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«Havana, Cuba The Cuban people are considered to be the most pro-American of Latin This program is designed for educators America. Perhaps this is due ...»

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Cultural Routes

Havana, Cuba

The Cuban people are considered to

be the most pro-American of Latin This program is designed for educators

America. Perhaps this is due to the and everyone interested in the backgenerations of interaction and com- story of history. With our focus on edumerce between our two nations. For cators this will be a unique opportunity

more than 50 years Cuba has been off to experience Cuba today.

limited to U.S. citizens due to the efWe invite you to invite your family and fects of the Cold War political presfriends to join you on this unique travel sures, this is changing.


We have been sponsoring cultural and Ask us about the advantages of orgaeducational programs to Cuba for alnizing your own group to travel to most twenty years. Our Co-Director, Havana.

Tony Ransola, was born in Cuba and still has family on the island. We have This is one of the more successful proworked for alumni associations, muse- gram we have developed and it is a ums and preservation organizations, pleasure to be able to share “our” Cuba among other special interest groups. with you. We hope you will be able to We have extensive personal and pro- join us.

fessional relationships with Cuban inOctober 2014 stitutions and experts throughout the WorldGuest island nation. Our only goal is to promote cultural and educational exchange between the peoples of our TONY Ransola VIC Ruggiero two nations.

5959 La Gorce Drive | Miami Beach 33140 O: 305.868.9597 M: 305.484.9855 worldguest.com How to Register to Join this Program Travel to Cuba is regulated by the U.S.


We will be traveling with an authorization license by the Office of Foreign Assents Control (OFAC). Each traveler will receive a copy of the license and a letter authorizing travel under our license.

To join this program each traveler will

need to follow the following steps:

 Complete and sign the Traveler Registration and Information Form.

 Make a copy of your Passport Signature Page.

 Complete the HIGHLIGHTED sections of the ABC & OFAC Travel Affidavits.

 A $500 deposit is required by each traveler. Please make deposit to WorldGuest Escrow Account.

Please return all items listed above to:

WorldGUEST 5959 La Gorce Drive Miami Beach, FL 33140 Sabor de la Habana: Cuba’s People & Culture Today 

–  –  –

WorldGuest A Program for Educators and Family, July 9 to 15, 2015 



  Havana has seen a massive in- The infrastructure and expertise at WorldGUEST cannot be matched. I personally traveled with  flux of visitors in recent years as travel this organization to Cuba as a paying participant to get a firsthand experience in 2009.   We have  has become easier and people are cu- offered 8 departures since that experience, and every evaluation has been consistent in praising  rious to witness the Cuban phenome- Tony and Vic for their excellent service and attention to detail.  We cannot fathom traveling to  Cuba without them.  Cuba stands to offer you an incredible educational and humanitarian jour‐ non at first hand. The roots of Cuban ney but it is critical you select someone that brings a solid history of established positive relation‐ music, a desire to know what lies beships within this country. I haven’t found anyone that tops WorldGUEST in this regard.     yond the clichés, have all drawn visitors to the island in increasing num- Rick Davis, Director   bers. There is enormous interest in all Enrichment Programs  The University of North Carolina General Alumni Association   things Cuban and these are particu  larly interesting times to visit Havana

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS                                                                     

as it is poised in transition between a turbulent past and an uncertain fu- Day 7 / 6 Night Program  ture.  Our program offers an overnight in Miami at the Marriott Courtyard Hotel with orienta‐ The city gives a sense of being tion dinner prior to departure with five nights at the 5‐Star Hotel Parque Central in Ha‐ simultaneously caught in a time warp vana,  located  within  the  Old  Quarter,  within  walking  distance  to  all  of  the  important  and experiencing change at break- historical sites.   Travel in our private air conditioned coach with your English‐speaking Cuban guide.  neck speed. Every day more and more  Our program features expert seminars and talks by renowned English‐speaking Cuban  areas of activities are geared towards the tourism that is transforming the experts on various subjects including: the Roots of Cuban Music; the Jewish Experience  economy while the tropes of com- in Cuba; Havana’s Colonial Heritage; the 1959 Cuban Revolution and Contemporary Art  merce become familiar once again. in Cuba. These seminars are designed to paint the whole picture of the Cuban experi‐ Yet at the same time, the fifties cars ence to help you understand the deep relationship that once existed between our two  still bumble along the pot-holed nations.   Participate in an informative walk‐through Old Havana, a step back in time, to observe  streets, people queue for their household necessities and a paternalistic the neglect and promise of it’s restoration.  It is all here in an afternoon’s walk.    Experience life in the Cuban countryside with an excursion to the western province of  state machinery continues to govern all aspects of life. The traumatic shock Pinar del Río visiting a rural community, orchid farm, country school and medical clinic.  Meet and speak with members of the community.  of the collapse of the Eastern bloc saw  Lunch at an artist’s studio and dinner at a private home, a paladar. Our restaurants are  Havana miraculously transform itself, chosen  to  offer  our  travelers  a  variety  of  Cuban  cuisine  and  dinning  atmospheres  but it also laid the ground for the inthroughout Havana.  evitable future shock that is ever Special  Event:  a  private  cooking  demonstration  to  prepare  the  best  known  dishes  of  present in people’s minds. What will Cuban Cuisine.  Lunch is the prepared meal in the demonstration.  happen to this country and this city  Visit the Hemingway Estate outside Havana and a Santería shrine in a Catholic Church,  when the most enduring leader in hisa true example of the interconnection of both religions.  tory is no longer at the helm?

 Our program includes full health insurance issued by the Cuban agency Asistur.  

–  –  –


Contact Tony Ransola at info@worldguest.com | 800.873.9691  This program is operated by WorldGUEST and is licensed to travel to Cuba.  Reservation & Traveler Information Form  People to People Program to Cuba – Educators & Family: July 9 to 15, 2015  Liability and Responsibility:  Please read the following conditions carefully.  Making a reservation or acceptance of tickets and documents shall be deemed to be consent to the conditions outlined below.  WorldGuest,  Inc.  (WG)  is  the  program  operator  and  acts  solely  as  an  agent  for  the  traveler  and  assists  organizing  the  program.  The  expressed  mission  of  this  People  to  People  program  is  to  interact  with  the  Cuban  people.  As  such,  there  is  no  responsibility  whatsoever  in  whole  or  part  for  any  occurrences  including  but  not  limited  to  any  delay,  loss,  accident,  personal  injury,  illness,  or  death,  medical  expenses,  or  property  damage  occasioned  by  fault  or  negligence  of  any  person,  employee,  or  company  entrusted  with  the  performance of such services from whatever cause. I understand that all travel contains some risks that may be caused by forces of nature, or negligence, or actions of others. I agree  on  my  behalf,  my  dependents,  heirs,  and  administrators  to  release  and  hold  harmless  WG  and  any  of  its  officers,  employees, agents, or representatives from any and all liability,  expense, or inconvenience caused by late arrivals, departures, or any changes of schedule beyond our control, or the loss of, or damage to your luggage, money, jewelry, valuables, or  other belongings whatsoever, whosoever, or howsoever caused.  If for any reason beyond reasonable control, such as Force Majeure or governmental actions, WG shall have the right to cancel the program and refund all monies to the traveler. Such  refund shall be the sole measure of damages. The right is reserved to make any changes to the program that might become necessary based on changing schedules with or without  notice.  WG reserves the right to accept or decline any person as a member of the program at any time for behavior that is deemed to be disruptive to the group or program or  if it is deemed that the traveler is not complying with the structured program as authorized by our license issued by the Office of Foreign Assets Control. Any claim or dispute by  a traveler with WG arising out of or relating to this contract or services pursuant to this contract shall be settled by binding arbitration in accordance with the rules then in effect  adapted by the American Arbitration Association, which arbitration shall take place in the State of Florida.  A request for arbitration must be filed within one month of the scheduled  program start date.  Please return this form with a copy of your passport signature page AND the attached travel affidavits (fill in the highlighted areas) to:  WorldGuest | 5959 La Gorce Drive | Miami Beach FL 33140  Program:  For full program details please refer to our program itinerary. Program includes one night in Miami prior to our departure. Flights between Miami and Havana.  Meals as indicated, all  accommodations, transportation within Cuba, Cuban Travel Card and Cuban Medical Insurance are included.  Flights to/from Miami are not included in the program.   Program Rate & Payments:   The per person rate In Double Occupancy is: $ 2,999.00.  For Single Occupancy please add $ 270.00.  Single availability is limited.   We can not guarantee locating a roommate.  If you register as a share/double please understand that you will be invoiced as a single traveler if you can not identify a room share.    To  register  please  return    this  form,    a  copy  of  your  passport  signature  page,    the  accompanying  affidavits  and    a  deposit  of  $  500.00  payable  to  and  sent  to:     WorldGuest Escrow Account | 5959 La Gorce Drive | Miami Beach FL 33140 | Attn: Tony Ransola   Please make all final payments to: WorldGuest Travel Services Inc. Escrow Account | 5959 La Gorce Drive | Miami Beach, FL 33140.    Final payments are due May 1, 2015.  Cancellation Policy:   Cancellation requests must be received in writing.  Cancellations for any reason will be subject to a $200 per person fee.  Cancellation from 90 – 61 days before the program date will  result in a forfeiture of 25%;  from 60 – 31 days 50%;  cancellation at or within 30 days of program date will result in forfeiture of the entire cost of the program.  Special Conditions:   This program will operate based on the Specific License granted by the Office of Foreign Assets Control, Department of Treasury.  This is a structured program.  Delegation  members are required to attend each event as detailed.  Failure to comply with the structured program will be reported to U.S. officials.   We caution that Cuba is a very special destination, we urge each traveler to respect the laws and customs of this nation as the U. S. government does not maintain diplomatic  relations with Cuba.   WG will assume no responsibility and will not be held liable due to inappropriate actions or activities of the traveler while in Cuba.          Travelers born in Cuba are required to secure a Cuban Visa before traveling.  Please contact us at info@worldguest.com for assistance.  

–  –  –

This People to People program is licensed to travel to Cuba by the U.S. government to interact with the Cuban people. The program is limited to travelers willing to engage in the exchange program.  Portions of the time in Cuba will  be devoted to People to People activities.  All travelers will receive a copy of the license and a letter authorizing travel under the Specific License issued by the U.S. government. 


I understand that, under current United States travel restrictions with respect to Cuba, travel-related transactions are prohibited except for the following categories and that by signing my name at the bottom of this Affidavit, I am declaring that I fall under the category I have checked below.

General Licenses Government Official (A1-562): I am a U.S. or foreign government official or a representative of an international organization of which the United States is a member, and I am traveling on official business.

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