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«Pamphlet file – Archives GLOBAL FILE – DRAWER 1 Iowa (State) General Information Government History Agriculture (incl. The Corn Belt, Holiday, ...»

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a/o 9/1/2015

Pamphlet file – Archives


Iowa (State)

General Information



Agriculture (incl. The Corn Belt, Holiday, August 1948; Farm Holiday Movement DM Register 12/1/1983

Des Moines Register Centennial Edition 1849-1949 (uncopied)

Faces & Places (DM Register 4/1/2002)

Highway 6/River to River Road

Historic Trees

Immigration (Iowa’s Roots)

Iowans in 1936 Olympics (Berlin; includes CD)

Miller (Frank) Calendar (1968; incl. Grinnell College, Malcom) Mormon Trail Pre-History – Paleo-Indian Sauk & Fox School Legislation in Iowa Tornado – 9/30/2007 (see Poweshiek County) Transportation (Reinecke); Stagecoach Travel (DM Tribune 3/15/1940): Discovering Historic Iowa Transportation Milestones (Iowa DOT) Wood, Grant – an assortment of articles collected by Ethel Tomasek Maps Roadside Plants Tourism Women Status of Iowa Report 1996 Biographical Information Jasper County General Information - Map Associations & Organizations Kellogg Historical Society Newsletters Rock Creek Alliance Business & Manufacturing B & B Farms Jasper County Winery Lynnville Businesses Droppert Club Lamb Maasdam Sorghum Mill Terpstra Plumbing, Heating, Electrical Prairieland Pantry (Mindy Ward) History Colfax Grand Hotel and Mineral Springs Early Settlers Jasper Co. Federation of Women’s Clubs 1921-1976 Lynnville (incl. Wagaman Mill) Newburg (incl. Newburg elevator) Rock Creek Township Turner Parks & Recreation Jacob Krumm Nature Preserve Oakland Acres Golf Club Rock Creek Lake Rock Creek Lake Restoration Study (2000) Poweshiek County General Information Demographics (1994; 2012 ) Soils & Climate (1962) Iowa Commerce Magazine (6/1997) Associations & Organizations Future Farmers of America (FFA) Greater Poweshiek Community Foundation JPT Decategoriztion Lamb Clubs (1925) March of Dimes PAD (Poweshiek Area Development) PALS (Poweshiek Animal League Shelter & Humane Society) Poweshiek CARES (see a

–  –  –

Knights of Pythias – Grinnell Lodge 175 La Leche League Levart Club (see Collection #29 for cookbook) Limit (see Grinnell 2000/Imagine Grinnell) Lions Club (see also Lions Park) Magoun Club March of Dimes – see Poweshiek County Masonic Temple – Herman Lodge No. 273 Men’s Book Club (Le Groupe d’Hommes) Men’s Clubs (a/o 10/18/1929) Modern Woodmen Mojos/Mojo Machine Mothers & More New Prairie Camerata Oddfellows Old Settlers Association Outing Club – see Arbor Lake PACE (Poweshiek Assn for Conservation and Ecology) PALS (see Poweshiek County) Peace Links PEO Chapter NF PFLAG (Parents, Friends & Families of Lesbians & Gays) Plant-a-Row POW I-80 (see Poweshiek County) The Poweshieks Prairie Jewel Dixieland Band Rotary Club (Collection #216) Searchlights Shults & Co.

Sit ‘n Knit (Collection #106) Small Flys Social Justice Action Group Stage Right Productions, Inc. (see Poweshiek County) Station Clubhouse – see Mental Health Center/Station Clubhouse Thursday Club Tiny Circus Toastmasters International Too Many String Band Town & Country Singers Uncle Sam’s Club (see Collection #186) Woman’s Club, Grinnell (see also collection #61 & Pi Rho Lambda, collection #127) Women’s Clubs (a/o 10/18/1929); Women’s Reading Clubs (1900) Ladies Reading Circle of Grinnell Excelsior Club Read and Reflect Club Ruthian Club Samantha Club Searchlight Club

–  –  –

Workingman’s Social Club Youth Conservation Corps (see Prairie Studies) Authors (Global File – Drawer 3) (These are various small articles and volumes of poetry; Information about the authors is located in the Biography section.)

–  –  –

Des Moines Register, 2010 – see Montgomery, Human Interest Morrison, Edna Bacon. “The Once Proud Age”.DM Sunday Register. 10/11/1970 Parker, George F., The American Pioneer and his Story Purcell, Martha S., “Right Woman at the Right Time”.Cobblestone, March 2010.

Suckow, Ruth, Some Others and Myself, a Memoir Thanet, Octave, “Day of the Cyclone” – see collection #209 (Cyclone) Wall, Joseph F., “How books, art, music can make Iowa appear to the rest of the world” Des Moines Register, 1/16/1983.

Wilhelm, Henry and Carol Brower with Bob Schwalberg, Going, Going, Gone (Popular Photography, June 1990) Willard, Frances E., The Bells of Grinnell (Herald Register 10/18/29) Biography (Global File – Drawer 3) See also History – Early Settlers; Human Interest

–  –  –

Emmert Family Evans, Evan Stark (Dr.) Fellows, Jesse (and family) Fenno, Charles C.

Figland, Louis; Ole and Dakota Blizzard Fisher, Charles Family – see Chester Township Flanagan, Hallie Fleener, Harry Family Focht, Will Freeman, Deidre French, Porter Friend, Dr. J.H.

Gale, Grant O.

Gannaway, J.W.

Gates, George A.

George, Ray and Doris German, Clyde Giancola, Dennis Goldsworthy, Andy (see Prairie Studies) Griffin, Walter Burley & Marion Mahoney (see also Events & Festivals) Grinnell, Dora (Mrs. George) Grinnell, J.B./Julia Chapin Grinnell (incl. Grinnell-Chapin Connection, W. Deminoff, 1/17/1983, Mary Grinnell Mears obituaries and transcript of Carrie Grinnell Jones diary; see also video storage) Hadley, R.J, Haines, Joanna Harris Haines, Robert Miller Haines, Robert Miller, Jr.

Hale, Mrs. Etta Lawrence Hall, James Norman Hamilton, Henry Hamlin, George Hamlin, Harriett Frances Hamlin, Homer Hanson, Charles B. & Hannah – see Jones, Charles C.

Harner, Perilla Harris, Lena & T.A. Family Harrison, William Hay, Jerry & Shelvy (1950 Train Accident Hays, Daniel F.

Hedges, Dr. Thomas Heisel, J.B. (Milk) Henely, Eugene & Louise Miller Herrick, Stephen H. & Harriet Herron, George D., (Annals of Iowa, Fall 1964) Hill, Abbie Williams Hill, Henry Hill, James L., D.D. – see also Collection #46 Hink, Charley Holland, Mumpford Holyoke, Thomas Hopkins (Aime), Adah Hopkins, Harry Howard, Benoni Hunter, Judith W.

James, George E./W.O Janney, G.C. – see Grinnell Pad & Blanket Jones, Alan – see Sellman, Frank Jones, Charles C. & Mary Winans Jorris, James G. & Lois Jane – see Williams, Gabriel F.

Kasimow, Harold Kellogg, Henry & William (twins) Kennett, Scott Kershaw, Hannibal B.

Kiesel, Paul & Margaret Matlack King, Clyde W.

Kingdon, Susan Law Kintner, Anne Knapp, Harry Kopelson, Kevin Lacina, Jonathan Lacina, Tom Laros, D.A. & Family – see Laros Buggy Factory Larrabee, Andrew J. & Family Leggett, Glenn Lemme, Helen (see Renfrow Family) Lidtka, Tracy August Little, Henry G.

Longley, Ralph & Family Lord, Howard Lovig/Ole Lee Faamily Lucas, Henry & Lottie – see African-American History (Poweshiek County) Macy, Jesse Magoun, Elizabeth Earle Main, John H.T.

Manly, Charles M. & Family Marcellino, Joe & Maria Marks, Tinker (Mark Montgomery & Tinker Powell) Marsh, Levi Martin, Judy & Bennett Family Mayo, E.L.

Mayo, Paul; Bob Mayo McDonough, Howard & Sue McIlrath, Harley McIntosh, Andrew – see Business & Mfg McKibbin, Bobbie (aka Robert) McNally Family (Edward, James) McNeil, W. (Wilford) J.

Menner, Bill Mikel, Brenda Milliman, J.H.

Mitchell, Anthony – see Darren Peak (Emulation; Our Side of Heaven)

–  –  –

Advertisements/Publications Grinnell Chosen for TV Ad Site (DM Register ca 1970-71) Grinnell Trade Journal (October 1903) Card’s Shoe Store R.R. Rust & Co.

Fuller & Sears H.P. Proctor Rinefort Brothers McMurray & Rinefort J.H. McMurray, Jr. & Co.

Lanphere Land Company Grinnell Furniture Company Stop at Grinnell (Grant Ramsey – no date) Advertisement Copies Candyland (1906, 1929, 1941) Child Photography (1899, 1905, 1917) C.C.Doran – Motor Cars (1917) Elliott, A.A. – Painter & Paper Hanger Grinnell Bottling Company (1917) J. W. Harpster (1917) Johnson-Greuvell Milk (1890) Wellhouse Studio (1950s; envelope corner) Trade Cards (see also collection #169) Arnold & Rivers (Postcard) Child Photographer Guthrie & Company, Druggists W.A. Little, Notions, Stationery, Cutlery, etc.

L.C. Phelps Dry Goods & Groceries (3) Mrs. H.C. Hyatt, Shoes E.A. Marsh, Jeweler E.R. Potter, Music & Jewelry Miss H. Steere, Millinery, Dress & Clock Making S. Nelson, Groceries, Dry Goods Nelson & Powell, General Merchandise Seaman’s Restaurant, Commercial Street C.H. Verbeck, Shoes Wallace, Will – Jeweler & Engraver (2) Abel Buggy Company Agricultural Equipment Sales & Service A-M Motor & Implement Co.

Agri-Equipment Agri-Service McCormick-Deering Ahrens Mfg. (see Miracle Playground) American Market Company – see Biography-Eastman, Josephus Anderson & Walker (Furniture & Undertaking) Anderson Heater Co.

ASI Signs – Modulex – Image First Attorneys (1897-1815) Automobile Dealers/Repair; Filling Stations (incl. 1910 Laws Which Auto Drivers Should Know; 1922 Delinquent Motor Vehicle List) Automobile Owners (early) B & C Buggy Company (Bailey & Carney) Grinnell Buggies Bakeries – see also Danish Maid; Collection #210 (Goff, Grinnell Bakery) Balcony Gallery Banking Barbers/Tonsorial Parlors (see also Bonyata’s) Bars, Taverns The Bar Link’s Tavern Bartling & Nuckolls (see also Trade Cards) Bates Flowers Bayer, C.J. Co. - Bottling Beauty Salons Impressions Accident (2014) Bed & Breakfasts (Spaulding Inn – see Spaulding Home, Historic Bldgs) Bell Camera Co.

Berman, Sam & Sons Best Bite Contest Big River Resources (Ethanol Plant) Bikes to You Expansion (Miles Block) Bill’s Jewelry Shop (Hammen) Blacksmiths Bonyata’s Bowladrome Brenton National Bank/Wells Fargo Brickyards – ss McHose Brown, C.E., Carriages Brownells, Inc.

Brown’s Greenhouse Café Phoenix/Relish Candyland Cargill, Inc.

Carroll’s Pumpkin Farm/Uncle Bill’s Farm Character Building Company Cheese Factory Child Art Rooms (see also Trade Cards & Historic Buildings) Cigar Stores Cinema Theatre – see Strand Cleaners/Laundry Clothing Stores/Dry Goods Dealers (early) A.U. Bannard S.W. Belden Burns Bros.

G.H. McMurray J.H. McMurray McMurray & Rinefort V.G. Preston Coal Dealers Cornerstone Gallery Cornland Plant Foods

–  –  –

Grinnell Livestock Exchange (Auction Sale Barn) Grinnell Manufacturing Co.

Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance (see also Collection #90) Grinnell Pad & Blanket Grinnell Planing Mill Grinnell Poultry & Egg Co.

Grinnell Ready-Mixed Concrete (see Macy Bros.) Grinnell Register Grinnell Roller Mills (grist) Grinnell Savings Bank/Grinnell State Bank (for 1979 theft/Kriegel murder see History) Grinnell Shoe Co. (includes Hildebrand Shoe Co.) Grinnell Travelmasters Grinnell Washing Machine Company (See Collection #200; see also Thompson Bros.) Grocery Stores Gyro Company (50’s) Hanlin’s Soda Water Hardware Dealers George Hardware Co.

John’s Hardware & Appliance (ad) Miles Hardware (ad) Ritter Hardware Hardy (Eugene), Popcorn King Harness Dealers C.L. Cole D.A. Hopkins & Co.

Headquarters Herrick Hardware & Stoves Hildebrand Shoe Co. – see Grinnell Shoe Co.

Hoffmeister, J.W. Co. – Jewelers & Optometrists Home Publishing Co. (20’s) Hotels;Motels Comfort Inn & Suites Country Inn Hotel Mack Park Hotel Housing Complexes Main Street Lofts Pine Ridge Estates Prairie Pointe Seeland Park Westfield Apts Housing Initiative (2012-); Housing Studies (1991, 2012; see also Spaulding Lofts) Hwy 146 Development Image First (see ASI Signs) Industrial Development Directories (1996-97; 1998) – see Collection #171 Insurance Companies American Family Insurance Dawson Brande Insurance A.B. Hamilton Insurance McDowell Insurance Agency (Evans Insurance, McKay-McDowell)

–  –  –

Fix Gamers Purple Cucumber Solera New Business – 2015 Anna Kayte’s Boutique by Awards Unlimited Forge Computer Services Grandma’s House Pet Resort Vonda’s Flowers & Gifts News Stands – see also Varsity News Stand Onthank Body & Fender Paper & More Patents/Inventions Photographers (see also Child Art Rooms) Pioneer Oil Co. (831 West St.) Poweshiek Co. National Motor Bank Poweshiek-Jasper Farm Service/New Century F.S.

Prairie Canary (see also Best Bite Contest) Preston, W.A., The Handy Man Preston’s Rainbow’s End Ramsey Grocery (see Collection #169) Ramsey Weeks, Inc. (see also Collection #90 – Business Histories) Real Estate Booknau Livestock & Real Estate Citizens Real Estate Reed, F.H. Packing House (Poultry) Relish – see Café Phoenix Rock Creek Athletics (see Daden Group after 7/2010) Saints Rest Security Bank Jasper-Poweshiek Shoe Sales/Repair Sho-me Container Smith Funeral Home Southard Implement Spaulding Lofts Spaulding Mfg Co.

Spurgeon’s Stadiums Unlimited, Inc.

Stahl Plumbing, Heating & Electrical Work Star Clothing Starnes TV & Appliance Strand Theatre/Cinema- see also collection #174 Thanks Grinnell Program (2000) Thompson Bros. Co. (see also Grinnell Washing Machine Co.) Tire Dealers – see Automobile Dealers & Repair Tomann-Wagg Manufacturing Co.

Total Choice Shipping Uncles Bill’s Farm – See Carroll’s Pumpkin Farm United McGill Van Wyk Freight Lines

–  –  –

Churches – (North File - Drawer 3) (see also Collection #44) General Information (includes early Quakers) Westfield Community Church

–  –  –

Burgess Amendment (State Law) Public Doorway Regulation (1909) Recycling (Single-Stream – 2011) Cookbooks – (North File - Drawer 3) (part of Collection #29) Priscilla Club Centennial Cookbook Stewart’s Original System of Candy Making for the Home Directories – Gray File (Drawer 4) Community Service - 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007,

–  –  –

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