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«If you love our cocktail list as much as we do, please provide us with an email address for us to send you a copy. Find us on ...»


1 Malthouse Lane, Melbourne 3000

0412 825 441 | melbourne@eaudevie.com.au

If you love our cocktail list as much as we do, please provide

us with an email address for us to send you a copy.

Find us on facebook.com/EauDeVieMelbourne


Eau de Vie is all about escapism – about slipping into a

different era – when cocktails were king, men were men & dames drank martinis.

Drinks are listed to cover all tastes from light & crisp, to fruity & fresh and finally strong and complex.

Choose a destination & time in history that best reflects the drink you’re after.

This is our interpretation of the drinks we believe best suit the mood and flavours of the time – whilst also making it easy to navigate.

We hope you enjoy your time-travel.


The Nobel experimeNT pg 4 The timeless classic martini, made into your own.

eau de Vie FaVouriTes pg 6 Tried & tested, these come highly recommended.

specials & ForgoTTeN classics pg 8 The latest competition cocktails along with cocktails once lost to time.

1920s The TraiN From paris To milaN pg 10 All sophistication. Fresh, crisp, aperitifs, martinis & champagne cocktails.

1930s The boaT To cuba aNd The carribbeaN pg 12 A tropical escape serving up tall, fresh & fruity drinks. Thirst quenchers.

1940s aloha! aNd welcome To hollywood pg 14 Tiki time. Heavy on fruit – sweeter in flavor. Crowd pleasers everywhere.

1900s New orleaNs aNd The easT coasT pg 16 Aperitifs, Old Fashioneds & Sazeracs – whisky & coffee creations – booze led creations to finish your night on.

shared exprieNce cockTails pg 18 Honouring the age old tradition of sharing a drink with your friends NOBLE EXPERIMENT $20 Our bartenders don gloves and goggles before ladling up liquid nitrogen to serve you this ice-cold martini. Experiment with vermouth, bitters, brine and garnish to make your very own concoction. This serve begins with Beefeater gin or Wyborowa vodka and works its way up via your request.


Tanqueray 10 $24 Westwinds Sbr $20 Ciroc $24 Fire drum $24 Beefeater 24 $22 Bols Genever $20 Stoli Elit $36 Grey Goose $24 Hayman’s OT $22 Junipero $24 Exquisite $24 Belvedere $22

–  –  –


These are some of the drinks we are known for. Drinks that have been with us since day one. We highly recommend you sampling one of these when you are with us. Whether it’s your first time here or you find yourself propped at our bar on frequent occasions.

–  –  –

THE EDV OLD FASHIONED $24 One of our absolute favourite drinks: Zacapa rum is stirred down and served with pedro ximenez sherry, muscovado sugar and spice. Served in a large crystal old fashioned glass over a single hand carved chunk of ice.

–  –  –



1920’s Paris was a hub of creativity, with many of our greatest literaries and artists seeking refuge amongst the famous cafes and bars of Paris during the American prohibition. Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, Picasso, Matisse… the list goes on. Imagine being there, at this cultural highlight of our past century, street side, at an absinthe house or café, sipping ice cold martinis, frappes or aperitifs.

–  –  –

QUE SYRAH, SYRAH $19 Bulleit bourbon shaken with fresh lemon, orgeat and our house blood orange shiraz jam topped with sparkling wine. A flavoursome bold number served straight up. A gentleman’s champagne cocktail.

We also recomend this cocktail with Woodford Reserve $21 EDV BELLINI $19 Wyborowa vodka and peach cordial are thrown together with wild pear liqueur and lemon and then charged with Deutz sparkling wine.

–  –  –

VAN GOGH FIZZ $20 You will go mad for this tasty beverage! La Fée absinthe combines with maraschino liqueur, fresh lime juice, honey, mint and aloe vera juice to create a truly great drink with Parisian origins.

PRE-DINNER MOVES $19 The best start to your evening. Appleton VX rum is combined with Campari, lemon and cucumber then spritzed with soda. This cocktail pushes all the right buttons: sweet, sour, dry, bitter, aromatic. The epitome of Aperitivo.

–  –  –

CORPSE REVIVER #2.0 $19 They knew what they were doing in the 1930s, a modern twist on a classic drink.

To revive the weary body simply consume one or two of these beverages. But be careful, one too many will un-revive the corpse again. Gin, lemon, orange liqueur and lillet combine elegantly, finished off with an absinthe fog.

–  –  –

FITZROY FIX $22 Born in the heart of Fitzroy, this cocktail is the embodiment of the drinking culture: floral, relaxed and ever so classic. Olmeca Altos tequila is combined with yuzu, apricot and ceylon tea, served with citrus sorbet on the side. Imagine a bearded fellow in a button up shirt, wearing lenseless spectacles enjoying this little number.



The American Tiki culture kicked off in the mid 1940’s and carried on well into the 60’s & 70’s. Post prohibition cocktails were far fruitier and sweeter than those pre-prohibition. These were the days of escapism and both bars and cocktails were over the top.Fruity drinks, exotic flavours, rum and some Hollywood glamour thrown in for fun.

Party Drinks!

EDV COLADA #2 $20 We are never the type to think we can’t make improvements. Inspired by our already famous non-dairy Colada this drink takes it to the next level.

Char-grilled pineapple is slowly infused into Havana Club 7yo rum and is then combined with fresh pineapple juice, lime juice and coconut syrup.

–  –  –

SGT. PEPPER’S COCKTAIL $19 Wyborowa vodka is shaken with honey, lime, orange and bell pepper jelly.

Citrusy and cleansing with a tinglingly long finish. Served straight up with a spicy suprise. We hope you enjoy this show!

TRADER VIC’S SWIZZLE (LONDON DRY) $19 Inspired by the beach side favourite the Mai Tai this gin version takes Beefeater gin that is then whisked up with cocoa liqueur, blood orange juice, almond syrup and orange bitters. Mai Tai suggest you order one.

–  –  –

KITTY AT THE COCOBONGO $20 Citrus vodka is shaken with passionfruit, elderflower, vanilla and fresh lime. Served up and finished with a blush of peychauds bitters. Dressed to impress, this sexy little number is as dangerous as a little black dress.



The golden era of classic cocktails. Many of the drinks we love today originated a century or more ago. These drinks are our after dinner digestifs & night caps, so in terms of your journey out, these are your drinks to finish the night off with heavier flavour’s and stronger in taste. Old Fashioneds, Sazeracs & Manhattan inspired creations. Lots of whiskys and aged rums.

–  –  –

FOREIGN LEGION $22 Well-travelled drinkers will recognise this beauty from the famous PDT cocktail book. Havana Club 7yo rum and Manzanilla sherry lends rich chocolatey flavours whilst Aperol lends a slightly bitter character.

Served in a crystal tumbler on a hand carved chunk of ice.

KENTUCKY KICKSTARTER $20 Whilst we’re drinking this after dinner, the guys down in kentucky are starting their day with it. A modern take on the flip, we mix hour house bacon bourbon, a whole egg, vanilla ice cream, and bitters. Just about the only creamy beverage socially acceptable for a gentleman to be drinking.

EDV BOBBY BURNS $22 This truly unique twist on the famous classic whisky cocktail is a world first. Eaude-Vie has teamed up with Bakery Hill to blend a whisky specifically for this cocktail. EDV Bakery Hill Bobby Burns whisky is stirred down with fig infused vermouth, a dash of D.O.M. Benedictine and Angostura bitters. Served up with our chef’s shortbread.

THE MESCANEZ $22 Illegal Mezcal is mixed with russian caravan infused Punt e Mes, maraschino liqueur and a few dashes of orange bitters before being laid to rest in oak barrels. Stirred and garnished with a rim of mixed spices.


Shared mixed drinks are steeped in history and tradition. The punch itself predates the cocktail and without its basic formula, we wouldn’t have cocktails as we know them today. Our shared cocktails add to the fun and general celebration of a night ‘on the town’ for a group of friends.

The following creations are best shared and are highly encouraged as we can promise not just awesome drinks, but also a fabulous drinking experience.

–  –  –

WILDFLOWER TEA PUNCH $20PP Served in an ornate porcelain tea-pot this truly is a tea party for grown ups.

Hendricks gin combined with hibiscus & chamomile tea, floral notes of lavendar and violet, freshly pressed lemon and a hint of black pepper.

HOLLYWOOD BOWL $23PP A solid social sparkler of a punch - citrus vodka, Aperol, pink grapefruit, rhubarb, vanilla and lime are iced up and garnished with sugar dusted sparkling wine and finished off real fancy. This one’s got all the trimmings fit for a hollywood starlet.


Served in a fabulous absinthe fountain this is one for the bohemians out there. Beefeater gin, absinthe, lemon juice, homemade peach cordial, mint & apple make a refreshing tipple thats yours on tap.

THE PERUVIAN PARTY $19PP This one comes in a unique cocktail shaker designed by Laurelle Guild in 1936 the Kensington cocktail shaker was one of the original skyscraper shakers and today is a highly sought after collector’s item.

~ A herbaceous, floral and fresh cocktail. Encanto Pisco, elderflower, mint, apple, cucumber and lemon are vigorously shaken and served over ice and garnished with a fresh mint sprig.

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