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«Copyright 2014 Corel Corporation. All rights reserved. Corel® Painter® 2015 User Guide The contents of this user guide and the associated Corel ...»

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Copyright 2014 Corel Corporation. All rights reserved.

Corel® Painter® 2015 User Guide

The contents of this user guide and the associated Corel Painter software are the property of Corel

Corporation and its respective licensors, and are protected by copyright. For more complete copyright

information about Corel Painter, please refer to the About Corel Painter section in the Help menu of the


Product specifications, pricing, packaging, technical support and information (“specifications”) refer to the retail English version only. The specifications for all other versions (including other language versions) may vary.

Information is provided by Corel on an “as is” basis, without any other warranties or conditions, express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchantable quality, satisfactory quality, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, or those arising by law, statute, usage of trade, course of dealing or otherwise. The entire risk as to the results of the information provided or its use is assumed by you. Corel shall have no liability to you or any other person or entity for any indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages whatsoever, including, but not limited to, loss of revenue or profit, lost or damaged data or other commercial or economic loss, even if Corel has been advised of the possibility of such damages, or they are foreseeable. Corel is also not liable for any claims made by any third party. Corel's maximum aggregate liability to you shall not exceed the costs paid by you to purchase the materials. Some states/countries do not allow exclusions or limitations of liability for consequential or incidental damages, so the above limitations may not apply to you.

Corel, the Corel balloon logo, the Corel logo and balloon logo combination, Painter, Cinco, CorelDRAW, Natural-Media, PaintShop, RealBristle, VideoStudio and WordPerfect are trademarks or registered trademarks of Corel Corporation and/or its subsidiaries in Canada, the U.S., and/or other countries.

Other product, font, and company names and logos may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Patents: www.corel.com/patent Sample artwork is provided by third parties not affiliated with Corel and used by permission.

Contents Welcome to Corel Painter

Using the documentation

Adjusting the Help window text size

Additional resources


Corel Cinco for Painter


About Corel Corporation

What’s new in Corel Painter 2015

Revolutionary digital brushes

Enhanced speed and performance

A fully responsive experience

Mobile art that moves you

What was new in earlier versions of Corel Painter

Workspace tour

Corel Painter terms

Exploring the Document window

Choosing a workspace layout

Exploring the toolbox

Displaying the toolbox

Displaying the Media Selector bar

–  –  –

Exploring the Navigator panel

Displaying the Brush Selector bar and the Brush library panel

Displaying the command bar

Exploring panels and palettes

Rearranging panels and palettes

Creating and modifying custom palettes

Managing custom palettes

Working with libraries

Creating, importing, exporting, and deleting workspaces

Restoring the default Corel Painter settings

A short tour of Corel Painter for users of Adobe Photoshop

Creating, navigating, and manipulating documents

Creating documents

Understanding resolution

Opening and placing files

Creating and opening templates

Switching document views

Navigating images and viewing image information

Zooming images

Rotating images and the canvas

Flipping images

Repositioning images

2 | Corel Painter 2015 User Guide Cropping images

Resizing images and the canvas

Saving and backing up files

Choosing a file format

Emailing documents

Closing documents and quitting the application

Using two monitors

Support for tablets and other devices

Multi-touch support

Wacom Intuos support

Drag-and-drop features

Keyboard shortcuts

Customizing keys

Toolbox commands

Panel commands

Corel Painter menu commands

File menu commands

Edit menu commands

Canvas menu commands

Layers menu commands

Select menu commands

Shapes menu commands

Effects menu commands

–  –  –

Screen navigation

Panel navigation

Panel menu commands

Brush tools

Selection tools

Adjuster tools

Shape tools



Layer selection tools


Other commands


Choosing a painting workflow

Brush tracking and calibration

Exploring painting media

Working with the canvas and layers

Displaying reference images

Clearing the canvas

Setting up the drawing cursor

Using a stylus vs. a mouse

Applying freehand and straight brushstrokes

Constraining, fading, and undoing strokes

4 | Corel Painter 2015 User Guide Erasing image areas

Aligning brushstrokes to paths and shapes

Letting media pool

Making 360° strokes

Painting with airbrushes

Adjusting spread

Recording and playing back brushstrokes

Reference: Troubleshooting

Working with paper texture and grain

Applying paper texture

Creating and deleting paper textures

Opening and managing the Paper Textures library

Inverting and scaling paper grain

Controlling brightness and contrast of paper grain

Adjusting grain direction and behavior

Auto-painting photos

Creating underpaintings

Auto-painting photos

Restoring detail to paintings

Image cloning and sampling

Cloning images

Using Quick Clone

–  –  –

Working with multiple clone sources

Editing, updating, saving, and exporting clone source images

Painting in the clone

Using brush loading

Performing offset sampling

Applying transformations when sampling

Using selections and transformations when sampling

Filling an area with a sampled image

Working with composition tools, symmetry tools, rulers, and guides

Using the Layout Grid

Using the Mirror Painting mode

Using the Kaleidoscope Painting mode

Using Perspective Guides

Using the Divine Proportion tool

Using rulers

Using guides

Using Snap to Guides

Using the grid

Using Snap to Grid


Choosing colors from the Color panel

Resizing the Color panel

6 | Corel Painter 2015 User Guide Showing or hiding Color panel components

Using the temporal colors palette

Changing the paper color

Sampling colors from images

Cloning color

Creating two-color brushstrokes

Exploring the Mixer panel and mixing controls

Displaying and resizing the Mixer panel

Mixing, sampling, and applying colors from the Mixer pad

Opening images in the Mixer panel

Changing and saving the Mixer color swatches

Saving Mixer panel colors to a color set

Clearing and resetting Mixer panel colors

Saving the Mixer pad

Loading color swatches and Mixer pad files

Working with color sets

Customizing the layouts of color sets

Creating and exporting color sets

Editing color sets

Setting color variability

Setting Color Expression

Loading multiple colors

Working with color fills

–  –  –

Limiting and preventing leakage

Color management

Understanding color management

Specifying the default RGB color profile

Embedding color profiles when saving files

Specifying the default CMYK color profile for converting CMYK images to RGB

Previewing and soft-proofing color profiles

Assigning or removing color profiles

Converting color profiles

Working with color profile policies

Working with presets

Correcting and adjusting colors

Correcting colors using curves

Adjusting brightness and contrast

Using the curve to correct colors

Drawing freehand curves to adjust colors

Specifying the curve values to adjust colors

Adjusting hue, saturation, and value

Adjusting selected colors

Equalizing images

Matching color and brightness across images

Inverting colors

8 | Corel Painter 2015 User Guide Posterizing an image

Applying video legal colors

Dodging and burning


Importing and exporting libraries

Creating and removing libraries

Modifying the display of library panels

Moving, renaming, and deleting library resources

Restoring default libraries

Selecting, managing, and creating brushes

Understanding brushes

Exploring brush categories

Searching and selecting brushes

Setting basic brush attributes

Displaying advanced brush controls dynamically

Organizing and displaying brushes in the Brush library panel

Copying and moving brush variants

Renaming brush categories and variants

Saving and deleting brush variants

Restoring default brush variants

Creating and deleting brush categories

Creating and deleting brush libraries

–  –  –

Saving a brush look

Creating brush dabs

Adjusting brushes with brush controls

Exploring Brush Controls

Expression settings

Previewing brushstrokes and brush dabs

Calibrating brush variants

General controls

General controls: Dab types

General controls: Stroke types

General controls: Methods and subcategories

General controls: Source

General controls: Multicore

Opacity controls

Grain controls

Stroke Attribute controls

Size controls

Angle controls

Spacing controls

Changing dab profiles

Real Watercolor controls

Real Wet Oil controls

Computed Circular controls

10 | Corel Painter 2015 User Guide Hard Media controls

Bristle controls

RealBristle controls

Static Bristle controls

Airbrush controls

Artists’ Oils controls

Impasto controls

Digital Watercolor controls

Water controls

Liquid Ink controls

Stroke Jitter controls

Well controls

Mouse controls

Smoothing controls

Image Hose controls

Rake controls

Multi controls

Cloning controls

Color Variability controls

Color Expression controls

Jitter brushes

Choosing a Jitter brush variant

Controlling the behavior of Jitter variants

–  –  –

Working with the Watercolor layer

Watercolor brushes and paper texture interaction

Working with Real Watercolor brushes

Working with Watercolor brushes

Working with Digital Watercolor brushes

Particle brushes

The New Brushes workspace layout

Gravity Particle brushes

Flow Particle brushes

Spring Particle brushes

General Particle brush controls

Info palettes

Applying and adjusting flow maps

Getting started with flow maps

Choosing flow maps and compatible brush variants

Enabling flow maps and controlling flow resistance

Customizing flow maps

Hard Media

Choosing a Hard Media variant

Modifying Hard Media profiles

Controlling the behavior of Hard Media variants

12 | Corel Painter 2015 User Guide Previewing Hard Media dabs


Getting started with markers

Customizing markers

Image hose

Using the Image hose

Adjusting Image hose opacity and grain

Adjusting the size and spacing of image hose elements

Indexing nozzle files

Understanding nozzles, ranks, and indexing

Creating a 1-Rank nozzle

Creating a 2-Rank nozzle

Creating a 3-Rank nozzle

Loading and managing nozzle files

Creating a nozzle from a movie

RealBristle brushes

Getting started with RealBristle brushes

Modifying RealBristle settings

Liquid Ink

Working with Liquid Ink brushes

Adjusting attributes of the Liquid Ink layer

–  –  –


Applying, displaying, and clearing impasto

Adjusting and creating Impasto brushes

Adjusting Impasto lighting and depth

Blending impasto with other layers


Getting started with layers

Displaying the Layers panel

Creating and deleting layers

Converting selections into layers or floating objects

Naming and adding notes to layers

Selecting layers

Copying and duplicating layers

Moving layers

Transforming layers

Aligning layers

Locking layers

Showing or hiding layers

Changing layer order

Viewing layer position

Grouping layers

Dropping layers with the canvas

14 | Corel Painter 2015 User Guide Painting on layers

Preserving layer transparency

Adjusting layer opacity

Adding drop shadows to layers

Blending layers by using composite methods

Creating and deleting layer masks

Applying layer masks

Loading layer masks to selections

Selecting and viewing layer masks

Enabling and disabling layers masks

Copying layer masks

Inverting layer masks

Editing layer masks

Importing and exporting layers

Working with reference layers

Storing layers as images in the Image Portfolio

Alpha Channels

Creating and copying channels

Generating channels automatically

Importing and exporting alpha channels

Selecting and viewing channels

Setting channel attributes

Deleting and clearing channels

–  –  –

Selections and transformations

Getting started with selections

Creating path-based selections

Creating pixel-based selections

Creating selections from layers

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