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Anger Management 1

Anger Management

Natural Remedies

People Helping People Live Healthier Lives through Natural Healing


© Copyright 2010, David R. Card. All Rights Reserved. This information is for educational purposes and not meant to

diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always seek the advice of your healthcare professional.

Anger Management 2

Ayurvedic Approach to Anger – Ideas from Vasant Lad

Anger is a result of an excess of the pitta constitution. Most liver and gallbladder problems are associated with excessive pitta. This person has a hot constitution and therefore heat can aggravate them. They are sensitive to bright lights and may be irritable, domineering and argumentative. They are restless, angry, hot tempered and critical.

Hot spicy foods seem to engender those with anger, irritability or even rage. Sour foods can also aggravate them physically and mentally. Sweet and some bitter foods can pacify them. When a person eats spicy foods and their nose runs, it is the mucus trying to release the heat.

In Ayurveda when a person recognizes an emotion such as anger, then the fire of the liver can release it. The liver must be healthy enough to accomplish this.

Ayurveda also says that anger changes the chemistry of tears to hot, sour, salty, or spicy. This then may lead to conjunctivitis, burning eyes, light sensitivity, etc. When anger is suppressed (no tears) it means we are avoiding the reality of the situation. The eyes are our window to seeing the truth.

Anger causes physical problems related to the liver, and eventually to other body parts.

These physical things include inflammation, infections, cankers, hemorrhoids. Often we see rashes, spleen and liver involvement, high blood pressure and red eyes.

Ayurveda says that anger makes a person hot.

The frontal lobe of the brain is the seat of emotions and the pitta area is in the middle and governs anger, judgment and criticism.

Some pitta reducing herbs include:

Shatavari – generally used for reproductive and digestive issues.

Brahmi (Bacopa) for nervous issues, anger, mental clarity, erectile dysfunction.

Amla – rich in natural Vitamin C, reduces heat and feeds the adrenals.

© Copyright 2010, David R. Card. All Rights Reserved. This information is for educational purposes and not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always seek the advice of your healthcare professional.

Anger Management 3 Anger from the Chinese Perspective (Foundations of Chinese Medicine Maciocia) Anger includes resentment, repressed anger, irritability, frustration, rage, hatred, indignation, animosity and bitterness.

Causes of liver disharmonies:

Liver Qi rising – liver becomes too heated Liver blood rising – too much blood in the liver Liver yang rising – liver is overactive Liver fire blazing – highest form of over activity

Symptoms shown:

Headache Red face Red blotches on front of neck Dizziness Tinnitus Stiff shoulders Anger causes mental confusion. Anger makes qi rise and causes vomiting of blood and diarrhea. Severe anger stagnates the blood and can cause fainting.

Anger doesn’t always manifest outwardly with outburst of anger, irritability, shouting, red face, etc. Some individuals may carry anger inside themselves for years without ever manifesting it to the outside world. In particular, longstanding depression may be due to repressed anger or resentment. A person who is very depressed may look very subdued and pale, walk softly and speak in a low voice – all signs which one would associate with depletion of qi and blood derived from sadness of grief.

–  –  –

When angry at meal times, it may involve the stomach. If angry after meals, it may involve the intestines instead of the stomach; if it’s a stressful job, it disturbs digestion at lunch.

The heart is affected when a person does a lot of jogging, hurrying or over exercising. If a person over exercise, in addition to depleting the adrenals, it also affects the heart energy.

Oriental Perspective on Anger (Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy by Jerry Alan Johnson) Appropriate anger helps to dispel stagnant liver qi, preventing stasis of liver energy, and helps the patient establish a healthy boundary system.

Rage, on the other hand, leads to the abnormal increase and ascension of liver qi resulting in a flushed face and shortness of breath. The rage-aholic, the violent and uncontrolled anger, may lead to serious disorders of the liver, including dryness of the eyes, blood-shot eyes, fainting due to stroke, or even death.

Emotional disharmony induces a vicious cycle which affects the mind, body, and spirit.

When caught in this cycle, the resulting imbalanced emotional energy can deplete the physical body. This causes a functional disorder within the cerebral cortex (disturbs brain chemicals such as serotonin. This also causes the qi to rise (the whole system to be energized – fire too rapidly).

Anger can turn to depression. The storage of emotional energy in the muscle and organs leads to tension, stress, and illness. Depletion of the liver qi leads to problems with the lungs (depression or sadness) that in turn lead to yin damage to the heart.

Anger is the result of rising energy. Terror sinks qi. Over thinking which stagnates qi may lead to anxiety and/or depression.

To free themselves form personal hurt, people must reconnect with their anger, pain, fear, or worry. Eventually with support, people are able to reintegrate the hurt and anger, and accept parts of themselves that they have rejected. This acceptance of painful feelings and memories affects the heart and frees the person from emotional traumas of the past.

The liver governs emotions dealing with the past such as irritability, jealousy, anger, rage, blame and resentment. These emotions affect the flow of qi and inflame the tendons, ligaments, nails, small muscles, peripheral nerves, external strength, eyes, vision, tears, gallbladder, bile, decision making, external genitalia, and the HUN (the spiritual aspect of man).

–  –  –

The three ethereal souls:

Lungs govern emotions dealing with the present  Kidneys govern emotions dealing with the future  Spleen governs emotions dealing with resolution and responsibility  Heart governs emotions dealing with shock, nervousness, excitement, as well as the final stages of healing (peace, love, and forgiveness).

Wounding and closing the spirit:

1. Anger and grief damages the liver and lungs.

2. Anger and grief transforms into depression and despair.

3. Depression and despair transform into indifference and detachment.

Low frequency emotional energy causes fear, anger, and worry. These deplete the physical energy and life force. It becomes worse when they are suppressed.

The Chinese character for anger “NU” is depicted by the heart ideograph with the symbol of a woman and someone that has the upper hand. This symbolized anger and frustration of an enslaved woman who is being dominated by another who has the upper hand.

Liver qi rising corresponds to anger. Yang anger bursts out with pressure and rising liver qi. Yin anger implodes and is buried inside causing internal agitation, frustration and dissatisfaction which generates blockages and stagnation.

When liver qi is depleted from rage or anger it causes the liver energy to rise. The liver is called the “mother of the heart” and the heart is responsible for long term memory and the liver is considered the child of the kidneys and the kidneys are responsible for short term memory. The liver can drain the kidneys and flood the heart with anger, causing one’s mind to go blank and the face turn red.

Anger can damage the spleen and stomach causing digestive problems, appetite loss, and a sour taste in the mouth; the worse the symptoms, the worse the anger.

Anger serves as a warning sign that personal boundaries are being violated, threatened, or wounded, or that injustices are being committed.

–  –  –

ability to say no to those who take advantage of the m, they will either fall into old patterns of victimization and the accumulation of resentment, or alienate themselves from their friends, family or environment through unguarded candor when angry.

Dietary concerns are spicy and sour foods feed anger as well as stimulants and dietary imbalances. Eliminate liver stressors such as tobacco, alcohol, coffee, black tea, caffeine, and sodas.

Simply, eat non-stimulating foods such as a vegetarian diet.

Supplements that aid the liver are NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine), glutathione and magnesium would be helpful with the herbs, cell salt and homeopathics. Also carefully consider a good counselor to help guide you through releasing anger.

Natural Remedies for Anger Anger is the state of mind that reflects an emotional sensitivity. It is caused from emotional sensitivity or weakness or damage to the liver. This can happen from foods and poor dietary habits, pollution and most commonly from almost all medications.

Common over the counter pain relievers are the most frequent offenders. Physical symptoms can also involve digestive problems, high blood pressure and can come from stress.

The medical field may treat anger issues with counseling and various medications such as anti-depressants and other drugs that may have a temporary effect but rarely treats the cause.

The natural perspective is that anger is an emotional imbalance that when properly helped by feeding the liver and heart, a person can find joy and balance in life.

For anger issues in woman due to hormonal imbalance, see http://www.daveshealingnotes.com/ailments/pms-natural-remedies.html Herbs for Anger Issues The herbs for relieving anger are generally liver or heart herbs. The liver herbs also address digestive problems. If you get angrier with some of the following liver herbs, then change the herb, or use less as not to aggravate the liver. Healing the heart energy will also rejuvenate the liver energy when liver herbs fail to produce a positive result.

Liver herbs Dave’s Liver Formula – calms the liver energy.

–  –  –

Dandelion root – gentle and effective liver support and cleanser.

Milk thistle – one of the most effective herbs for liver damage and support.

Schizandra – an adaptogen for liver, respiratory, and adrenal glands.

Cordyceps – superb liver adaptogen, athletic performance and adrenal restorer.

St. John’s wort – known for its anti-depressant qualities is actually great for the liver and the nervous system. (Do not use with antidepressant drugs) Heart Herbs Dave’s Positive Mind Formula – calms the heart and mind.

Hawthorn berries – heart tonic rich in antioxidants and cardiovascular, nerve, and antioxidant support.

Homeopathics for Anger Homeopathics are uniquely specific for individuals. Match the symptoms with the individual and see some incredible results. Most homeopathics address liver weakness but will address other organ imbalances and energetic weaknesses.

Bryonia – ailments from anger with anxiety; silent grief; with violence; when answering questions; also in children; when contradicted; worse evenings; from headaches; when frustrated; red face.

Chamomilla – ailments from anger with anxiety; with grief; irritability, yells; children want to be held but refuses things offered; from suppressed menses; digestive issues; with anxiety; coffee increases anger; with red face; with trembling.

Hepar sulph – anger from noise; from pains; with temper tantrums; from slight annoyances; could do violence to others; very sensitive to cold winds; infections.

Lachesis – ailments from anger; cant stand anything tight around neck; fears of snakes;

jealous; easily angry; from disappointed love; temper tantrums; from frustration; can cause violence.

Nux vomica – aliments from anger; worse from stimulants; #1 liver remedy; with fright and silent grief; can be violent; with anxiety; often seen in children with stomachaches;

from fright; worse mornings; wakes up irritable.

–  –  –

Anacardium – anger with violence; cursing; unable to emotionally connect.

Aurum metallicum – from business or financial worries or failures; also may feel depressed or suicidal.

Causticum – anger from world injustices; warts on hands or face; tendon problems.

Cina – anger in children with hyperactivity or intestinal parasites; grinds teeth.

Coffea cruda – where the mind is overactive and prevents sleep.

Colocynthis – anger from intestinal upsets or anger causes him to double over in pain.

Ignatia – anger with not wanting to be consoled; sighs from stress of grief.

Kali carb – anger with irritability; this person has a black and white mentality and doesn’t tolerate others; weakness.

Mercurius solubis (or Mercurius vivus) – anger with emotional sensitivity; temperature sensitive person.

Nitricum acid – has also a negative attitude; pains have a splinter-like sensation.

Petroleum – with skin problems such as eczema; worse in winter.

Sepia – anger with hormonal issues; skin issues; low sex drive; feels unattached to family.

Staphysagria – anger from being abused or in a frustrating or abusive situation; may have chronic urinary tract infections.

Sulphur – anger with an intellectual disposition; untidy person; fearless; skin problems;

hot feet at night.

Cell Salts for Anger Issues Cell salts work at an energetic and cellular level to treat organs and unbalanced energy. With cell salt we use a combination for best effects.

#2 Calc phos 6X – shy, insecure, irritable, and for children with growing pains.

#7 Kali sulph 6X – liver support, liver spots.

#9 Nat mur 6X – anger and isolation, doesn’t like to be consoled; craves salt.

© Copyright 2010, David R. Card. All Rights Reserved. This information is for educational purposes and not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always seek the advice of your healthcare professional.

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