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«by Frater Elijah Copyright ©1999 A Collection of Sacred-Magick.Com The Esoteric Library “You want the word, that’s what you’ve come for. My ...»

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by Frater Elijah

Copyright ©1999

A Collection of Sacred-Magick.Com The Esoteric Library

“You want the word, that’s what you’ve come for. My advice is, don’t ask! Do as I do!

Seek out gold - but not my gold - and guard it” - The Dragon (Grendel)


Introduction - 0

Theory - 1

The Formulation of the Rite of Godhood - 2

Rite Of Godhood/ Grendels had an accident - 3 Results of The Rite of Godhood - 4 The summation of the techniques - 5 The Bindings - The Rite of Suffering - 6 6a) the Bindings 6b) What are Demons?

6c) Some Journal Entries The Scarlet Brotherhood - 7 Phuture - 8 A Collection of Sacred-Magick.Com The Esoteric Library “Even the gods deserve their pain” - The Lady’s Law Appendices I Notes on CHRNZN II Commentary on Liber CHRNZN III The Nature of Babalon IV Some notes on “i” V The Binding of the i VI Results of the Binding of the i VII God-forms VIII Bibliography A Collection of Sacred-Magick.Com The Esoteric Library 0 Introduction “One thing which I seemed to have lost at first was trust; trust in myself and belief in the vomit of others.“ -WE ‘99 It is my purpose to convey to the reader my experiences as an explorer of the psycho-cosm of Self. I hope to convey this knowledge with a sense of practical application and a possible future arena of exploration to the inspiring initiate. The techniques and ways used can be adapted to many different formats and uses (even outside of the angelic operation itself).

The chaos magical approach is of the violate. This approach is even subject to it’s own nature. According to Liber CHRNZN, to achieve the ecstasy of heaven one should violate the violate. One of the advantages of the chaos magical standpoint lies in it’s paradigm shifting. Please note now that this perspective is a paradigm in and of itself (other perspectives are possible of course). The current view expressed is to be viewed as the commonly accepted filter for interpretation. How this shifting is viewed is up to the personal magicians tastes, but I have found that ‘Chaos Magick’ concerns itself with something which underlies all of the filters of existence. In chaos, all is possible, including nothing. Apparent duality’s can be split-up and torn apart, fractalized meshed and fused together in myriad ways. Much in the same way matter/ antimatter reactions give rise to huge amounts of liberated energy, this way can liberate enormous amounts of belief.

Duality can be expressed as the equation 0=2 or the nominal “truth” of duality manifesting from Nothing. We shall explore this concept which permeates human existence, much in the same way which one sees oneself as standing between two mirrors. It gets more clear as you look slightly askew and can see reflections bending to infinity hyperbolically.

–  –  –

already know. Let me present how I have come to glimpse at the madness of truth through chaos magick. Truth and nontruth to the mind dealing in the dual are, and can be used as tools for various forms of manipulation. There is an underlying factor in all of THIS (Reality), which is the truth which underlies these tools (beliefs) which we use.

This is not true in an absolute sense, but true in probabilities (note any possible contradictions). There are a few Laws of Chaos which I want you to keep at the fore front of your consciousness throughout the remainder of this


Elijah’s Law - You shall know truth by it’s paradox.

Godel’s Law - There are no absolutes (this law is false) Grendel’s Law - There is no limit to desire other than desires needs.

I hope the meaning of this introduction will become more clear as I approach the concept known as knowledge and conversation of the holy guardian angel, from the ‘chaotic perspective’ outlined above all in the light (and dark) of truth.

1 Theory “In a way it’s all, a matter of time, I will not worry for you, you’ll be just fine, take my thoughts with you and when you look behind, you will surely see a face that you recognize. Your not Alone, I’ll wait till the end of time, open your mind, surely its plain to see…” - Olive The best way for me to illustrate what the Holy Guardian Angel is, is to tell you of my own form of the operation and the results there of. Before doing so I would like to recant a brief history of the origins of the HGA as I have come to know them. [*1 For a more detailed account and the historical manuscripts please refer to: The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, translated by S.L. Macgregor Mathers; Dover books] A long time ago in a land far-far away there was a mage who sought out God and more specifically God’s way (magick) in the world. He searched the world and found tricksters and black magicians, but none of these satisfied his quest for meaning and truth [No duhh]. One day in his later years he ran across a mage living in isolation named Abramelin. This guy seemed to be in contact with some real truth here and initiated our wandering seeker with secrets of the quabalah, and a type of “sacred magic” for achieving contact with the Angel (in relation to the most high). The full details of this sojourn are detailed in the first chapter the sacred magick (*1).

A Collection of Sacred-Magick.Com The Esoteric Library Chapter 2 gives the mind set to adopt and prayer-form rituals (which obviously must be personalized to the magician using them). The Third chapter gives other magic’s to poke around with (such as summoning an army to do your bidding…?) Anyway, it is a good book and I suggest you read it, along with this text. In the latter part of this essay I present Grendel’s Had an Accident and the Rite of Godhood as well as the collective bindings/ initiations called the Rite of Suffering as my own version of this Operation (in extension).

A little Theory Based upon my Song of Illusion.

• The HGA is a manifestation from probable time, of the Self (distinguished from the self) in unity and perfection of it’s will.

• The HGA is a reflection of perfection of the Magus. Unity is desired to align more fully with the Will. [I shall not touch upon the “black” or “white” brotherhood, and shall talk more fully of something called the Scarlet brotherhood]. There is another aspect of the Angel which is a reflection across the tree of life into the tree of Death, this is a ‘natural’ course, as every action includes it’s inverse.

• The HGA is also an independent being.

• As the HGA is partly an astral construct of which energy (prayer-form) is devoted to allow for manifestation.

• The Angel has access to knowledge (both mundane and magical) that is currently beyond the magicians scope and can reveal all manner of things.

• There is a Self which underlies self and transcends the temporary ego manifestation of the magician. This ego is a mask of the Self(aka Kia, shhh). The ego is of the Self and by the Self. Identification is both the key and the cage here.

• Thee Angel is the thin silver cord of the Horizon;

demarcation ZOS-KIA. The Angels unity with CHRNZN is explosion of duality to a continuous transformation. See also Appendix VI.

• Subscribing to all of the above can be of great benefit to the magician because it offers him/ her a handle in the formulation/ invocation of the Angel, as well as a magnificent channel with which to learn, grow and explore the infinite worlds and beyond. When faced with nothing, One had better well do something!

A Collection of Sacred-Magick.Com The Esoteric Library A side note on dangers. Any invocations and interaction with the outer-spaces should not be under taken at least until after initial contact with the angel is established.

And definitely not in the demonic bindings phase. Why is this the case? It seems that the pathways extending through non-existence, also called the Tunnels of Set are filled with all manner of energies that can drive an organism completely insane at best. Thee Angel acts as a buffer zone for these experiences &/or guides the magus in explorations.

To those who find our lady’s order in Scarlet; Blessed are thou among chaotes.

2 The Formulation of the R.O.G.

“The magician is the ultimate charlatan. For in his games, he fools the very universe.” - Frater Halucifuge ’99 Let me start with how this all came about… It was some time ago that I was involved in a relationship. I will not bother you with the details but it is necessary to explain that I had a great deal of emotional attachment. Anyway, something happened in that relationship at the time which was so completely out of the blue, and un-expected, that it shook me to the core of my being {an event which is not out of the range of human potential but was emotionally catastrophic due to a lifetime of programming}. Basically shredding my Heart and needless to say my world was shattered.{Flash to a sequence with Elijah Forlorn on the Dance Floor, and the synchronous words ringing out, “I feel like I’m going crazy… I feel like I’m going insane….” (*a)} Being the opportunist magician that I am, I decided to try some experiments over the next few days using the great deal of emotional turmoil that I was in. I opted to try the neither-neither technique of AOS. I took the images and profundity of Love, my love, in the highest state of adoration and joy and ‘fused’ it with that of it’s perverted form. The fusion of apparent opposites.

A Collection of Sacred-Magick.Com The Esoteric Library In their mutual annihilation. The effect was astounding. Not only did the pain cease, but the liberated free belief (energy) acted as a conduit for something more.

Something (which I would realize later), that has been with me my entire existence! I was entranced, and began writing.

I wrote Grendel’s had an Accident and did not quite understand what I wrote at the time. I also found that by dredging up the memory of that night, this brought renewed turmoil, which allowed me to nullify it yet again. I was intoxicated for weeks. [This memory was eventually exhausted, by this technique] Coincidentally at this time also, I was to undergo initiation into the Autonomatrix, and had to write an initiation ritual. I channeled all of the energy I had into this rite, called the Rite of GODHOOD (ROG). Ever since Grendel’s had an Accident I noticed a presence about me, something there but not quite there. It did not feel menacing, on the contrary, it felt very home-type feeling, so I just kept a doing what I was doing. I had some vague notions of what the Holy Guardian Angel (HGA) was supposed to be, and decided to incorporate something along these lines into the ROG. I opted to use the desire of “GodPath” in accordance with one’s will.

The ROG is a Thelemic-HGA-Quabalistic-Left-Hand Variation of the Dark Matter at Hand Rite. This seemed appropriate to bring potentials into manifestation. It is now that I present my exact journal entries and the ROG as well as Grendel’s had and Accident and the events transpiring since then.

(*a) “I found the Cure” by Ultra-Nate

–  –  –

For the initiate to incorporate into a preferred format.

The temple is ready, the Self is prepared, the Trance is induced, the Desire stated...

the summons, the closing, then comes the laughter.

–  –  –

Pre-cursor note: This rite incorporates a variance of the dark matter at hand rite.

Purpose: To call upon the god of self (HGA) and 'true' purpose. To cause great stirrings in the other consciousness in accordance with one's will. To attune the mind which is not Self with it's god path. An advanced initiation to the magical way (This was used as my initiation to the Autonomatrix - specifics to this version are in parenthesis"()").

–  –  –

Items: Sigils of SET as isolate intoxication. Sigils of Lucifer/ Christ as unity & love in shadow light. An ice cube. A sacrament (an immediate intoxicant, in this case, ketamine).

Seal the temple, call watchtowers to bear witness and protect (also familiars).

–  –  –

II. The performance of Grendel's had an accident Act I (experience a hurt while acting).

III. a) Perform callings of SET as isolate intoxication and Lucifer/ Christ as unity/ perfection in shadow light (See Appendix VII). Summon using spontaneous words (use of constructed sigils).

b) Statement of Will: "It is my will to manifest that which is potential. It is my will to find the potential lying in wait. It is my will to evolve. (It is my will to initiate this being into the AX for the immanentization of the pandaemonic epoch by the will and majesty of myself and the Great Dragon.) It is also my will to ask for a sigil of chaos to call and aid me/ us."

–  –  –

d) Melt the ice cube on your forehead and open the 3'rd eye.

e) Perform Grendel's had an accident, Act II.

f) As you say the following words visualize a cosmic chaos-egg around the self. At this point partake of the sacrament. Start spinning around and around, as a dervish. Spin faster

and faster while saying the following:

–  –  –

Note: A sigil should manifest during the trance. This is ones own chaos sigil from the universe. Recover IV. Banishing

a) Performance of Grendel's had an accident, Act III. As one speaks (slowly) imagine that your voice echoes through out all of existence. Issuing forth a deep and powerful declaration (of war?).

b) Banish as one sees fit. Formalized. God's (destroy the sigils in fire), watchtowers, other.

V. Post Ritual One must have some form of celebration following the ritual (raves are recommended).

Worked sigils to cast should be fired during this celebration as to an enactment of Desire.

–  –  –

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