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«Robert Albrecht is the author of numerous articles on the relationship of media and culture in both Latin America and here in the United States. ...»

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Robert Albrecht is the author of numerous articles on the relationship of media and culture in

both Latin America and here in the United States. Albrecht is the recipient of an Organization

of American States Fellowship for study in Brazil as well as the Carlos Vigil Prize for his

publications in Latin American popular culture. While a doctoral student in the Media

Ecology program at New York University, he served as Arts Editor to ETC. He worked for

several years as a music and drama workshop leader with children in Jersey City public schools. Albrecht currently serves on the editorial board of several communication journals and teaches theory and media history courses in the Media Arts Department at New Jersey City University in Jersey City. His book, Mediating the Muse (Hampton Press, 2004) was the winner of the Media Ecology Association's Dorothy Lee Award for outstanding scholarship in the area of cultural ecology. Albrecht is also a musician and poet and has recently released a CD entitled Song of the Poet.

Ekaterina Alexandrova is an MA Student in Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University. At the age of 19, Ekaterina began her journalism career as an intern for a TV news program in Russia. The same year, she continued as an anchor and a producer for a daily news show. After a while, it occurred to her that she was skipping too many classes at the School of Journalism in St. Petersburg State University, so she quit her job to dedicate more time to her studies. Instead of becoming a good student though, she started to write for a local newspaper and ended up working there as a deputy editor-in-chief. In addition, after she once appeared as a guest on a youth TV program on Russian National Channel Five, she couldn't help but join the crew as a part-time producer. Shortly, she found herself being done with print and assumed a full-time editor-in-chief and co-anchor on the program. When it occurred to her again that because of her job she was barely attending any classes, she realized she actually graduated years ago. Still frustrated with her academic achievement, she entered a postgraduate Media and Communications program at the University of Westminster in London. Habitually not concentrating on her studies, she kept working and flying back and forth between countries. The only way to stop this nonsense was to enter a school across the ocean, which she did. So, at the age of 27, Ekaterina finished her journalism career and finally started to be a good student. Although, it has to be said that working on TV did permanent damage to her personality.

Linda Alford completed her PhD studies at OISE (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education), University of

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Brian Altenhofen is an MA student at Fordham University. His academic interests lie within the realm of epistemology, psychology, and the collectively agreed upon cultural cues. He is writing his thesis on the connection of power and happiness according to Thomas Hobbes and Aristotle respectively and television advertising. He mostly enjoys playing and watching sports in his down time.

Corey Anton is an associate professor at Grand Valley State University. He is the author of Selfhood and Authenticity (Winner of the Media Ecology Association's 2004 Erving Goffman Award). His many publications can be found in journals such as Communication Theory, Philosophy and Rhetoric, Human Studies, Semiotica, ETC, American Journal of Semiotics and Atlantic Journal of Communication. He currently serves as the Editor of the journal Explorations in Media Ecology, serves on various editorial boards, and is a trustee on the Board of Directors for the Institute of General Semantics, a member of the Media Ecology Association's Board of Directors, and a Fellow of the International Communicology Institute.

Al Auster teaches in the Communication and Media Studies Department of Fordham University at Lincoln Center. He is the author of five books, the latest of which is thirtysomething: Television, Women, Men and Work (Lexington, 2008).

Thierry Bardini is Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at the Université de Montréal, Canada, where he co-directs the Workshop in Radical Empiricism. He holds a degree in agronomy (ENSA Montpellier, 1986) and a PhD in sociology (Paris X Nanterre, 1991). His second book entitled Junkware: The Coming of Homo Nexus is forthcoming in 2010 by the University of Minnesota Press. In 2000, he published Bootstrapping: Douglas Engelbart, Coevolution, and the Origins of Personal Computing, via Stanford University Press.

Marleen S. Barr is known for her pioneering work in feminist science fiction and teaches in the Department of Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University. She has won the Science Fiction Research Association Pilgrim Award for lifetime achievement in science fiction criticism. Barr is the author of Alien to Femininity: Speculative Fiction and Feminist

Theory, Lost in Space: Probing Feminist Science Fiction and Beyond, Feminist Fabulation:

Space/Postmodern Fiction and Genre Fission: A New Discouse Practice for Cultural Studies.

Barr has edited many anthologies and co-edited the special science fiction issue of PMLA.

Martha A. Bartter is Professor Emerita of English at Truman State University, with a Ph.D from the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY. She is the author of The Way to Ground Zero, (Greenwood Press,1988), editor of The Utopian Fantastic (Greenwood Press, 2004), and was Associate Editor for American Literary Publishing Houses, 1900-1990: Trade and Paperback, Volume 46 of the Dictionary of Literary Biography; and American Literary Publishing Houses,1638-1899, Volume 49 of the Dictionary of Literary Biography, Parts 1 and 2 (Detroit, MI: Bruccoli Clark, Gale Research Co.,1986). She is a member of Science Fiction Writers of America, International Association of the Fantastic in the Arts, Science Fiction Research Association, etc., and author of a number of book chapters, articles, essays, and reviews.

Mary Catherine Bateson is a writer and cultural anthropologist, current president of the Institute for Intercultural Studies in New York, and a visiting scholar at Boston College's Center on Aging and Work. She was educated at Radcliffe (BA 1960) and Harvard (PhD 1963). She was Dean of the Faculty at Amherst College 1980-83. From 1987 to 2002, Bateson was Clarence J. Robinson Professor in Anthropology and English at George Mason University, becoming Professor Emerita in 2002. She has taught at Harvard, Northeastern, Amherst, and Spelman College, as well as overseas in the Philippines and Iran. Bateson's original research interest was in linguistics but more recently she has been interested in how women and men work out individual adaptations to culture change. She is currently exploring the ways in which lifelong learning modifies the rhythms of the life cycle and the interaction between generations. Her books include With a Daughter's Eye (1984), a memoir of her anthropologist parents Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson; Composing a Life (1989);

Peripheral Visions: Learning Along the Way (1994); Full Circles, Overlapping Lives:

Culture and Generation in Transition (2000); and, most recently, Willing to Learn: Passages of Personal Discovery (2004) Among the many honors that she has received is an honorary doctorate from Fordham University in 1994.

Michael Ben-Eli is an international consultant on management and organization, focusing on strategy development, organizational design, sustainability, and change management. He graduated from the Architectural Association in London and later received a PhD from the Institute of Cybernetics at Brunel University, where he studied under Gordon Pask. He was a close associate of R. Buckminster Fuller, with whom he collaborated on projects involving research on advanced structural systems and exploration of issues related to the management of technology and world resources for the advantage of all. Dr. Ben-Eli pioneered applications of Systems Thinking and Cybernetics in management and organization. Over the years he worked on synthesizing strategy issues in many parts of the world and in diverse institutional settings, ranging from small high technology firms to multinational enterprises, manufacturing companies, financial institutions, health care and educational organizations, government agencies, NGOs, and international multilateral organizations. In recent years, he has been working primarily on issues related to sustainability and sustainable development, focusing on helping inspire leaders in business, government, community, and youth accelerate a peaceful transition to a sustainable future. He is founder of the Sustainability Laboratory www.sustainabilitylabs.org, established in order to develop and demonstrate breakthrough approaches to sustainability practices.

Eva Berger is Dean of the School of Media Studies at The College of Management Academic Studies, in Tel Aviv, Israel. She also has served as a consultant to public and private organizations, and written programs of study for Israel's school system. Dr. Berger was a member of the Israel Film Council from 2000-2006, and an advisor to Israel's Educational Television on children's programs. She holds a BA in Film and Television from Tel Aviv University, and an MA and PhD in Communication (Media Ecology) from New York University.

Laura Bertone was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she started working as a conference interpreter as soon as she finished the Teachers' Training College. She then settled in Paris where she worked as an AIIC professional conference interpreter for twenty years. There she obtained her PhD in Linguistics from Paris University VIII in 1983 and carried on her research. She returned to Argentina in the mid-nineties and set up a consulting firm – EVOLUCION - devoted to improving communicational processes. She is a certified teacher of general semantics, a former Trustee of the Institute of General Semantics, and a Visiting Professor at the Master's Degree Program in Translation and Interpretation - School of Translators – Faculty of Law, University of Buenos Aires. She is the author of numerous articles mainly on linguistics and education, co-author with Patrick Lagadec of Voyage au Coeur d'une Implosion, Paris-Eyrolles, 2003 - and its translation Ruptura y Reconstrucción.

Lo que la experiencia argentina nos enseña, Buenos Aires : Evolución, 2003, and author of En torno de Babel Bs. As.: Hachette, 1989 and of The Hidden Side of Babel, Evolucion, Buenos Aires, 2006, the latter being the winner of the first Samuel I. Hayakawa Book Prize in 2009.

Tom Bruneau constructs new communication theories. He has worked in the areas of silence, silences, and silencing; empathy; and, chronemics ( the study of time, timing, and tempo in human communication). His major areas of teaching have been in the areas of nonverbal communication and intercultural communication.

Jerome Bruner is a University Professor at New York University. He teaches principally in the NYU School of Law -- mostly on the relation between law, culture, and mind. Professor Bruner has spent many years studying and writing about the interaction of mind and culture.

He has taught principally at Harvard, Oxford, and New York University and was one of the founders of the "cognitive revolution." He received his PhD from Harvard in 1941 and has since been awarded many honors including the Distinguished Scientific Award of the American Psychological Association and the International Balzan Prize. His former students now occupy distinguished professorial chairs in America, Europe, and Africa. His most recent book is Making Stories: Law, Literature, Life (2002).

Lana Deym Campbell was born as Countess Svietlana Deym von Stritez, scion of a 13th Century feudal Czech-Austrian family recorded in the Gotha Almanac, a part of the Habsburg Empire. The Deyms were known as Austrian Ambassadors, artists and art supporters of many greats throughout history, including Beethoven and Mozart. In addition, her uncle (brother of grandmother) Rene d'Harnoncourt was the first director of MOMA (Museum of Modern Art, NYC), and her cousin Anne d'Harnoncourt was Director of the Philadelphia Museum of Art until her recent death in '08. Lana's artistic family was a large influence on her art. Another influence was her exposure to many cultures and languages, as she grew up in South America and later lived in Germany, Austria, and London. An early inspiration was Salvador Dali, who upon meeting her in Cadaques, Spain in the summer of 1970, called her "one of the most talented persons he had ever met." Lana pursued art education in 1978 from the National Academy of Fine Arts, NYC, where she studied anatomy, drawing and painting under the foremost social realist painter of the USA, Harvey Dinnerstein, and other notable painters, such as Colleen Browning and Serge Hollenbach. She excelled at the Academy, winning the Dr. Ralph Weiler Prize and the William Auerbach-Levy Prize, judged by known artists & critics. Her painting was featured on the cover of the Academy's annual publication in 1978.

She studied Old Masters in Florence Italy. She is an avid devotee of philosophy as well as advances in science, physics. She is also a poet and a scriptwriter. In Rhode Island, she practices Kung Fu, meditation and has been an activist for social causes and the environment.

In New York, Lana exhibited at the National Academy of Fine Art and the National Arts Club.

In Rhode Island, her work has been represented by Lenore Gray and has been shown by the Bert Gallery, the Pawtucket Arts Center, the Newport Art Museum, the Z Gallery and other venues. Recently her paintings were featured in the Southern New England Film Art and Music Festival, SENE. She has been auctioned online at Sotheby's, NYC, where she is represented by Keisha Hayle, of the Kish Galleries in NYC. She has a large online following of her paintings at www.myspace.com/painterwritercontemporary. She has also shown her work in Europe at Schloss Kaps, Kitzbuhel. Among other collectors, she is collected by Borden Stevenson, son of the famous Adelai Stevenson, Idaho, the Kish Galleries, NewYork City; Keisha Hayle curator, as well as by Lady Alexandra Hay, London, She is in the collection of the late Michael Alexander, London, and the late Tana Matisse collection, NYC. She is also collected by Countess Astrid Lamberg, Kitzbuhel, Austria and Germany, Gilbert Videau, Paris and New York City, and is in the collection of the Law Offices of Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman.

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