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«A BIBLIOGRAPHY EXPANDED & REVISED EDITION compiled by James T. Controvich January 2001 TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTERS User's Guide I. Named Commands II. ...»

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compiled by

James T. Controvich

January 2001



User's Guide

I. Named Commands

II. Numbered Air Forces

III. Numbered Commands

IV. Air Divisions

V. Wings

VI. Groups

VII. Squadrons

VIII. Aviation Engineers

IX. Womens Army Corps

X. Miscellaneous Numbered Units

XI. Miscellaneous Named Units

XII. Air Force Installations

XIII. United States Air Force Academy

XIV. Air National Guard Histories

XV. American in Foreign Service

Appendix A. Library Location Codes

USER’S GUIDE The primary focus of this work in on those privately printed unit and organizational histories produced outside the official channels of the armed services. Some official reports are included because they fall within the criteria set out below. This guide is intended to assist the user in understanding the scheme for listing the titles and the organization of entries.

The unit history has been popular since the Civil War. It most often is an un-official publication written and produced by the personnel who constituted the unit. It is often an expression of pride of their accomplishments typically published just after the termination of hostilities. It can provide a wealth of detail concerning the unit’s formation, combat experiences, missions etc. It often provides photographs taken by the unit members and often includes individual and/or group portraits of the personnel assigned to it. Since it was most often an un-official publication, its attention to detail and accuracy can be wanting. They were often published to bolster the moral and tended to concentrate on the positive and often ignore the negative. One of their major benefit is they often portrayed the day to day activities, hardships, and the feelings and thoughts of its members much better than many if not most of the official histories. Some of the more recent publications sponsored by the unit associations often combine the official records including after action reports and unit journal with extensive research producing extremely detailed histories.

One major problem relation to the privately printed publications is that due to their nature they had extreme limited printing and distribution was most often limited to those unit member in the unit at the time of printing. They become extremely rare and can be almost impossible purchase.

Criteria for Including Titles.

The following categories of printed are included in this listing:

Privately sponsored or Aun-official@ histories often written by the unit historian and published or printed by the unit association. The distribution of these was most often limited to members of association.

Personal narratives that are unit or organization specific or identifiable in content. These were often autobiographical accounts by unit members and often provide a better insight to the morale and actions than the official or general histories. Career biographies and autobiographies of officers, particularly general officers, who served in numerous units, are generally not included in this compilation.

Purely photographic or pictorial histories relating to a specific unit or command providing photographs of the activities, missions, aircraft and/or equipment, airfields, etc.

Route of battle maps. Although these are more commonly found with army ground units, there are also maps that provide historical information and a description of the geographical area covered by the unit or missions flown.

Printed or published personnel rosters listing past and/or present members of unit.

Officially sponsored or produced histories of named and numbered units that were published or printed in quantity for limited or general public distribution. Included are general histories of a particular unit or organization, combat or battle histories, yearbooks, pictorial or photographic reviews, etc. It should be mentioned that a limited number of the officially prepared which were not originally prepared for public distribution but have with the passage of time become available and as such are included. Most of the officially produced titles can be found at the U.S. Air Force Historical Research Agency located at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama.

Almost a subcategory of the above are those publications produced by unit or command public affairs offices depicting the highlights of the unit’s history, current status, etc. Many of these were published with photographs, maps, and most often were intended for general public distribution.

Absent from this compilation are studies, reports, and maps that are currently classified, manuscripts, thesis papers, school and unit training class books, routine periodic reports submitted in accordance with Air Force regulations, one or two page mimeographed Afact sheets,@ officially produced reports that were intended for internal distribution only, one-of-kind typescript reports or scrapbooks, fictional works, and periodical articles.

Designation of Unit

The name of the unit is taken from its present one or from the time frame which the last published history covers. In those cases where one title refers to two or more specific units, such as The Seventh and Eleventh Air Forces in the War Against Japan, the title will be fully described under the first unit mentioned and crossed referenced to each unit subsequently mentioned.

Organization of Entries

The bibliographical entries are organized by type or size of unit proceeding from larger to small and are arranged in separate chapters. The table of content is an easy method to locate various unit types listed.

Within each chapter, the units are in numeric order followed by unnumbered units in alphabetical sequence.

Titles are in listed by title alphabetical for those that do not have an author or editor listed, followed by titles with authors-editors in alphabetical sequence by author-editor’s name.

Each title entry includes to the extent possible the following information: author or editor, Title (italicized), Place of publication (N.p. denotes place is not provided), Publisher, Date of publication (n.d.

Denotes date is not indicated), number of pages, and the library holding code.

Holding Libraries

Air Force holding libraries have focused on three major libraries, Air University Library at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama, the Air Force Historical Research Agency also located at Maxwell Air Force Base, and the Air Force Academy Library, at Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Library of Congress also has a large holding of titles. The absence of a library code indicated that a holding library could not be located for the title, most often these are held by private collectors and veterans. A complete listing of the library codes is found in the Appendix.

It should be noted that most libraries are no longer lending out most unit histories. The typically unit history is extremely rare, and it becomes next too impossible to replace lost copies.

The accuracy of this compilation lies with the compiler, errors, omissions are his fault alone. He requests that he be notified of publications not herein, whether they by old or newly published. Comments and additions should be sent to ????????? (where do you want the comments directed. Also I would suggest asking that authors send one copy of their book to Maxwell, Academy, where? This would start a centralized holding library for them.

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–  –  –

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–  –  –

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–  –  –

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