.

Please remember that equipment rented from us must be checked out the morning of the event and set up by the exhibitor. Most importantly, equipment must be returned to the equipment station before the exhibitor leaves (not left in your exhibiting space), and exhibitors are responsible for returning it in the same condition.

CANOPY WEIGHTS will be available for rent this year for wind. Remember there are NO stakes of any kind allowed. You may bring your own weights (sandbags, water jugs, etc. for the wind, but you must have something, whether your canopy is rented or your own). Rental weights come in sets of 4.

BLACKTOP/PAVEMENT: Most of the park is on the grass, and there is no driving or backing up vehicles on the grass, even for unloading. If your booth requires pavement (trailers, food trucks, etc.), you must let us know. There is no additional charge for blacktop space; however, because pavement spaces are so scarce and some are on the edge of the event, please only mark this requirement if absolutely necessary. There will be limited carts available to help move equipment to booth spaces out on the grass.

Do you require blacktop space for your booth? _____________ How many feet? ________________

ELECTRICITY: Please be conscientious about power consumption. If your booth needs electricity to operate, we can provide a power hook up. Power must be ordered in advance. Only food vendors are allowed to bring generators; however, NO generators may be excessively loud or emit visible smoke of any kind. Please tell us

about your power needs (must specify if you need a 240V plug in):

Number of plug-ins needed: ______ (Cost will be per plug). Est. Amps _____ Volts _____ Watts _____ Type of Equipment to be plugged in: (Freezer, Industrial Blender, etc.) Do you have any other special requirements for placement? ________________________________________

How much time do you need to set up your booth? ___________________________________________

LOCAL and GREEN Businesses: Although we welcome everyone who wishes to participate in celebrating respect for our planet, we will also endeavor to recognize and highlight Local Businesses and those who have Green Practices in their day to day operations. Our goal will be to create a special placard for these booths to help them stand out at the event. We have also expanded our website, social media and newsletter activity and may do an article or press release. Please detail any practices your business OR organization engages in that we can highlight for the event. ___________________________________________________________





Reno Earth Day ~2700 Scholl Dr. Reno, NV 89503~www.renoearthday.com~775-762-0651~renoearthday@gmail.com Reno Earth Day ~2700 Scholl Dr. Reno, NV 89503~www.renoearthday.com~775-762-0651~renoearthday@gmail.com Liability Agreement and Media Release (Please initial each item).

By choosing to exhibit, sponsor or attend this event, you and all participants within your organization agree to the

following provisions (please make sure all of your participants are aware of these provisions):

1. To RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE, HOLD HARMLESS AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE Reno Earth Day organizers, Mercury, City of Reno, other participants and sponsors, their officers, volunteers, agents, affiliates and employees hereinafter referred to as RELEASEES) from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions and causes of action whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained by me, or to any property belonging to me, WHETHER CAUSED BY THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASEES, or otherwise, while participating in such activity, or while in, on or upon the premises where the activity is being conducted or in transportation to and from said premises. _________________________(Initials)

2. To be familiar with all local, state and federal laws and to follow them at all times, including but not limited to filing and paying any relevant license, permit fees, taxes and fines, to obeying traffic laws and to obeying all other laws and municipal codes. RELEASEES will not be liable for any such violations on the part of participants and participant agrees to pay any fines or costs incurred associated with any such violations. _________________________(Initials)

3. To be familiar with City of Reno Park Rules. Our event is held on City property and we are bound by whatever rules they have for the privilege of using their property. Therefore, there are no exceptions for the following rules, which will earn fines if they are violated. Please acknowledge that you understand and will abide by the following City Park Rules and that if anyone in your group violates any provision or damages City property, you agree to pay any fines or damages assessed by the City. Fines will be issued this year if these rules are broken.

a. NO STAKES allowed at all, including but not limited to tent stakes, garden stakes, short pins to hold down tarps, nails, etc. Booths must be weighed down with weights, water jugs, sand bags, etc. Signs and display items must be free standing with stands above the surface. ____________________________(Initials) b. NO tires on the grass. Rubber tires allowed only on the asphalt. This includes unloading of equipment and any booth structures. You must use carts and manpower to get items from the asphalt to your booth area on the grass. If this is impossible, you must make arrangements with us AHEAD of time to reserve a space on the asphalt for your booth.

______________________________(Initials) c. NO parking within the event area. All vehicles must be removed from loading areas before the event begins. Vehicles parked in restricted areas will be towed and the exhibitors fined. ______________________________ (Initials) d. NO glass containers in the event. Please do not bring glass and especially do not place glass in the trash bins at the event (take it with you if you find any). ______________________________ (Initials) e. WASTE must be disposed of in recycle bins and trash cans. ALL boxes and paper must go in the paper bin (not trash cans) and glass taken with you from the event. ______________________________ (Initials) f. Exhibitors may not bring in outside alcohol to the event. The entire event is the "beer garden" governed by the liquor license of our sponsored alcohol provider. ______________________________ (Initials)

4. To allow any photographs, video or audio recordings, or any other such renditions of my likeness, voice, booth or displays to be posted and duplicated publicly in any media as part of the marketing and publicity coverage of the event.

I have read the regulations and provisions, understand them and have communicated them to all participants within my

group so that we may follow them and agree to all provisions in this agreement:

Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ______________________

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