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«Dr. Edward N. Tihen (1924-1991) was an avid reader and researcher of Wichita newspapers. His notes from Wichita newspapers the “Tihen Notes,” as ...»

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Dr. Edward N. Tihen (1924-1991) was an avid reader and researcher of Wichita newspapers. His notes from Wichita

newspapers -- the “Tihen Notes,” as we call them -- provide an excellent starting point for further research. They present

brief synopses of newspaper articles, identify the newspaper -- Eagle, Beacon or Eagle-Beacon -- in which the stories first appeared, and give exact references to the pages on which the articles are found. Microfilmed copies of these newspapers are available at the Wichita State University Libraries, the Wichita Public Library, or by interlibrary loan from the Kansas State Historical Society.


Wichita Beacon Saturday, January 1, 1910 page

1. List of building permits issued today, totaling $522,800 (including 300,000 for Beacon building).

8. The Wichita Railroad and Light company has made many improvements during the past year at a total cost of $220,000. Seven miles of street railway was added and the number of cars running regularly each day was increased from 25 to 33. Over seven miles of pavement was put in on East Douglas and Topeka avenues at a cost of $65,000. Ten new Pay As You Enter cars were added. The company employs 200 men and pay rolls in 1909 amounted to more than $140,000. Ten million passengers were carried compared with seven and a half million in 1908.

Approximately 2000 new residences were built in Wichita in 1909. Population gain is estimated at 8-10,000.

Ten miles of pavement has been laid in Wichita in 1909.

Building permits in Wichita in 1909 totaled approximately $2,750,000, which is $1,200,000 more than in 1908.

About 200 names were added to the list of motor car owners in Wichita in 1909. The city clerk’s records show that 466 cars were owned in this city. Seventy motorcycles are owned here. There are sixteen motor car agencies, over half of which opened during the past year, and over 50 different makes of cars are sold here.

Monday, January 3, 1910 page

1. City commissioners today discussed Sullivan’s dam and complained of excess bills presented by Mr. Sullivan for repairs. Details.

3. City commissioners today granted petition for paving of Park Place from 13th to 17th WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES’ DEPARTMENT OF SPECIAL COLLECTIONS Tihen Notes from 1910 Wichita Beacon, p. 2 street.

12. Hose house No. 6 at corner of Lawrence and Bayley is to be opened at once.

The Eaton Hotel company, owner of the Carey hotel, has leased it to the Humphries Hotel company for ten years for $195,000. S. G. Humphries took charge of the management this morning. It will be known from now on as the Hotel Eaton. B. L. Eaton, president of the Eaton company, is spending $55,000 in remodeling the building. The Humphries company will spend $25,000 on new furnishings for the hotel. Remodeling is to be completed by March 1.

T. P. Kelso and Earl W. Evans have purchased the 100 foot frontage on northeast corner of 1st and Emporia, opposite the YMCA building for $25,000. It has been owned for 30 years by Mrs. Julia Warriner, who resides in the house on the property.

–  –  –

Wednesday, January 5, 1910 page

4. Real estate transfer: Keene Syndicate to Birt A. Slater, December 18, 1909, Lots 9, 11, Porter avenue, Riverside addition, for $500.

12. Report of meeting to be held soon to consider building a good road -- sand-clay at $1000 per mile or macadam at $6000 per mile west through Sedgwick county from Wichita and eventually to the Colorado line. Details.

Friday, January 7, 1910 page 6. Building permit issued today to the Peoples’ Ice company for an ice factory, two stories, brick, 30 by 150 feet, at southeast corner of 15th and Santa Fe, to cost $35,000 and be completed by May 1.

Monday, January 10, 1910 page

3. The Rev. N. O. Bartholomew, of Denver, Colorado, has accepted the pastorate of the Plymouth Congregational church in Wichita, succeeding the Rev. Clarence S. Sargent, who resigned to enter the Episcopal ministry at Hutchinson, Kansas. Details.

WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES’ DEPARTMENT OF SPECIAL COLLECTIONS Tihen Notes from 1910 Wichita Beacon, p. 3 Wednesday, January 12, 1910 page

6. Drawing of teams and wagons ready to start excavating for the new Beacon building.

Article with details.

Thursday, January 13, 1910 page

3. Report of meeting of school board yesterday with architect William B. Ittner, of St. Louis, regarding plans for new high school. Discussion of requirements for the building. Details.

12. The Walters building, at southwest corner of Main and William, was purchased today by C. W. Southward, president of the Wichita Ice and Cold Storage company. Building is three stories, 25 by 140 feet, and was built only a few years ago. It was purchased from John W. Walters, of Wyoming, Illinois, a former citizen of Wichita. First floor is occupied by the Goldsmith Office Supply store.

–  –  –

Friday, January 14, 1910 page 3. Material being unloaded today for new two story building of J. S. Giwowsky at 211 South Lawrence, to be occupied by the Peoples’ Cleaning and Dye works.

Saturday, January 15, 1910 page

12. List of church services includes College Hill United Presbyterian church at 1st and Green.

Monday, January 17, 1910 page

2. Long list of estimates for street paving to be brought before next meeting of city commissioners. Details.

6. City commissioners today granted petition for a macadam surface on Riverside drive from Beal avenue to Buffum. Also adopted resolution to pave Roosevelt from Douglas to Central, and also Circle Drive, both with brick.

12. H. E. Chubbuck, general manager of Wichita Railroad and Light company, arrived here Saturday night for a visit, and says the company plans to spend approximately $700,000 in Wichita this year. Plans include a new power house, new car barn, and other improvements. The power station will be on the company’s land near intersection of 2nd street and Riverview. Building will be approximately 140 by 125 feet and 30 feet high and cost about $70,000, plus about $350,000 to equip it. This will give a capacity of 4000 h.p.

which will be sufficient for a long time and will allow the company to supply power to the WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES’ DEPARTMENT OF SPECIAL COLLECTIONS Tihen Notes from 1910 Wichita Beacon, p. 4 proposed new interurban lines. The present Wichita plant has a capacity of only 1200 h.p.

It is hoped to have the new building ready for use by the first of next September. Plans are also well under way for the new car barn, to cost about $30,000.

–  –  –

Tuesday, January 18, 1910 page

12. Drawings of damage from high water this week at east end of Central avenue bridge and of two bents destroyed at the Seneca avenue wagon bridge across Big Arkansas river.

Wednesday, January 19, 1910 page

5. Article describing the new International Harvester Company building to be erected at southwest corner of 3rd and Rock Island. Should be completed by October 1st. Four stories, 105 by 120 feet. Details.

–  –  –

When mild weather permits, building of the street car loop at 1st and Market will be resumed. Concrete cannot be put down until frost is out of the ground. The trolley wire was strung on 1st and Market streets today, so this part of the work has been done.

8. H. E. Chubbuck, general manager of Wichita Railroad and Light company has been visiting Wichita this week and says as fast as plans for the new street car buildings can be drawn, contracts for their construction will be let.

Thursday, January 20, 1910 page

12. Mrs. Mary F. Garrett, of Connecticut, has purchased from J. W. Stevens, of Wichita, the three story building 25 by 120 feet at 248 North Main for $16,500. The first floor is occupied by Thomas Arnold’s drug store.

Friday, January 21, 1910 page 3. The J. W. Metz Lumber company, on northwest corner of 3rd and Main, is erecting a one story brick building immediately north of its present location, 40 by 120 feet, to make one large building 140 by 210 feet. Details.

13. Article about streets in different parts of Wichita that have duplicate names.

WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES’ DEPARTMENT OF SPECIAL COLLECTIONS Tihen Notes from 1910 Wichita Beacon, p. 5 Saturday, January 22, 1910 page

12. Map of College Hill showing street names.

Monday, January 24, 1910 page

9. Report of death yesterday of a Wichita pioneer, B. F. Plummer, at his home, 301 South Emporia. He would have been 80 next Saturday. Had lived here 37 years. When he came here the ground where his home was built at 301 South Emporia was farm land.

Tuesday, January 25, 1910 page

5. Emma McClees, 404 North Emporia, will erect a two story brick business building on the two lots adjoining the Cox-Blodgett Wholesale Dry Goods Company building on the south, in middle of second block on South Market. Work started today removing a one storage cottage which has stood on the lots for many years.

The Carnegie library at Fairmount College will be dedicated tomorrow.

–  –  –

Wednesday, January 26, 1910 page

5. Report of formal dedication this morning of the new Carnegie library at Fairmount college.

Tribute paid to Mrs. L. S. Carter. Details.

Friday, January 28, 1910 page 1. Drawing of new Wichita High School to be erected at 3rd and Emporia. To be 125 by 228 feet. Details.

Saturday, January 29, 1910 page

5. Contract for the new Catholic cathedral has been let to the Wurster Construction company for $119,250. Work will commence at once. To be constructed of Bedford stone.

WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES’ DEPARTMENT OF SPECIAL COLLECTIONS Tihen Notes from 1910 Wichita Beacon, p. 6 Work on the Riverside sanitary sewer will be commenced not later than March 1st.

Details. The Riverside sanitary sewer district includes all that part of the city between the two rivers as far north as 13th street.

16. The concrete has about all been put in on the street car loop around 1st and Market block, but it must “set,” so it will be a week or so before the cars can run over it.

–  –  –

Monday, January 31, 1910 page

3. The new Riverside school building will be ready for occupancy in about six weeks.

Already the roof is on, the windows are in, and all that remains to be done is the inside finishing. By the middle of March it is expected that the pupil’s can move from the little one story cottage on Litchfield avenue to the new brick structure. When completed the total cost will be about $15,000. Until the Litchfield avenue cottage was rented last year, Riverside students were obliged to walk to Park school.

–  –  –

5. Work will start very soon on the College Hill sanitary sewer, to cost $119,000. Details.

Tuesday, February 1, 1910 page

1. Drawing of the new Catholic cathedral.

6. Excavation started today for paving of the two blocks of West Douglas from Seneca to Exposition with Bitulithic. The street car company will have to tear up its tracks on the two blocks and replace the common rails with paving rails.

12. J. F. Hollicke has sold to M. H. Osborne the new two story brick building on East Douglas adjoining the new Mentholatum building, for $10,000. The building is just being completed.

WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES’ DEPARTMENT OF SPECIAL COLLECTIONS Tihen Notes from 1910 Wichita Beacon, p. 7 Wednesday, February 2, 1910 page

3. Article about proposed building to be erected by Christian Service League on West Maple street. Details.

–  –  –

Thursday, February 3, 1910 page

6. Drawing of new building at 118-120 North Topeka for the Jones’ Auto Exchange.

Details. To be completed by May 1st.

Walter Morris yesterday purchased the Campbell residence on Riverside avenue near 11th street for between $35-45,000. Details.

10. The 23,000 square foot roof of the Jett and Wood Wholesale Grocery company building at corner of William and the Santa Fe tracks is being raised so that the walls of the building may be heightened one story, making the building two stories instead of one. The feat was accomplished by the use of 125 jackscrews. The building is 150 by 150 feet in size.


–  –  –

Friday, February 4, 1910 page

5. The Kansas Gas and Electric company was granted a charter in Topeka yesterday, giving it the right to absorb the United Gas company and the Edison Light and Power company of Wichita, and the Home Light, Heat and Power company of Pittsburg, Kansas. Details.

Home office will remain in Wichita.

–  –  –

Saturday, February 5, 1910 page

1. Drawing of planned new First Presbyterian church. Details.

Monday, February 7, 1910 page

3. E. K. Nevling, of the Nevling Elevator company, has plans to convert his 150,000 barrel WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES’ DEPARTMENT OF SPECIAL COLLECTIONS Tihen Notes from 1910 Wichita Beacon, p. 8 elevator on 5th avenue near 17th street into a bonded warehouse. Details.

Tuesday, February 8, 1910 page

5. Real estate transfer. Keene Syndicate to Melvin A. Thalman, February 2, Lots 13, 15, Porter avenue, Riverside addition, $550.

–  –  –

Wednesday, February 9, 1910 page

3. Report of death yesterday of Miss Mary Hyde, sister of A. A. Hyde and George Hyde of Wichita, at her home in Ware, Massachusetts.

Saturday, February 12, 1910 page

6. Street cars will start using the new loop around the block including 1st and Market streets tomorrow. All the cars on the College Hill, Fairmount, and Cleveland avenue lines will be run around the loop.

16. Hereafter conductors on Wichita street cars will be able to tell when it is cold enough to turn on the heat in their cars by looking at a sign on a pole at the intersection of Main and Douglas. Superintendent Morrison believes this will give more uniformity in this matter.

Monday, February 14, 1910 page

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