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«SYDNEY HARBOUR YHA Thank you for your interest in Sydney Harbour YHA. At Sydney Harbour YHA your group will be staying amongst the heritage buildings ...»



Thank you for your interest in Sydney Harbour YHA. At Sydney Harbour YHA your group will be staying amongst the

heritage buildings and quiet laneways of Sydney’s historic heart, The Rocks. On this site, the archaeological remains

of some of Sydney’s earliest and best documented colonial buildings have been uncovered. We can provide access

to this archaeological heritage through on-site interpretation, visual and physical access to the remnants, an education centre and the unique opportunity of sleeping above Australia’s history. It is the largest archaeological urban development ever completed in Australia.

Sydney Harbour YHA offers groups affordable accommodation and modern facilities. We can accommodate groups of up to 110 people of all ages. If your group exceeds this limit, or if you have any questions or queries about booking, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Services and Facilities   Comfortable 4 and 6 share dormitory-style Catering for breakfast, lunch and dinner  accommodation with private bathrooms Rooftop terrace   The Big Dig Archaeology Education Centre Laundry facilities   Limited single/twin/double rooms with Wheelchair access  ensuites Dedicated groups lounge, dining and TV area   24 hour reception Lockers in all shared rooms   Secure electronic key card access to all Vending Machines  bedrooms and group common areas Reverse cycle air-conditioning   Internet and email access On site grocery store “Please note, that as part of YHA’s commitment to environmental sustainability, we will NO LONGER BE SUPPLYING BOTTLED WATER in lunch packs. All group participants therefore MUST BRING THEIR OWN WATER BOTTLES on excursions. YHA provides water bubblers on site at key hostels, offering chilled water, as well as kitchen taps to refill your bottles” Sydney Harbour YHA 110 Cumberland Street The Rocks NSW 2000 Phone: (02) 8272 0900 Fax: (02) 8272 0950 Email: sydharbourgroups@yha.com.au yhagroups.com.au


YHA’s Commitment to your Group Sydney Harbour YHA has dedicated Group Reservations Coordinators acting as your first point of contact to ensure your requirements are met and your group has an enjoyable stay. In addition, our Education Officer can assist school and educational groups plan effective excursions, meetings or study breaks.

 Sydney Harbour has dedicated group TV, lounge and dining areas; your group will not be expected to share facilities with independent hostel guests.

 All bedrooms have a private bathroom.

 Sydney Harbour YHA offers environmentally sustainable accommodation with solar hot water, on site power generator, recycled rain water for toilet flushing and shade louvres.

 YHA will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety and security of your group and their property.

 Reception is open 24 hours, ensuring a staff member is available at all times.

 Group leaders have the choice of private rooms, situated in the same area as the group allowing for supervision. If group members are under 18 years and leaders prefer to be in the same room as them, this can be arranged.

Risk Management

Sydney Harbour YHA is pro-active in taking preventative measures at its properties to ensure we maintain the highest possible standards in the field of risk management. YHA staff members are trained and capable of handling emergency situations. A comprehensive risk assessment is available on our website at yhagroups.com.au

–  –  –

The Accommodation Your group will be allocated separate dormitories and will not be expected to share rooms with other hostel guests. Your group will be able to make use of the exclusive groups dining and lounge areas. On occasion these common areas may be shared with other groups that are staying with us. Group rooms and common areas are located in the Margaret Byrne wing of the hostel. All rooms within the building require electronic swipe keys for access. Upon request, a master key can be provided to leaders to access all rooms allocated to the group.

Dorm Rooms Group members are accommodated in comfortable 4 or 6 share dormitory style rooms. Each room is equipped with lockers, individual reading lights, table and chairs. All the dormitory rooms have their own ensuite bathrooms.

Bed linen is provided, however we request that group members bring their own towels. Towels can be hired from reception for $2 per towel.

Supervisor and Driver rooms Group leaders can be accommodated in single, twin or double rooms. Professional coach drivers are not expected to share with group members and will be allocated private ensuite rooms.

Group Rates

–  –  –

Double or Twin room with ensuite - based on double occupancy per night $165.00  All rates include breakfast  1:20 FOC for Australian primary and high school teachers only (based on twin share) Direct bookings only, not available through agents.

 FOC Coach Captain applies to Australian primary and high schools only  $5.00 per person single night stay surcharge.

 All rates are in Australian dollars, include GST and are subject to change without notice.

 Please see the terms and conditions for payment schedules.

Group Membership Groups booking accommodation at any YHA must hold a current group membership. Benefits of joining YHA include special group rates at YHA hostels in Australia and around the world with access to discount-priced travel services for groups. Group membership covers 10 or more persons travelling as part of a registered group. Group membership is available for $25 and is valid for 12 months worldwide.

Meals Cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner are available upon request. There are numerous local restaurants and cafes within walking distance of the hostel for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please inform us of any special dietary requirements. All meals must be booked in advance and in conjunction with the final payment.

Please note: This hostel does not offer a self-catering option for groups.

Travel Arrangements & Activities Is your group interested in getting some great deals on some of the most popular activities in Sydney? We can make all the necessary arrangements for your group activities in and around The Rocks. Activities include ghost tours, jet boat rides on Sydney Harbour, bicycle tours and Bondi Beach surfing lessons – just to name a few. Please let us know what activities your group is interested in and we can help make it happen!


–  –  –

Location & Transport Located in The Rocks, Sydney Harbour YHA is walking distance to many major attractions including museums, art galleries, Bridge Climb, the Opera House, harbour cruises and theatres. Directions on how to reach the YHA and parking options are outlined below.

By Train The hostel is a short walk from either Wynyard or Circular Quay Stations. Click here to access the walking directions from Wynyard and Circular Quay the train stations.

From the Airport by Train There is a train service running every 10 minutes between 5am and 11pm from the airport terminals. It takes 20 to 25 minutes to reach either Circular Quay or Wynyard Stations.

Airport Shuttle Transfers An airport shuttle bus service runs between 5am – 7pm. The bus leaves from the front of the airport terminal every 30 minutes and picks up/drops off at our front door. It takes approximately 30 – 45 minutes each way, (up to an hour depending on traffic). If you have a group of over 10, our Group Reservations Coordinator can arrange transport for your group to and from the airport.

–  –  –

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information or would like a hostel inspection.

We look forward to having you stay with us!

Natalie Hood & Mya Matthees Groups/Agents Coordinators P: + 61 2 8272 0910 F: + 61 2 8272 0950 E: sydharbourgroups@yha.com.au Yhagroups.com.au


Group Booking Terms & Conditions    Making a group booking is conditional upon there being sufficient capacity at the hostel to accommodate the booking and the booking being  accepted by YHA on behalf of the hostel.    Settlement and Payment    When a booking is made the group must pay a deposit of 30% of the total booking amount to YHA no later than 14 days from the date of the  invoice.  The final balance must be paid 21 days prior to arrival.  If booking payments are not received on time, YHA reserves the right to sell  the accommodation to other guests.    Refunds and Cancellations  For cancellations of all or part of the group booking:  More than 6 weeks prior to arrival: YHA will refund 90% of the cancelled accommodation cost. Full refund on catering.  Between 21 and 42 days prior to arrival: YHA will refund 70% of the cancelled accommodation cost. Full refund on catering.  Between 15 and 20 days prior to arrival: YHA will refund 50% of the cancelled accommodation cost. Full refund on catering.  Between 8 and 14 days prior to arrival: YHA will refund 25% of the cancelled accommodation cost and refund 75% on catering.  Within 7 days of arrival: No refund.    Notice of Liability  The group leader must agree to ensure that their group will abide by the YHA requirements listed below and any reasonable instructions made  by the hostel manager or staff.  The group leader must undertake: 

1. To  accept  responsibility  for  proven  damage  or  loss  caused  by  the  group  to  hostel  building  or  equipment  including  safety  and  security  systems and to recompense YHA for any such loss or damage. 

2. To abide by the conditions of payment for a booking, including the cancellation policy as detailed above. 

3. To  ensure  that  any  children  in  the  group  are  supervised  at  all  times.    Children  must  be  supervised  in  public  areas  that  may  include  elevators, swimming pools and rooftop areas. 

4. To  agree  that  YHA  does  not  accept  responsibility  for  accidents  which  may  occur  to  any  group  member,  or  for  any  damage  or  theft  of  property whilst using YHA hostels. 

5. Not  to  drink  alcohol  excessively  at  the  hostel.  If  members  of  the  group  are  under  18,  to  agree  not  to  bring  alcohol  onto  the  hostel  premises or to return to the premises in an intoxicated state. Leaders are particularly responsible for ensuring any group member under  18 years of age abides by YHA's policies baring smoking and consumption of alcohol. 

6. To follow all parking and other specific requests of the hostel management.     General Obligations  YHA undertakes to provide the agreed services at the agreed times by the Hostel. This obligation does not apply under circumstances beyond  the control of YHA such as:  ‐   If the group does not arrive.  ‐   If the group fails to pay the deposit or balance on time.    Additional Provisions 

1. Standard  hostel  policies  will  be  clearly  displayed  or  made  available  to  all  guests  within  the  hostel.    Group  members  are  expected  to  comply with such hostel policies. 

2. A cash bond may be required from group guests – at the Manager’s discretion. 

3. YHA reserves the right at all times and without prior notice to stop accommodating a group if one or more group members contravenes  hostel policies. No refunds will be given in these circumstances.    Cancellation by YHA  YHA reserves the right to terminate a booking without any obligation to pay compensation if there is sufficient cause to believe that the nature  of the group’s meeting at the hostel is different than could reasonably have been expected, based on the group’s request or on the character of  the  group,  and  that  YHA  would  not  have  entered  into  the  agreement  had  it  known  the  true  nature  of  the  intended  meeting.    Should  YHA  choose to exercise this right after such meeting has commenced at the Hostel, the group’s payment for the services rendered to that point will  be retained and the balance paid will be refunded.    Group Membership  To stay at YHA hostels, groups must be members of YHA.  Australian groups join YHA in their home state.  Non‐ Australian groups join YHA/HI in  their home country. Group Membership can also be arranged at the time of booking.    Disclaimer  I  hereby  warrant  YHA  Ltd  and  its  member  hostel  that  I  am  authorised  to  enter  into  this  agreement  and  as  such  accept  full  personal  responsibility for the group’s adherence to the Group Booking Conditions and undertake to ensure that the group in my charge abides by those  Conditions.     Name                    Signature              Date             

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