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«CHAPTER I NAME AND BOUNDARIES Section 1.1 Name. The City shall be a body corporate under the name the City of Lake Angelus. Section 1.2 Boundaries. ...»

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City of Lake Angelus


The Charter of the City of Lake Angelus was adopted by a vote of the people on November 8, 1983, and became effective on

January 1, 1984.


We, the people of the City of Lake Angelus, Oakland County, Michigan, under the authority of the Constitution of the State of

Michigan and the laws of the State of Michigan, in order to secure the benefits of local self-government and otherwise to promote

the common welfare of all citizens, do hereby ordain and establish and adopt this Charter for the government of the City of Lake Angelus, Michigan.



Section 1.1 Name.

The City shall be a body corporate under the name the "City of Lake Angelus".

Section 1.2 Boundaries.

The following described territory, together with all territory that may be annexed thereto or detached therefrom, in accordance with

law from time to time, shall constitute the territory of the City of Lake Angelus and shall be subject to the municipal control thereof:

"Land situated in the Townships of Pontiac and Waterford, County of Oakland, State of Michigan, described as follows:

Commencing at the west one-quarter post of Section 7, Town 3 North, Range 10 East, Pontiac Township, Oakland County, Michigan, for a place of beginning; thence east along the east and west one-quarter line of Sections 7 and 8, Town 3 North, Range 10 East, Pontiac Township to the center line of Baldwin Avenue; thence northerly and westerly along the center line of Baldwin Avenue until it intersects the center line of Gallogly Road, as shown on Supervisor's Plat No. 14 of part of the northwest quarter of Section 8, Town 3 North, Range 10 East, Pontiac Township, as recorded in Liber 28, Page 38, Oakland County Records; thence continuing north along the center line of Baldwin Avenue to the center line of the Lake Angelus Road; thence westerly along the east and west one-quarter line being also the center line of Lake Angelus Road, to the west one-quarter corner of Section 5, Pontiac Township; thence westerly 1341.70 feet along the east and west one-quarter line of Section 6; thence continuing along the center line of Lake Angelus Road to the west line of Section 6, Pontiac Township; thence southwesterly along center line of Lake Angelus Road to the intersection of the center line of Lake Angelus Road with the north and south one-quarter line of Section 1, Waterford Township; thence continuing 1193.47 feet along the center line of Lake Angelus Road; thence southerly parallel to the west line of Section 1 to the center line of Lake Angelus Lane being distant 397.65 feet along center line of Lake Angelus Lane from the southwest corner of "Rondyvous Sub"; thence along the center line of Lake Angelus Lane along curve to left, radius of 1493.80 feet, a distance of 160.00 feet and south 88º-18'-10" east 326.31 feet and along curve to right, radius 818.84 feet, a distance of 169.35 feet and south 76 -27'-00" east 78.63 feet and along curve to left, radius of 246.46 feet, a distance of 89.02 feet and north 82-51'-20" east 110.40 feet and along curve to right, radius 171.78 feet, a distance of 124.82 feet; and south 55º-30'-20" east 62.55 feet and along curve to right, radius 168.68 feet, a distance of 63.25 feet and south 34º-01'-20" east 20.70 feet and along curve to left, radius

348.58 feet, a distance of 81.63 feet and south 47º-26'-20" east 21.21 feet and along curve to right, radius 76.93 feet, a distance of

74.54 feet and south 08º-04'-40" west 12.00 feet and along curve to right, radius 125.63 feet, a distance of 70.11 feet and south 40ºwest 43.07 feet and along curve to left, radius 194.97 feet, a distance of 134.41 feet and south 00º-37'-40" west 52.86 feet and along curve to right, radius 250.03 feet a distance of 98.70 feet and south 23º-14'-40" west 50.73 feet to the south line of Section 1; thence southwesterly to the most easterly corners of Outlot "A" of Lake Angelus Golfview Estates, a subdivision in Section 12 of Waterford Township; thence southerly along the easterly line of Lake Angelus Golfview Estates to a point located southerly 100 feet along the east line of said Lake Angelus Golfview Estates from the southeast corner of Lot 62; thence southeasterly along the southerly line of Private Road recorded as south 58º-12'-00" east 62.11 feet and south 62º-19'-06" east

162.70 feet and south 48º-55'-48" east 114.84 feet; thence along the northerly line of Silver Lake Golf Course property recorded as:

north 01º-30'-30" west 90.93 feet and south 47º-16'-00" east 33.13 feet and along curve to left radius 260 feet, a distance of 145.21 feet and south 66º-59'-00" east 780 feet, thence northeasterly to northwest corner of Silver Lake Estates No. 7; thence along the southerly line of Lake Angelus Shores Road to the east line of Section 12, Waterford Township, also being the west line of Section 7 of Pontiac Township; thence southerly along the westerly line of Section 7 of Pontiac Township to the west one-quarter corner of Section 7, also being the point of beginning.

Section 1.3 Map.

The City Clerk shall maintain and keep available in the Clerk's Office for public inspection the official description and map of the current boundaries of the City.

Section 1.4 Wards.

The City shall consist of a single ward.



Section 2.1 In General.

The City of Lake Angelus and its officers shall be vested with power to exercise all municipal powers in the management and control of municipal property and in the administration of the municipal government, whether such powers are expressly enumerated herein or not, and to perform any act to advance the interests of the City, the good government and prosperity of the Municipality and its inhabitants and, through its regularly constituted authority, to pass all laws and ordinances relating to its municipal concerns subject to the Constitution and general laws of the State of Michigan. Said City and its officers shall be vested with any and all powers and immunities, express and implied, which cities and their officers are or hereafter may be permitted to exercise or to provide for in their Charters under the Constitution and laws of the State of Michigan, including all powers and immunities which are granted to cities and their officers as fully and completely as though those powers and immunities were specifically enumerated in and provided for in this Charter. In no case shall any enumeration of particular powers or immunities in this Charter be held to be exclusive.

Section 2.2 Intergovernmental Cooperation.

The City may join with any municipal corporation or with any other unit or agency of government, whether local, State or Federal, or with any number or combination thereof, by contract or otherwise, as may be permitted by law, in the ownership, operation, or performance, jointly or by one or more on behalf of all, of any property, facility, or service which each would have power to own, operate, or perform separately.

Section 2.3 Exercise of Powers.

Where no procedure is set forth in this Charter for the exercise of any power granted to or possessed by the City and its officers, resort may be had to any procedure set forth in any statute of the State of Michigan which was passed for the government of cities, or in any other statute of the State of Michigan. If alternate procedures are to be found in different statutes, then the Council shall select that procedure which it deems to be most expeditious and to the best advantage of the City and its inhabitants. Where no procedure for the exercise of any power of the City is set forth, either in this Charter or in any statute of the State of Michigan, the Council shall prescribe by ordinance and/or resolution a reasonable procedure for the exercise thereof.



Section 3.1 Qualifications of Electors.

The residents of the City having the qualifications of electors in the State of Michigan shall be eligible to vote in the City.

Section 3.2 Election Procedure.

The general election laws of the State of Michigan shall apply to and control all procedures relating to City elections, including qualification of electors, establishment of precincts, verification of petitions, registration of voters, and voting hours. The Clerk shall give public notice of each City election in the same manner as is required by law for the giving of public notice of general elections in the State. Said election laws shall apply to the determination of the results of an election when a tie vote shall have been cast, to recounts and to recall elections.

Section 3.3 Precincts.

The City Council shall be empowered to establish precincts and their boundaries.

Section 3.4 Election Commission.

An Election Commission is hereby created to consist of the City Clerk, as Chairman, and two (2) other qualified registered electors designated by the Council, and such persons shall serve at the pleasure of the Council. The Commission shall have charge of all activities and duties required of it by State law and this Charter relating to the conduct of elections in the City. The compensation of election personnel shall be determined in advance by the Election Commission. Should only one (1) of such Commissioners be in attendance on the day appointed for a meeting of the Commission, the officer in attendance shall appoint a qualified and registered elector of the City to act as a Commissioner while the other members are absent.

Section 3.5 City Election.

A regular City-election shall be held on the Tuesday following the first Monday of November in each odd-numbered year.

Section 3.6 Special Elections.

Special City elections shall be held when called by resolution of the Council at least sixty (60) days in advance of such election, or when required by law.

Section 3.7 Elective Officers and Terms of Office.

At each regular City election there shall be elected either two (2) or three (3) Councilmen for a term of four (4) years each. A Mayor shall be elected in 1987 to serve for a term of four (4) years or until his earlier resignation, removal, or death. Commencing in 1991, or following the earlier occurrence of a vacancy in the office of the Mayor elected in 1987, the office of Mayor shall no longer be filled by popular election. In the event of his resignation as Mayor during the term for which he was elected, the person elected Mayor in 1987 shall be deemed to be an elected Councilman for the remainder of his four (4) –year term. At the 1989 election, and every four (4) years thereafter, two (2) Councilmen shall be elected and at the 1991 election, and every four (4) years thereafter, three (3) Councilmen shall be elected. The term of office for the Mayor elected in 1987 and for all elected Councilmen shall commence at 7:30 p.m. on the date of the first regular meeting of the City Council following the certification of the regular City election at which they were elected.

(Amended Nov. 3, 1987) Section 3.8 Nominating Procedure.

Candidates for City elective office shall be nominated from the City at large by petitions, blanks for which shall be furnished by the City Clerk. The candidate may use his own petition blank, providing it conforms substantially with State statute. Each such petition shall be signed by not less than fifteen (15) nor more than twenty (20) registered electors of the City. All petitions shall be in substantially the form specified for non-partisan elections by State law, and shall be filed at the Clerk's office before 4:00 p.m., local time, on the Tuesday after the first Monday in September in each odd-numbered year.

Each elector signing shall add his residential address and the date of signature. No elector shall sign petitions for more candidates for any office than the number to be elected to such office, and should he do so, the signatures bearing the most recent date shall be invalidated. When a petition is filed by a person other than the person whose name appears thereon as a candidate, it shall be accepted only when accompanied by the written consent of the candidate.

The City Clerk shall examine petitions filed by or for candidates for office as soon as filed and if in his opinion they are sufficient, he shall endorse the same as "Approved". If he deems them insufficient he shall notify the candidate in what respects they are insufficient and the candidate may file supplementary petitions until the deadline for filing.

Section 3.9 Approval of Petitions.

The Clerk shall accept only nomination petitions which conform substantially with the forms provided by statute and which contain the required number of signatures for candidates having those qualifications required for the respective elective City offices as set forth in this Charter. The Clerk shall forthwith, following the last date for filing of the petitions, notify in writing any candidate whose petition is then known not to meet the requirements of this section, but the failure to so notify any candidate shall in no way prevent a final determination that the petition does not meet such requirements.

Withdrawal of a candidate's name from consideration on the ballot must be made in writing and in conformance with the time allowed by statute.

Section 3.10 Form of Ballot.

The ballots for all elections under this Charter shall conform to the printing and numbering of ballots as required by statute, except that no party designation or emblem shall appear on any City ballot.

Section 3.11 Canvass of Votes.

The canvass of the votes in City elections shall be conducted by the Board of Canvassers authorized to canvass votes in City elections by State law.



Section 4.1 The City Council.

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