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«2014 | 3rd National DOST-SEI ASTHRDP-NSC Scholars’ Conference 2014 | 3rd National DOST-SEI ASTHRDP-NSC Scholars’ Conference Copyright Notices: ...»

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2014 | 3rd National DOST-SEI ASTHRDP-NSC Scholars’ Conference

2014 | 3rd National DOST-SEI ASTHRDP-NSC Scholars’ Conference

Copyright Notices: Section 9 of Presidential Decree No. 49 provides:

“No copyright shall subsist in any work of the Government of the Philippines.

However, prior approval of the government agency or office wherein the work is

created shall be necessary for exploitation of such work for profit. Such agency or

office may, among the other things, impose as a condition the payment of royalties.” Unauthorized reproduction of this book or parts thereof is prohibited and punishable by law.

ISSN: 2244-5455

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Department of Science and Technology Date Printed: February 2014 2014 | 3rd National DOST-SEI ASTHRDP-NSC Scholars’ Conference Traders Hotel, Manila February 27-28, 2014 2014 | 3rd National DOST-SEI ASTHRDP-NSC Scholars’ Conference


Message from the DOST Secretary 10 Message from the DOST Undersecretary for S&T Services 11 Message from the ASTHRDP-NSC Steering Council Chairman 12 About ASTHRDP and the National Science Consortium 13 In Retrospect: 2nd National DOST-SEI ASTHRDP-NSC Scholars’ Conference 14 Oral Presentation Sessions 16 Poster Presentation Sessions 20


Application of Plackett-Burman Design on the Sensory analysis of Probiotic Wine 27 Domingo P. Lodevico and Roberta D. Lauzon*, VSU Diet Composition and Prevalence of Selected Feline Pathogens of Palawan Leopard Cat (Prionailurus Bengalensis 27 Heaneyi Groves, 1997) in Barangay Cabigaan, Municipality of Aborlan, Palawan Island, Philippines Carah Lyn G. Calawagan, Anna Pauline O. de Guia*, Vachel Gay V. Paller*, and Maria Catalina T. de Luna*, UPLB Enhancement of Growth and Yield of Upland Rice (oryza Sativa L.) by Actinomycetes 27 Jayvee A. Cruz and Erlinda S. Paterno*, UPLB Formulation Optimization of Nutrient-Enriched Food for the Elderly 28 Bethel Jane N. Iligan and Roberta D. Lauzon*, VSU Analysis of the Wing Shape Variation in Five Lanao Del Norte Populations of Euphaea Amphicyana (Ris, 1930) 28 (Zygoptera: Odonata) Using Geometric Morphometrics, Kris A. Ortizo and Cesar G. Demayo*, MSUIIT Toxicity of Malachite Green To Java Medaka (Oryzias Javanicus) and Blood Clam (Barbartia Virescens) 29 Mary Anne Mandario, Nathaniel Añasco* and Jiro Koyama, UPV Development and Characterization of SSR Markers for Fingerprinting, Hybridity Testing and Sex Determination of 29 Transgenic Papaya With Long Shelf Life and Its PRSV Resistant Hybrid Kharen C. Cimagala1, Evelyn Mae Tecson-Mendoza*, Roberta N. Garcia*, Artemio M. Salazar*, UPLB DNA Barcode as an Effective Identification System in Molecular Authentication of Selected Medicinal Plants: A Case 30 Study for the Area of Batanes Province and Commercial Herbal Plants in Manila Ruby Raterta and Grecebio Jonathan Alejandro*, UST Chemometric Discrimination of Philippine Civet Coffee Using Electronic Nose, Gas Chromatography Mass 30 Spectrometry and Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence, Emelda Ongo, Giorgio Sberveglieri, Andrea Antonelli, Giuseppe Montevechi, Veronica Sberveglieri, Fortunato Sevilla III*, UST Cytotoxic Bistetrahydroisoquinoline Quinones from the Kcn-Treated Philippine Blue Sponge Xestospongia Sp., Hilbert 31 DS. Magpantay, Louvy Lynn C. Punzalan, Irene M. Villaseñor*, Gisela P. Concepcion* and Naoki Saito, UPD Design of A Nucleic Acid-Based Biosensor for the Detection of WSSV (White Spot Syndrome Virus) in Shrimp 31 Maisie Kirstine Isobelle B. Cahambing, Dr. Nina Rosario L. Rojas* and Dr. Erwin P. Enriquez*, ADMU Synthesis, Characterization, and in Vitro antimycobacterial Activity Determination of Phthalimide Derivatives 31 West Kristian D. Paraiso and Glenn V. Alea*, DLSU Estimation of 3D Trajectory from Autofocused Measurement Using Interpolation 32 Mar Philip L. Elaurza, Giovanni A. Tapang*, Caesar A. Saloma*, UPD Hydrogen Atom Absorption in Palladium(110), 32 Allan Abraham B. Padama, Nelson B. Arboleda Jr. and Hideaki Kasai*, DLSU Nanostructured TIO2 Via Horizontal Vapor Phase Growth Technique (HVPGT) and Device Applications 33 Jasmine Angelie. V. Albelda, Abel F. Ole, and Gil Nonato C. Santos, DLSU Position Variation of the Ancilla Qubit in Grover's Algorithm 34 Neris Ilano, Cristine Villagonzalo* and Ronald Banzon*, UPD Growth Performance and Carcass Quality of Stress-Positive and Stress-Negative Hogs (Sus Scrofa Domestica L.) Given 34 Low-, Average-, and High-Cost Commercial Feeds Supplemented With Probiotics Marianne Agnes T. Mendoza and Sulpecio C. Bantugan*, VSU In Vitro Culture and Cryopreservation of Sago Palm (Metroxylon Sagu Rottb. Zygotic Embryos) 34 Aileen Grace D. Delima and Teresita H. Borromeo*, UPLB Optimizing the Application of Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria for Increased Antimicrobial Efficacy on Freshcut Jackfruit 35 (Artocarpus Heterophyllus), Roden D. Troyo and Antonio L. Acedo, Jr.*, VSU Phenotypic Characterization and Production and Marketing Systems Analyses of the Bolinao Genetic Group of Native 35 Chickens (Gallus Gallus Domesticus L.), Dyna Erika D. Andam, Agapita J. Salces*, Angel L. Lambio* and Carmelita M. Rebancos*, UPLB 2014 | 3rd National DOST-SEI ASTHRDP-NSC Scholars’ Conference


DNA Fingerprinting and Genetic Diversity Analysis of Philippine Saba (Musa Balbisiana Colla) Cultivars Using Simple 36 Seqeunce Repeats Arnelyn D. Doloiras, Antonio G. Lalusin*, Roberta N. Garcia* and Evelyn Mae Tecson Mendoza*, UPLB Expression of A Plastidic Antiporter ZmPPT1-AcV5 and Cotransformation With ZmPPDK for the Engineering of a C4 36 Rice Prototype Mitchell Rey M. Toleco, Shanta Karki*, Hsiang-Chun Lin*, Maria Genaleen Q. Diaz*, William Paul Quick*, UPLB First Report On Antifungal Activity of Probiotics from Local Products and Putative Lactic Acid Bacterium Isolate from 37 Kimchi Against Common Dermatophytes Genesis Julyus T. Agcaoili, Aimee Caye C. Chang and Esperanza C. Cabrera*, DLSU In Vitro Phage Cocktail Therapy Against Uropathogenic E. coli and P. aeruginosa Biofilms 37 Paola Bianca M. Buiser, Delia C. Ontengco, and Donna May D. Papa, UST An Analysis of the 2012 Southwest Monsoon Surge in the Philippines, Lea L. Dasallas and Tolentino B. Moya*, UPD 37 Assessing the Impact of Land Cover Change On Philippine Climate Using REGCM3 38 Robert B. Badrina, Raquel dV. Francisco*, Tolentino B. Moya*, Gay Jane P. Perez*, UPD Assessment of Macroinvertebrate Composition and Physico-Chemical Parameters On the Water Quality of A Protected 38 River System as Influenced by Land Use and Management Practices Mary Joy G. Borromeo, Emilyn Q. Espiritu*, Severino G. Salmo, and Jewel Racquel S. Unson, ADMU Ecological Responses, Conservation and Management of Fruit Bats in Mt. Kitanglad Range, Bukidnon, Philippines 39 Richel E. Relox and Leonardo M. Florece*, UPLB Quantum Time of Arrival Distributions for Interaction Potentials 39 Anthony Allan D. Villanueva and Eric A. Galapon*, UPD Structural Study of Silicene Nanoribbons for Cancer Marker Applications Using Molecular Dynamics 39 Emmanuel D. Monterola and Rolando V. Bantaculo*, MSUIIT Synthesis and Characterization of Silica-Modified Polyaniline/Zinc Sulfide Nanocomposite Grown On Glass and 40 Platinum-Coated Glass Substrates for Solar Cell Application, Fedil G. Sanico II and Arnold C. Alguno*, MSUIIT Morphological and Optical Characteristics of Chemically-Deposited Zinc Oxide Nanostructures Grown On 41 Electrochemically-Etched Silicon, Haziel Marie D. Paculba and Arnold C. Alguno*, MSUIIT Productivity and Efficiency of Corn (Zea Mays L.) in Corn-Based Cropping Systems With Varying Conservation 41 Practices in A Sloping Upland of Nothern Mindanao, Philippines, Apolinario B. Gonzaga, Jr., UPLB Rumen Microbial Manipulation and Anthelmintic Potential of Ginger Pulp (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) in Growing 41 Kids, Marjorie A. Licatan and Lolito C. Bestil*, VSU Soil Types Affect Organic Carbon and Nutrient Status of Soils Under Secondary Forest Transformations in Leyte Island, 42 Philippines, Pearl Aphrodite B. Carnice and Suzette B. Lina*, VSU Ultrasonographic Features of the Heart in Philippine Brown Deer (Rusa Marianna Desmarest) 42 Jose M. Obedencio Jr. and Jezie A. Acorda*, UPLB A Black Band Disease Outbreak in Talim Bay, Lian, Batangas 43 Audrey Clarice C. Cristobal and Dr. Wilfredo Y. Licuanan*, DLSU Screening of Mentha Cordifolia Opiz (Yerba Buena) Crude Extract for Aspartyl Protease Pepsin Inhibitory Activity 43 Alfredo A. Hinay Jr. and Lilen Dorothy C. Sarol*, UPM Morphological and Molecular Characterization of Fusarium Oxysporum Schlechtendahl F. Sp. Cubense for Rapid 44 Detection of Banana Wilt Disease in Liliw, Laguna, Libertine Rose S. Sanchez and Merab A. Chan*, ADMU Optimization of Feeding and Growth Conditions for Hatchery-Bred Larvae of Indigenous Philippine Silver Perch, 44 Leiopotherapon Plumbeus (Perciformes: Terapontidae), Julie Andrea P. Añano and Maria Rowena R. Eguia*, DLSU Phylogeny of Betaphycus (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta) as Inferred from COI Sequences and Morphological Observations 44 On B. Philippinensis, Richard V. Dumilag, Lawrence M. Liao and Arturo O. Lluisma*, UPD Sexual Dimorphism in the Head of Coconut Leaf Beetle (Brontispa Longissima Gestro) Using Outline and Landmark 45 Based Geometric Morphometric Analysis, Abigail R. Cuyacot and Cesar G. Demayo*, MSUIIT The Ecology and Distribution of Fish Parasites from Three Major Aquaculture Lakes (Taal, Sampaloc and Laguna De 45 Bay) in Luzon Island, Philippines Jonathan Carlo A. Briones, Misako Urabe, Norman Mendoza, Noboru Okuda and Rey Donne S. Papa, UST Influence of Environmental Gradients and Land Use To Fish Diversity, Abundance and Distribution in Lake Buhi, 46 Camarines Sur, Jayson D. Baldesco, Maria Aileen Leah G. Guzman,*, Jewel Racquel S. Unson*, and Severino G.

Salmo*, ADMU Macrobenthos and Physico-Chemical Parameters in Mangrove Ecosystems Along Hamilo Coast, Nasugbu, Batangas, 46 Philippines, Josephine Encisa-Garcia, Nelson M. Pampolina*, Sheila G. Vergara*, Rex Victor O. Cruz*, UPLB Mapping Land Degradation Using Participatory Techniques and GIS in Sta. Maria, Laguna, Philippines 47 Efraim D. Roxas, Dr. Rodrigo B. Badayos*, UPLB 2014 | 3rd National DOST-SEI ASTHRDP-NSC Scholars’ Conference


Public-Access Flood Hazard Mapping: the Case of Brgy. Pansol, Calamba City, Philippines, Joseph C. Paquit, 47 Christmas B. de Guzman, Jan Joseph V. Dida, Gemmalyn E. Magnaye, John Christian V. Mapacpac, Ruth R. Roxas, Nathaniel C. Bantayan*, UPLB Qualitative and Quantitative Methods of Detection for Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in Spring Waters Using the 48 Developed Immunochromatographic Strips Complemented With A New in Situ Microbial Concentrator, Neri O.

Camitan, M.Sc., Maria Victoria O. Espaldon, Lorele C. Trinidad, Bernadette C. Mendoza, UPLB Soil Moisture Characterization of the Philippines Over the Last Decade 48 Erika Mari R. Macapagal and Gay Jane P. Perez*, UPD Surface Characterization of Argon Plasma Treated Electrospun P(Hola-E-Cl) Clay Nanofiber Composites, Juvy J. 49 Monserate*, Florentino C. Sumera, Joanna Abigael Daseco, Karel G. Pabeliña, Henry J. Ramos, UPD Status of Select Reefs in Northern Palawan and Batangas 49 WY Licuanan*, FXD Verdadero, KC Escudero, EJG Narida, ACC Cristobal, NB España, DLSU Functional Elucidation of Contigs 17, 31 and 34 of Macrobrachium Rosenbergii To White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) 49 by dsRNA Interference, Maria Violeta Tare, Hidehiro Kondo, Ikuo Hirono, Mary Beth Maningas*, UST Immunomodulatory Effect of Gracilaria Edulis Extracts On Macrobrachium Rosenbergii Challenged With WSSV 50 Mary Ann M. Arizo and Mary Beth B. Maningas*, UST Molecular Identification of Glass Eels, anghuilla Spp., in Cagayan Province, Inferred from Mitochondrial DNA Using 51 CO1 and CYT-B Regions, Ma.Theresa T. Oclos and Apolinario V. Yambot*, CLSU Taxonomy and Distribution of Sididae (Branchiopoda: Ctenopoda) and Chydoridae (Branchipoda: anomopoda) in 51 Selected inland Waters of the Philippines Eric Zeus C. Rizo, Jhaydee Ann F. Pascual, Bo-ping Han, Henri J. Dumont and Rey Donne S. Papa*, UST Color and Shape Analysis for Imaged-Based Detection and Characterization of Skin Lesion 52 Marianne P. Ang, Vladimir Y. Mariano*, and Dra. Tita Lina O. Villanueva, UPLB A Modified Fully Sequential Procedure With Bootstrapping for the Estimation of Functions of the Exponential Scale 53 Parameter, Wildred P. Asister and Daisy Lou L. Polestico, Ph.D*, MSUIIT Baire One Functions and their Sets of Discontinuity 53 Jonald P. Fenecios, Emmanuel A. Cabral* and Abraham P. Racca, ADMU On Jb-Semigroups, Joemar C. Endam and Jocelyn P. Vilela*, MSUIIT 53 Weight-Equitable Subdivision of Bicolored Points in the Plane, Jude Buot and Mikio Kano*, ADMU 54


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