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«Owner’s Manual Take the time to read through this owner’s manual. Familiarity with installation and operation procedures will help you obtain the ...»

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VIR-7830B/ VIR-7830BT

In-Dash 7” Monitor

Touch Screen


AM/FM Radio

Built-in TV tuner

With Bluetooth

Owner’s Manual

Take the time to read through this owner’s manual.

Familiarity with installation and operation procedures will help you obtain the best

Performance from your new DVD-receiver.


To promote safety, certain functions are disabled unless the parking brake is on. The Unit is

designed to detect parked status and must be connected to the power supply side of the parking brake switch. Improper connection or use of his connection may violate applicable law and may result in serious injury or damage. To avoid the risk of damage and injury and the potential violation of applicable laws, this unit is not for use with a video screen that is visible to the driver.

 To avoid the risk of accident and the potential violation of applicable laws, the front Video image feature should never be used while the vehicle is being driven. Also, other video displays should not be in a location where it is a visible distraction to the driver. In some countries or states the viewing of images on a display inside a vehicle even by persons other than the driver may be illegal. Where such regulations apply, they must be obeyed and this unit’s DVD features should not be used.

 Please remember to wear your seat belt at all times while operating your vehicle. If you are ever in an accident, your injuries can be considerably more severe if your seat belt is not properly buckled.

 The supplier waves any and all liability when these warnings are not followed.


 Only connect to a 12Vdc battery and negative grounding.

 Avoid placing the product in direct sunlight, in areas with high levels of dust, high temperatures (over 40°C) or high humidity (over 90%). In case of high temperatures, cool down the car interior by means of ventilation or air-conditioning.

 Operate in well ventilated areas.

 Do not turn on or off the product in short intervals. When turning the unit off, wait for at least 10 seconds prior to turning the unit on again. Do not operate the player with scratched, bended or broken discs and when a disc is not loaded properly, do not force it into the player.

 Do not watch video playback while driving which will cause serious danger and risks of traffic accident. It may violate the laws and regulations.

(There may be exceptional case, i.e., using rear view camera and navigation system)  Do not install the unit where the operation for safety driving is restrained.

 Do not disassembly the unit by yourself, if need repairing, please take the unit to the after service center.

 Do not open and close the monitor manually, it may damage the monitor tilt system.

 Do not touch the LCD screen by hard objects, it may damage or give scratch to the LCD screen.

 If the back of monitor touches dashboard or air-conditioner inlet etc after open the monitor, then setup TILT level in monitor TILT menu to prevent damage from repeat touching.

 Car parking under direct sunlight may increase the temperature inside the car and the unit may not be in proper operation, please try it again after the temperature returns to normal.

 Do not replace the fuse on the power cable without professional guidance, using improper fuse may cause damage to the unit or even cause burn the unit.

 Do not use irregular shaped Disk.

 IR remote control operation may be hindered by monitor when the monitor is opened, thus please use the remote control at the similar level of remote control receiver.

 Do not install the unit where the cooling fan is blocked.







Front panel






◆DISC/USB/SD/MMC interface operation

◆TV Mode

◆AV-IN Mode










TV SECTION (For VIR-7830BT only)

Other functions





Accessories Package contains the following accessories for installation and operation of the unit.

–  –  –


Product image may vary from the actual delivery.


Note Before starting installation of the unit, make sure the wiring is connected properly.

Use only the parts provided with the unit to ensure proper installation.

The use of unauthorized parts may cause malfunction.

Install the unit where it does not get in the driver’s way and will not injure the passenger in case there is a sudden stop, like an emergency stop.

 INSTALLATION (Figure 1)  Insert Half Sleeve into dash-board hole and bend mount tabs outwards to fix it  If necessary, place the mount strap at the rear of the unit and fix it with provided washer as figure 2.

 Push the unit into the Half Sleeve until you hear a click sound  Place Trim Ring over the unit and installation is completed as figure 3. (Some vehicle may not need Trim Ring)  UN-INSTALLATION Insert the supplied extraction keys into the unit and pull the unit out with keeping the extraction keys. (as Figure. 4)


NOTE: Never connect cable to the system while it is connected to the battery power. Whenever the unit is disconnected from the battery, the preset memory will be erased and the unit will go back to its factory defaults.

Note: To watch video the parking wire should be connected to break signal. 2 cables is connected to a Hands-Free device (not included).

Parking wire Note: The parking wire is connected with brake signal; for safety, the programs can be seen on the monitor after braking the car.

Connecting the reversing line to taillight on the car After connecting, when you start up the reverse gear, the unit will receive the picture from car rear view camera.


- Only use groundless loudspeakers.

- Use only loudspeakers of minimal 40Watt, using fewer watts may result in damaging your loudspeakers at higher volumes.

- Use 4~8 Ω (Ohm impedance) loudspeakers only; using higher or lesser impedance may damage the unit.

- Do not use 3-cable loudspeakers and do not connect the loudspeakers minus to the car body (GND). The unit is using a BTL circuit and each loudspeaker must be connected with insulated cables according the diagram.

- Loudspeaker cables and/or optional external power amplifiers must always be about 30cm away from the antenna and/or antenna extension parts.

Connect the speakers according the following diagram, incorrect connections will damage the unit or your loudspeakers Correct connection

–  –  –

Incorrect connections Front panel

1. Release Button Press to detach and release the front panel. When the unit was released, it will switch off automatically after a few second. Detach/Attach the Panel: Press REL button and pull out the left side to detach the panel. To attach it, insert the right side first and then press the left side until hear a click sound.

2. SEL/MUTE Button SEL : Long press it to enter SOUND SETTING menu to adjust the sound settings; EQ = BASS = TREBLE = BALANCE = FADER = EQ. Adjust the level by click touch screen to increase or decrease.

Short press it to MUTE the volume output, press it again to resume volume when the power is on.

3. MODE Button Press it to select the mode: Radio, DISC (if there is a disc in unit), USB (if there is a USB device in the unit), CARD (if there is a SD/MMC card in the unit), Bluetooth, TV (For VIRBT) and AV IN.

4. Button/ Button In RADIO mode, press to start automatic searching, press and hold for two seconds to start manual searching, then press to tune each frequency step downward.

In DVD / SD / USB mode, press button to skip to the previous track. Press button and hold for two seconds to activate fast reverse (REW) search in a track.

In Bluetooth mode, press to make a call after inputted a phone number or accept an incoming call.

5. VOL Knob / POWER Button Press it to turn on the unit, press it again to turn the unit off.

(* Press any button to turn on the unit except REL button and EJECT button on panel, and EJECT button on remote control) VOL Knob: Adjust the volume level by turning the knob clockwise to increase or counterclockwise to decrease.

DUAL KEY setting: Long press it to choose C-DUAL/D-DUAL (Buttons on panel and RC control radio only), D-DAUL (Buttons on panel and RC control DVD only)

6. BAND/TILT Button In Radio mode, press it to change radio band in sequence of FM1→ FM2 → FM3 → AM1 → AM2.

Press and hold for 2 second to adjust the Monitor tilt angle: TILT ANGLE 1 = TILT ANGLE 2 = TILT ANGLE 3 = TILT ANGLE 4.

7. / PLAY / PAUSE / Button In Disc, USB, SD CARD mode, press it to pause / play. Press it again to resume playback

8. Button/ button In Radio mode, press to start automatic searching, press and hold for two seconds to start manual searching, then press them to tune each frequency step upward.

In DVD / SD / USB mode, press button to skip to the next track. Press button and hold for two seconds to activate fast forward (FF) search in a track.

In BLUETOOTH mode, press to reject a coming call or hang up while calling.

9. IR Sensor IR Remote control signal receiving window. Max distance is 6-8 meters, 45 angels.

10. DISC slot

11. Info Display Information Display LCD when operation the unit.

12. AV-in Jack Put the AV plug into the AV-IN jack which was marked on front panel.

13. USB slot

14. OPEN Button Press this to open and close the TFT monitor. WARNING: Do not obstruct the monitor while in the opening or closing cycle, this may cause damage to the monitor mechanism and is NOT covered under warranty.

15. EJECT Button Press to eject a disc. If the disc is not removed for about 10 seconds after eject, the disc is reinserted automatically.

16. TFT display

17. RESET Button Press it with a thin, sharp object. The device will then be reset to factory default settings.

18. SD/MMC CARD slot SD/MMC card slot, for Multimedia playback files only. Insert a SD/MMC CARD into this slot and

the unit will automatically start reading and playback the card. * Supported Music File Format:

MP3, WMA Files.


–  –  –

1. MODE button Press it to select the mode: Radio, DISC (if there is a disc in unit), USB (if there is a USB device in the unit), CARD (if there is a SD/MMC card in the unit), Bluetooth, TV (For VIRBT) and AV IN.

2. POWER Power on or off

3. BAND/ RDM/Clear In Radio mode, press it to change radio band in sequence of FM1 → FM2 → FM3 → AM1 → AM2. In DVD mode, press to play randomly.In Bluetooth mode, press briefly it to clear single wrong number.long press it to clear all the wrong number.

4. ENTER button Press it to confirm selection or setting.

5: Cursor / / / buttons Use the / / / buttons to select the menu item: the title, track or to show next frame.

6. EJECT button Press it to eject the disc.

7. STEREO/MONO/* Press STEREO button to select STEREO or MONO.

In BLUETOOTH mode, press it to make a * symbol.

8. P.SCN/ RPT /# In SD CARD/ USB mode, press to repeat REP 1 = REP DIR = REP ALL In DVD mode, press to start repeat REP OFF=REP Chapter=REP Title=REP Off.

In Radio mode: PS (Preset Scan): Press to scan all preset stations in the memory of the current band and stay on each memory stations for about 5 seconds.

AS (Auto Save): Long press to save the stations with good reception automatically.

In BLUETOOTH mode, press it to make a # symbol.

9. / seek- buttons In DVD mode, Press button to skip to the previous track. Press and hold button for two seconds to activate fast reverse (REW) search in a track.

In RADIO mode, press button to start searching automatic, press and hold for two seconds to start manual searching. button Frequency down.

10. LOUD Press to set LOUD on or OFF.

11. OSD button In DVD mode press it to enter the OSD menu, press and hold for 2 seconds to set video setup.


12. STOP/PBC button Press it to Stop playback from the current position, press it again to final stop to the very beginning. Press PLAY/PAUSE button to play.

Press and hold for two seconds to set PBC on/ off in VCD mode.

13. Digit 0-9 buttons In radio mode, select 1-6 the desired band; In DVD mode, select track.

In BLUETOOTH mode, press it to input phone number,long press 0 number to make a + symbol

14. PLAY/PAUSE button In DVD mode, press it to pause playback, press again to resume.

15. Mute button/Bluetooth button : Short press this button to mute the volume output, press it again to resume volume.

Long press this button to enter into Bluetooth mode.

16. MENU button Press it to show main menu, in DVD mode, long press it to enter TITLE MENU (Enable only if the DVD disc with title menu).

17. SUBTITLE button Press it to select the subtitle language (Available only if the disc with subtitle function).

18. SETUP button In DVD mode press it to enter the setup menu.

19. ANGLE Button/Accept Button In DVD mode, press it repeatedly to change the viewing angle (Available only with a recorded DVD file or DVD disc that has this function).

In BLUETOOTH mode, press to make a call after inputted a phone number or accept an incoming call.

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