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«Reno Earth Day FOOD VENDOR Application All Other Exhibitors do NOT use this app – Please use separate General Exhibitor App. Or Non-Profit App. ...»

Reno Earth Day

FOOD VENDOR Application

All Other Exhibitors do NOT use this app – Please use separate

General Exhibitor App. Or Non-Profit App.

When: Sunday, April 24th, 2016 10am-6pm

Where: Idlewild Park, Reno, NV

Welcome to the Reno Earth Day Celebration. The event grows every year, so we have changes every year.

Please read all instructions in detail before electing to exhibit at this event. Special ideas, exhibits and activities

are welcomed, so please feel free to suggest/request them if they do not fit into the application structure.

Applications are due by March 31, 2016 to avoid late fees. We will continue to accept applications after this date with payment of the late fee; however, after this date, you miss valuable marketing and placement opportunities.

Early Bird Discount! For General applications submitted with payment by February 10th, 2016!


Grassy Exhibit areas: There are no stakes/pins/nails/etc. allowed in the park. Please bring rope and weights, sand bags, water jugs, etc. to weight down your booth items, canopy, signs, etc. If you MUST put down a tarp for health code regulations, you MUST be located on the blacktop, so please note this on your application.

Tables, Chairs, Canopies and weights: This is a free community event and exhibitors are encouraged to be self-sufficient in design and construction of their booth spaces. However, we have arranged with the equipment supplier to supply extra equipment if you order it ahead of time. Equipment rented from us must be checked out the morning of the event and set up by the exhibitor. Most importantly, equipment must be returned to the equipment station before the exhibitor leaves (not left in your exhibiting space), and exhibitors are responsible for returning it in the same condition.

Set Up and Loading Zones: Set up will begin at 6:30 am this year and should be completed by 10:30 am.

Exhibitors will be assigned a set up time so we can stagger vehicles in loading zones over the 4 hour period (everyone cannot arrive at once). Most spaces are cart and carry over the grass, so loading zones get you as close to spots as possible. Vehicles must be unloaded and then removed/parked in designated areas within 30 minutes. There will be volunteers to help with cart and carry to assigned spaces. All spaces should be marked by the time exhibitors arrive. Please let us know if your exhibit has special needs not covered in this app.

Parking: There is plenty of free designated parking within the park for Participants (exhibitors, volunteers, performers. There will also be reserved parallel parking on Idlewild Dr. for exhibitors with long trucks or trailers.

Exhibitors will receive specific event and parking maps, space numbers and updates the week before the event by email. Please ensure your email is valid & check it regularly for updates.

FOOD/Beverage Restrictions: Food/beverage vending slots are limited to a specific number of slots. These slots fill up quickly, and once a specific type of food service is booked, no food servers of the same type are allowed.

Food vendors are required to submit their planned menu with their application and stick to it. Slots are considered booked only after payment in full has been received. All supplies provided by Food Vendors at the event must be BPI rated compostable. No glass containers or single use plastic bottles may be sold (including water).

WASTE: Exhibitors are responsible for disposing of all waste properly in proper Recycling bins to maximize recycling (Compost, cardboard, glass, cans, plastic bottles, etc.). Any run-off water, ice or grease will need to be collected by the exhibitor and removed as gray-water or disposed of in our gray water basin. If it cannot go into a proper receptacle, take it back with you and Leave No Trace. Let’s see how close we can get to 0-Waste!

Washoe County Health Dept: All food vendors or vendors giving samples must obtain a WCHD temporary food permit specifically for this event. You contact them separately to arrange for this permit at (775) 328-2434.

Although this year is expected to be drier and warmer with good weather at the end of April, the event will go on, Rain or Shine! There are no refunds after March 31, 2016.

–  –  –

Exhibitor Name:____________________________________ Contact Email:____________________________

(as you would like it to appear on maps, signs and programs (35 char max)) (all contact and updates will go here) Business Name (if under different Reno business license name): ______________________________________

Contact Name: ______________________________________ Phone: _____________________________

Website URL or Facebook: _______________________________________________________________

Physical Business Address: _____________________________________________________________________

How did you learn about this event? ________________________________________________________

Will you be staying overnight in the area? ___ # nights? ____ # people?____ # of rooms/spaces?_____ What hotel/RV Park did you use? ___________________________ Stayed with family/friends? ________ City of Reno Business License #: ____________________

If you do not have a City of Reno Business license, we will purchase your Temporary Event Permit. Please include the $15 fee on the next page.

NV Sales Tax Permit #: ______________________________

Please fill out the Tax forms on page 5. Put your tax# in the “gross sales” spot if you file monthly/quarterly. Then we do not have to bother you at the event  IF you do not have a NV Sales Tax # or do not file monthly/quarterly, we must collect the sales tax at the event. Fill out the form as completely as possible and we will bring it to the event for the final amounts. The more the slip is filled out, the less hassle you have at the event ;) ________________________________________________________________________________________

Booth Information:

Space needed for booth (dimensions)? _________________

Does your space require pavement? _________________

Do you have any other special requirements for placement? ____________________________________

(near stages, quiet area, near or away from another vendor, etc.) How much time do you need to set up your booth? ___________________________________________

ELECTRICITY: Please be conscientious about power consumption. If your booth needs electricity to operate, we can provide a power hook up. Power must be ordered in advance. Please tell us about your power needs here and pay on next page (must specify if you need a 240V plug in): Est. Amps _____ Volts _____ Watts _____ Purpose of plug-in (AV equipment, industrial blender, cash register, freezer, etc.)?

IF you bring your own generator, it must emit no smoke, be secured away from the pubic and be quiet.

MENU: Please list all food and beverage items planned to be served – or attach separate menu.





Will all supplies (napkins, plates, cups, knives, utensils, etc.) be compostable? Yes or No _______ If no, please explain: _________________________________________________________________________

What menu items are vegetarian options? ________________________________________________________

What menu options are Gluten-free? __________________________________________________________

What menu options are locally grown/sourced? __________________________________________________

–  –  –

There are no requirements for free volunteer or prize meals for food vendors this year.

Applications and Payments may be made in the following manner:

1) MAIL applications and checks to 2700 Scholl Dr., Reno, NV 89503; Please make checks payable to "Reno Earth Day".

2) Email applications to anaangsul@gmail.com.

3) FAX applications to 775-329-4844.

4) Pay Online via Paypal at www.renoearthday.com, Exhibitor Tab, Donation button ($3 fee) If you pay online, you MUST include the name of your organization as it appears on your application in the message on your Paypal payment. (We can only accept credit cards at this time through Paypal).

Please contact us if you need on Invoice for a PO. Do you need a RECEIPT? Yes ______ No _______ More Questions? Please email or call: 775-762-0651 or 775-771-1828. NOTE, if we do not respond right away, remember we are volunteers also, squeezing in calls on breaks from our “real” jobs. Please bear with us!

By submission of this Application, you certify that you have read ALL provisions in this Application, agree to all terms, agree to abide by them for this event and are authorized to make such agreement.

Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ______________________

–  –  –

By choosing to exhibit, sponsor or attend this event, you and all participants within your organization agree to the

following provisions (please make sure all of your participants are aware of these provisions):

1. To RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE, HOLD HARMLESS AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE event organizers, Mercury Momentum, City of Reno, Reno Earth Day, other participants and sponsors, their officers, volunteers, agents, affiliates and employees hereinafter referred to as RELEASEES) from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions and causes of action whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained by me, or to any property belonging to me, WHETHER CAUSED BY THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASEES, or otherwise, while participating in such activity, or while in, on or upon the premises where the activity is being conducted or in transportation to and from said premises.


2. To be familiar with all local, state and federal laws and to follow them at all times, including but not limited to filing and paying any relevant license, permit fees, taxes and fines, to obeying traffic laws and to obeying all other laws and municipal codes. RELEASEES will not be liable for any such violations on the part of participants and participant agrees to pay any fines or costs incurred associated with any such violations.


3. To be familiar with City of Reno Park Rules. Our event is held on City property and we are bound by whatever rules they have for the privilege of using their property. Please acknowledge that if you or if anyone in your group violates any provision or damages City property, you agree to pay any fines or damages assessed by the City.

Fines will be issued if these rules are broken. _________________________(Initials)

4. Exhibitors may not bring in outside alcohol to the event. Our alcohol license for the event depends upon adherence to these rules. _________________________(Initials)

5. To allow any photographs, video or audio recordings, or any other such renditions of my likeness, voice, booth or displays to be posted and duplicated publicly in any media as part of the marketing and publicity coverage of the event. _________________________(Initials)

6. To ensure no vehicles drive on grass areas. This is a Park Rule and fines will be issued if this rule is broken.

_________________________(Initials) I have read the regulations and provisions, understand them and have communicated them to all participants

within my group so that we may follow them and agree to all provisions in this agreement:

Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ______________________

–  –  –

Instructions for Tax forms on next page. Please select A, B or C below and follow the directions:

A. If you are a tax exempt organization OR are NOT selling ANYTHING, please disregard the tax forms.

B. If you already file a monthly or quarterly return, put your NV Sales TAX # in the “gross sales” spot. Fill out the rest and sign it and turn in with your application. We won’t have to bother you at the event  C. If you are selling and do not file NV sales tax returns monthly or quarterly, we need to collect taxes at the event. Fill out this form completely and submit with your application. We will bring to the event and you can fill in final sales and tax amount there. It’s as simple as that. Thank you!

–  –  –

Contact Reno Earth Day: renoearthday@gmail.com OR 775-762-0651 OR visit www.renoearthday.com 5|Page

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