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«REPORT SUMMARY VIN: 1G1RA6E45DU114134 Vehicle Age: 1 year Year: 2013 Junk & Salvage 1 record Information: Make: Chevrolet Insurance 1 record ...»

VinInspect.com Vehicle History Report

2013 Chevrolet Volt (1G1RA6E45DU114134)

Report Run Date: Nov 12, 2014 4:03:10 PM EST


VIN: 1G1RA6E45DU114134 Vehicle Age: 1 year

Year: 2013 Junk & Salvage 1 record


Make: Chevrolet Insurance 1 record


Model: Volt Title History: 2 records Style/Body: SEDAN 4-DR Title Brands: 1 record Class: Standard Odometer: 3 events Engine: ELECTRIC Auction Sales: 1 sale Country of UNITED STATES



Standard Data VIN: 1G1RA6E45DU114134 Year: 2013 Make: Chevrolet Model: Volt Trim: Standard Engine: ELECTRIC Style: SEDAN 4-DR MadeIn: UNITED STATES SteeringType: No data Anti BrakeSystem: No data TankSize: No data OverallHeight: No data OverallLength: No data OverallWidth: No data StandardSeating: No data OptionalSeating: No data HighwayMileage: No data CityMileage: No data NOTE: Detailed Vehicle Information is obtained by decoding the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The equipment currently installed in the vehicle may differ from the equipment listed in the report (i.e. the possibility exists that the vehicle may have been modified or rebuilt).


Date Entity Vehicle Disposition Intended for export Aug 15, 2014 Copart, Inc. No Fairfield, CA Phone: 7076395294


Date of Total Loss Declaration or Date Total Loss Claim Paid Entity Aug 13, 2014 ESURANCE PROPERTY & CASUALTY INS CO TAMPA, FL

–  –  –


A "Brand" defines the status of a vehicle, such as Theft, Flood, Salvage or Rebuilt. A brand is carried with the title as the vehicle travels from state to state. There are over 250 brands recognized by NMVTIS that can be categorized by type.

–  –  –

Junk The vehicle is incapable of safe operation for use on No Brand Reported the roads or highways and has no resale value except as a source of parts or scrap, or the vehicle's owner has irreversibly designated the vehicle as a source of parts or scrap. This vehicle shall never be titled or registered. Also known as non-repairable, scrapped, or destroyed.

Rebuilt The vehicle, previously branded "salvage", has passed No Brand Reported anti-theft and safety inspections, or other jurisdiction procedures, to ensure the vehicle was rebuilt to required standards. Also known as prior salvage (salvaged).

–  –  –

Salvage: Reasons Other Than Damage or Stolen Any vehicle the reporting jurisdiction considers salvage No Brand Reported based on criteria, such as abandonment, not covered by the Salvage-- Damage or Not Specified and Salvage--Stolen brands. Note.--Percent of damage is not reported with brand code 50.

–  –  –

Undisclosed Lien The vehicle has entered the titling jurisdiction from a No Brand Reported jurisdiction that does not disclose lien-holder information on the title. The titling jurisdiction may issue a new title without this brand if no notice of a security interest in the vehicle is received, within a jurisdiction defined timeframe. Note: This brand is not valid after January 17, 2003.

–  –  –

Manufacturer Buy Back A vehicle that has been bought back by the No Brand Reported manufacturer under jurisdiction -defined regulations or laws, such as lemon laws. For example, the manufacturer could be obligated to buy back the vehicle when a specified number of repair attempts fails to correct a major problem on a new vehicle, or if a new vehicle has been out of service for repair for the same problem for a cumulative period of 30 days or more, within one year of purchase.

–  –  –

Prior Non-Repairable / Repaired A vehicle constructed by repairing a vehicle that has No Brand Reported been destroyed or declared to be non-repairable or otherwise declared to not be eligible for titling because of the extent of damage to the vehicle but has been issued a title pursuant to state law after falling within this criterion with this brand on the face of the certificate of title.

–  –  –


Make is the manufacturer's brand name.

Model is the manufacturer designation of the lot.

Year is the manufacturer's designated model year.

Body Style is the manufacturer's designation of the vehicle's configuration.

Color is the common color name that reasonably represented the exterior color of the vehicle. Color is NOT the manufacturer's designated color name, but rather simply a general descriptive name.

Cylinders is the manufacturer's designation of the vehicle's power train.

Fuel designates the fuel type used by the engine as designated by the VIN.

Drive is the manufacturer's designation of the vehicle's power train.

Engine is the motor specification denoted by the VIN of the vehicle.

Odometer codes are shown to reflect the known reliability of the odometer reading. 'Actual' means that the odometer reading is believed to be the true and actual mileage of the lot. 'Exceeds Mechanical Limits' means that the true mileage of the lot cannot be expressed because it has exceeded the capacity of the odometer to measure it, in other words it has 'rolled over'. 'Exempt' means that by Federal Law, no odometer code is required to be displayed for this lot. 'Not Actual' means that the odometer reading does not correctly reflect the mileage of the lot or it cannot be ascertained.

Actual Cash Value means the estimated retail value of the lot as submitted to the auction by the seller. If the lot has been damaged, this is the value prior to the occurrence of the damage. This number is presented for informational purposes only. The auction makes no representations as to the validity or accuracy of the listed value.

Primary Damage & Secondary Damage indicate known or reported damages only and are limited by their nature. The auction expressly disclaims the accuracy of Primary Damage and Secondary Damage information, as it may not accurately reflect the type or extent of damage to any vehicle.

Title Type denotes the ownership documents. Each state issues a wide variety of different ownership documents.

Each type of document carries with it certain ownership rights and certain restrictions or burdens. These are only the ownership documents for the lot at the time the vehicle was on sale at the auction; they do not in any way represent or attempt to represent any prior history of the lot.

Clear Title indicates that the vehicle has not been damaged beyond repair and no liens has been placed on it.

Salvage Title is issued to a vehicle that have been damaged beyond 75 percent of the original value. Such vehicle can be rebuilt and made roadworthy, but will never again be entitled to clear title status. Salvage title can significantly reduce the vehicle price, and is not eligible for funding by most lenders.

Rebuilt/Reconstructed Title means that the salvaged vehicle has been successfully repaired to full operation and safety.

Dismantled Title is issued to a vehicle that have suffered serious damage to major component parts and the repair cost is more than the vehicle value. The difference from a salvage title is that the vehicle may only be used for parts and scrap metal and cannot be rebuilt for road use.

Junk Title is issued for a vehicle with the damage over 75 percent of the its value. Such vehicles are not eligible for road use. Junk and salvage titles are considered to be the same by some states.

Repair Cost is the estimated cost to repair the vehicle as submitted to the auction by the seller of the vehicle.

The Repair Cost listed here may vary greatly from the actual cost to repair this vehicle. The auction makes no representations as to the validity or accuracy of the listed value.


VinInspect™ reports provide vehicle information from the auto auctions’ database and may include the vehicle’s photographs and vehicle details that were available to the public in the auto auctions’ websites when this vehicle was on sale there. Auction Records Report and the auto auction records in the Vehicle History Report are available only in case if this vehicle has ever been on sale at auto auctions since June, 2007 to present time, but still not for all those vehicles. The information on some vehicles may be unavailable. Vehicle information from the VinInspect™ Auto Auction Records Report and from the auto auction records in the VinInspect™ Vehicle History Report is provided "as is" from the auto auctions database. VinInspect™ does not guarantee or warranty that the Auto Auction Records Report and auto auction records will be available on a specific vehicle, and does not guarantee that the information from the Auto Auction Records Report and Vehicle History Report is accurate, comprehensive, verified or complete, and shall not assume or accept any liability (whether in negligence or otherwise) for the accuracy or completeness of such information or for any reliance placed by any person on the information.

VinInspect™ does not guarantee that the vehicle has not been on sale at an auto auction if there are no auto auction records in the report or no Auto Auction Records Reports available for the vehicle. VinInspect™ also does not guarantee the availability of the vehicle photographs in the report. Nor shall VinInspect™ be under any obligation to advise any person of any error in information provided. VinInspect™ shall not be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, damages for loss of profits, business or other consequential loss) which may arise from any use of, or reliance upon, or inability to access, the information from the VinInspect™ Auto Auction Records Report and the VinInspect™ Vehicle History Report. VININSPECT™ MAKES NO GUARANTY OR WARRANTY,




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