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«POSITION DESCRIPTION Amenity Enforcement Officer Date Created: August 2011 POSITION: Amenity Enforcement Officer BRANCH: Infrastructure and ...»

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Amenity Enforcement Officer

Date Created: August 2011

POSITION: Amenity Enforcement Officer

BRANCH: Infrastructure and Engineering

DEPARTMENT: Parking and Local Laws

LOCATION: Municipal Offices


Reports to: Team Leader Parking and Local Laws Supervises: School Crossing Supervisors Internal Liaisons: Parking and Local Laws Team Members and Council Staff External Liaisons: Magistrates Court Victoria Police Animal Welfare Agencies Council Contractors Residents and General Public AWARD CLASSIFICATION: Band 5 Victorian Local Authorities Award, Council‟s


Enterprise Agreement and Council‟s policies as implemented from time to time.

HOURS OF DUTY: This position is based on a 38 hour week, worked as eight hours per day; with one accrued day off in each 20 day work cycle.

Hours of work are between the spread of hours 7am pm Monday to Friday, and in accordance with a roster. The incumbent will be required to partake in some overtime to be worked outside the normal spread of hours.

POSITION STATUS: Permanent fulltime


Respect This includes the promotion of: inclusiveness, empathy, communication, good will.

Integrity This includes the promotion of: honesty, loyalty, ethical behaviour, trustworthiness.

Courage This includes the promotion of: innovation, considered risk, creativity, problem solving, initiative accountability, responsibility.


The prime focus of the position is to provide for the safety and amenity of the environment through a process of education and enforcement and supervise the day to day activities of the school crossing supervisors.


Enforce relevant Acts, Regulations and Council‟s Local Laws applicable to animal management, parking and the environment.

Issue Infringement notices and record details relevant to the Infringement notices to the satisfaction of Council.

Undertake daily foot and or vehicular patrols of specific areas within the Municipality.

Undertake investigations in relation to complaints received and resolution of complaints in a timely manner to the satisfaction of Council.

Ensure Councils Request for Service database is accurately maintained.

Interview, advise and educate members of the public by a range of media including face to face, telephone, written and when required, attendance at public forums.

Maintain a diary of all activities, taking responsibility for the investigation of complaints, enforcement action and provision of a timely response to Customer Service requests where necessary.

Prepare reports relating to enforcement action, attend Court to lay information‟s and give evidence as required.

Attend to administrative duties using Council‟s Customer response system and other software packages Provide input into Council policies, guidelines and strategies when required.

Staff Supervision – School Crossing Supervisors Supervise and organise the day to day activities and ensure that the school crossing supervisors have a clear understanding of their role, responsibilities and access to relevant training and support Identify any conflict and morale problems and work towards resolving them.

Complete annual performance management reviews in a timely manner.

Ensure that the school crossing supervisors work in a safe and responsible manner in compliance with Council‟s Occupational Health and Safety policies and legislative requirements ensuring personal and public safety.

General The incumbent of this position may be directed to carry out such duties as are within the limits of the employee‟s skill, competence and training, provided such duties do not promote a narrowing of the employee‟s skill base.

Organisational Responsibilities Adherence to Council‟s Occupational Health and Safety Policy including assuming responsibility for the proper use of all safeguards, safety devices, personal protective equipment and other equipment provided for safety purposes.

Practice and promote Council‟s Equal Opportunity, Harassment and Bullying principles by treating fellow staff and our customers fairly and equitably and without discrimination, harassment or bullying.

Promote a positive image of the council to members of the public through professional standards of personal presentation and through the provision of services/advice in a courteous and efficient manner.

Be familiar with Council‟s Risk Management policy and program and the application of sound risk management practices within the workplace and community.


Accountable for:

 Providing specialist knowledge and advice relating to Animal Management issues.

 The accuracy, completeness and quality of information, infringements issued or records kept whist carrying out the duties of the position.

 Providing accurate verbal and written advice and information to residents and the general public  Effective supervision of school crossing supervisors

Authority to:

 Issue infringement notices and/or compliance notices and provide information in respect to all legislation for which the Parking and Local Laws is responsible.

 Supervise and direct the activities of School Crossing Supervisors.

 Adopt a pro-active risk management approach to all Council activities that the incumbent is responsible for and ensure that risks are identified, quantified and controlled and that Council employees, contractors and the community are protected against reasonable loss.

The authority to act is in accordance with Council‟s Delegation of Authority.


Defined objectives are to be achieved by using a variety of methods, technologies, processes and equipment.

Decisions made will be based on:

 A well developed and demonstrated knowledge of all relevant Acts, Regulations, Local Laws and operational procedures.

 A highly developed sense of justice, equity and procedural fairness.

Decisions are to be made within existing guidelines and procedures. Where no existing guidelines or procedures exist or where the issue is of a more complex nature, decisions are to be applied based on technical and or professional knowledge and experience. In new situations some creativity is required to provide recommended options to the Team Leader Parking and Local Laws.

Guidance and advise will usually be available within defined time frames to make a choice.


Demonstrated ability to comprehend and interpret Acts and Regulations and decide on an appropriate course of action.

Proven understanding of relevant technology including but not limited to P.O.D‟s, Schweers and Pinforce.

Proven understanding of the functions of the unit including relevant policies and precedents.

Comprehensive understanding and commitment to fulfil the units team goals and the long term organisational goals of Council.

Demonstrated ability to deal with difficult emotive situations with a view to achieving a positive outcome and maintaining Council‟s image.

Well developed writing skills, with the ability to conduct an investigation and prepare a brief of evidence.

Skills in both a mentoring and training process.

Excellent customer service skills.

Fluency in a common community language other than English would be desirable.

Knowledge of workplace Occupational Health & Safety and Equal Opportunity practices.


Demonstrated ability to coordinate special projects including but not limited to promoting compliance and awareness of a range of legislation to schools and culturally and linguistically diverse communities, including organising Forums and Expo‟s.

Demonstrated skills to organise and prioritise daily tasks, and where required, that of others, and to set objectives in the most efficient way possible within available resources and within set timeframes.

Demonstrated ability to gain support and co-operation from members of the community, and other employees to achieve defined goals.

Ability and willingness to work as an effective member of a team.

Ability to work independently with limited supervision.


Well developed oral and conflict resolution skills to enable effective contact with the public and fellow employees to achieve a positive outcome and maintain Council‟s image.

Demonstrated public relations skills including the ability to effectively communicate with members of the public, other employees and Agencies.

Ability to undertake several tasks simultaneously and make appropriate decisions to enable a satisfactory conclusion is achieved.

Ability to write reports and letters relating to the activities of Parking and Local Laws.

Ability to exercise a high level of discretion, diplomacy and confidentiality in dealing with members of the public, Agencies and Council staff.


Certificate 4 in Government (Statutory Compliance) preferred together with relevant experience Certificate 4 in Animal Control and Regulations preferred together with relevant experience, or substantial experience in a related relevant regulatory environment.

Demonstrated ability to comprehend and interpret Acts and Regulations and decide on an appropriate course of action.

Experience in an environment requiring daily contact with a broad cross section of the community in a variety of issues would be desirable.

Experience working in a team based work environment.


Certificate 4 in Government (Statutory Compliance) preferred together with relevant experience.

Certificate 4 in Animal Control and Regulations preferred together with relevant experience, or substantial experience in a related relevant regulatory environment.

Experience in an environment requiring daily contact with a broad cross section of the community in a variety of issues would be desirable.

Demonstrated ability to comprehend and interpret Acts and Regulations and decide on an appropriate course of action.

Well developed communication, consultation and conflict resolution skills.

Well developed time management skills including the ability to work independently and as part of a small team, to establish priorities and achieve set targets within a set time frame.

Fluency in a common community language other than English is considered an advantage.

Physically fit to undertake duties as outlined in this position description. The position requires the incumbent to complete a pre-employment medical check.

No relevant criminal record found in a police check A current Victorian driver‟s licence.

The following signatures are required to indicate understanding, agreement and approval of the position description.



Date: …………………………….


Maribyrnong is an Aboriginal word meaning, „I hear a ring tail possum‟. The original inhabitants, the Marin-balluk tribe, hunted and fished along the banks of the Maribyrnong River.


A diverse, vibrant, and proud city focused on people-based places, environmentally sustainable practices and opportunities to enhance community health and wellbeing through education, responsive services and participation in community life.


Council‟s most important role is to govern for everyone. Therefore, Council will provide local leadership and govern based on a set of guiding principles and values that are at the core of all our activities.

Active Engagement and Inclusion Council will actively engage and encourage diverse local communities and individuals to participate in the life, activities and decision making in the City.

Advocacy Council will strive to bring the needs, strengths and opportunities of our diverse community to the attention of government, business and other organisations, to have them acted upon in the interests of the community.

Equality Everyone will be treated equally and awarded every human right and responsibility.

Equity and Accessibility Council will work to make the City a fair place by addressing people‟s restrictions or barriers to accessing to services, opportunities and resources.

Partnership Council will seek to strengthen the trust and confidence of our community partners. We will work closely with groups, organisations and communities to achieve a shared vision.

Public Service Council takes its obligations of working for the community seriously. Council will strive to ensure all activities are planned, designed and implemented in the public interest by balancing and responding to changing needs, strengths and opportunities in a manner that is sustainable.

Respect Council will be respectful and treat with dignity all people, ideas, beliefs and lifestyles.

Transparency and Accountability Council will ensure all its processes, decisions and actions are carried out in an honest and transparent manner, and are open to regular public monitoring and scrutiny.


Building community spirit, engagement and places We will build community spirit through the provision of quality facilities, responsive services and people based places with a focus on proactive engagement and community participation in civic life.

Prosperity We will facilitate and advocate for better access to education, housing, health, employment and cultural services for all residents so they have every opportunity to reach their full potential.

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