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«Global awareness that a cosmic Intelligence is engaging the human race now, is progressing daily, and becoming a media trend-line. Awareness to a ...»

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The Human Meditation Of Cosmic Disclosure Ananda MJ Bosman



Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, Beams, Radiations, Realisation, & Healing

copyright © 2015 by Ananda MJ Bosman, all rights reserved. February 27, 2015

Global awareness that a cosmic Intelligence is engaging the human race now, is progressing daily, and becoming a media trend-line. Awareness to a cosmic Other is augmenting deeper amidst the roots of mankind's post modern realisation — like an awakening yawn from the amnesia of cognitive slumber.

Whilst such headlines as “Scientists predict Earth-like planets around most stars,” become a monthly standard — it would appear that history is in the making once more, as the US for the first time gives benefits to a US Air Force sergeant for exposure to UFO radiation. Amidst the documented effects of UFOs on human physiology, there is a good percentage regarding UFO healing(s), we shall explore cases of deliberate healing of death bed ailments, amidst the pertinent question, “Is it safe to engage dialogues with the cosmic Other?” For some, it would seem slowly, but surely, that exciting things are unfolding in a cosmic “disclosure,” or cosmic rewrite, amidst mankind. In a larger context, a LOT is happening in a short period of time. And a wider existential realisation is glimmering through.

I know many people have been awaiting our progress report. It has had to wait until now, due to many diverse reasons. We have reduced this report from hundreds of pages (with probably far to much specific information for most).

Amidst the most avant guard deductions of hadronic science there are such advanced notions that will make the ETI hypothesis seem absurd. Dragging at the long end of progress, military reports on UFOs are slowly scratching up, a millimetre at a time. We shall examine some of this “progress”.

Media is beginning to stir to the possibility, or new trend line set by the people, of the cosmic reality. Recently, the Herald Tribune, resurrects CIA testimony from the 1970s, in keeping a

non-disclosure world asleep to comic civilisations:

http://devoid.blogs.heraldtribune.com/15197/retro-friday-a-blast-from-the-past/ The Jerusalem Post reports that a commander of the Israel Defence Unit, proclaims that their

military units are being trained for an “alien invasion” scenario:

http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/New-Tech/The-IDF-is-prepared-for-an-alien-invasion-391919 Whilst, two days ago, the Huffington Post, reports on the invasion of Los Angeles by a UFO

in 1942:

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jason-apuzzo/the-time-a-ufo-invaded-lo_b_6749734.html Serious media attention on the subject is ongoing, links follow below.

The top political newspaper serving the US congress and capitol hill has now featured the

Congressional Hearing Initiative of PRG:

http://hoh.rollcall.com/ufo-activist-to-capitol-hill-beam-me-up/?dcz= With the Clinton trend-line “powered” by the Council on Foreign Relations, which were founded in the Majestic hotel, Paris, in 1919, and their core founders are knick named MAJESTIC, is another story, we do not care to put too much energy on (regarding the John Podestra news in the global mainstream media).

Is there a “new” world ‘order’ slant in Clinton’s statements, by an “alien threat?” Or is there a larger framework to explore. We examine this later (watch the links, watch the lips).


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How open is the game on the congressional gamebord level of congressmen and senators vs a “puppet" president? How does the human All-One Mind Numinous, of our own Anthropos/ Unity Selves, regard such movements, within an unveiling Subanthropic observer oriented universe?

In a way today almost feels like 1992, when around this time of year this author was engaged in many numerous Danish radio broadcasts, that detailed the UFO presence in post world war US history, the “New” World Order, Council on Foreign Relations, David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberger group.

There appears to be an “‘alien’ agenda” with these groups. Explosions on the World Trade Buildings were mentioned in those broadcasts of 1992, from whistleblower testimony coming from the covert US military world. We just expected the 1998 date, instead of September 21st, 2001. The “agenda” will be covered later on. Every facet of mankind deepest recesses will come to the surface in examining awakening to cosmic Intelligence, in the spirit of integral truth.

The British Ministry of Defence is in the process of releasing more UFO documents this year, admitting to 18 more reports after having told the public in 2013 that they had released all UFO files. Files that would appear to hold considerable interest, says former MoD clerk, Nick

Pope, and will be in the public hands by September:

http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/401228/EXCLUSIVE-British-Ministry-Defence-18more-UFO-files-available In this Grailzine we explore official British MOD (Ministry of Defence) documents, from their secret “eyes only” DI55 unit, covertly studying UFOs, as “UAPs”. And which not only announces the reality of this phenomenon, undeniably captivating so many human beings, and what we have been experiencing for 42 years and interacting with consciously for 30 years. And it also admits to cases of conscious interaction with the UFOs/UAPs.

Whilst there are fatal logistical flaws in this particular study, possibly with intent, this official document admits to the reality of the UFOs/UAP’s that interact with participants such as in our Dialogues with the Cosmos, and other CE-5 star watcher groups all over the world.

The report gives indication that one can interact with the UAP phenomenon, although drawing a different conclusion to the ETI hypothesis, whilst leaving it open, and exploring possible advanced propulsion technologies that would be involved, should they be intelligent manufactured vehicles.

UAP, ergo UFOs, are a reality, and this was already released to the United Kingdom’s National Archives, in May 2006, spanning three volumes!

It is not at the cutting edge of science, nor at the pioneering fringe of UFOlogy and UFO contactees, that is for sure. As we shall explore, but it is way more than many still leaning on the old world paradigm, could imagine. Giving room for discussion rather than dismissal, and as a framework of a transforming data flow and view regarding UFO reality.

However, the present news regarding Sergeant John Burroughs receiving benefits from the US government for radiation exposure from UFOs, also relates to these document’s early emergence… In this report we shall be exploring several actual and novel areas. Having engaged cosmic dialogues for three decades, we explore the question, “is it safe to dialogue, and summon cosmic intelligence?” Drawing from the database of the hundreds of physiological effects that have been documented in those exposed to UFO radiation, more than 18+% have had healing of Page 2 of 50  ________________________ ________________________

The Human Meditation Of Cosmic Disclosure Ananda MJ Bosman diseases and even complete remission of incurable illnesses, with examples, and implications.

In fact the scientific specific parameters measured in association with the manifestation of the UFO/UAP, brings home a new character of the phenomenon, which is drawing the human potential domain to begin to focus upon and utilise its highest potential.

Side-effects of which have been documented healing, and willed DNA changes, through the bio-coherence factor that is also central in the protocols of summoning and Dialoguing with the cosmic Other.

Furthermore, as a 30 year ‘contactee', and 42 year ongoing ‘experiencer’, we shall be examining the contact phenomenon in a new light, using brain study research, in light of the British Military and Defence disclosure, and with regard to a greater Intelligence, a cosmic Other, engaging us, in way that expands our borderlines of what reality is, and our own capabilities and world view.

Moreover, this shall be explored in light of the Anthropic Principle of an “observer orientated universe,” where the universe can only exist with an observer to observe it, which predicted that we should already be amidst a galactic, if not intergalactic, civilisation, NOW.

Examining a new premise of why this Other, is appearing now, and especially in response to coherent biological states, coherent intentional thought in heart-will with heart cardiorhythm coherence, and ecstatic focussing of this coherence, aimed with observation coherent intent.

The Subanthropic principle recently suggested by scientists in regard to the ETI, now introducing the parallel universes and many parallel worlds domain into the context of the Anthropic Principle, gives new scope to grapple with the UAP/UFO close encounters in general.

In this context the parallel worlds of Vedic cosmology, such as the 7x7 = 49 Talas/Lokas, receive some remarkable integrally consistent confirmation, coupled to what was explored in our January 2015 Grailzine: “The 44 Multivalued Hyperdimensions Of The UFO: Unified Field Operators & The 49 Parallel Humanoid Worlds Of The 7x7 Lokas & Talas.” This post modern world birth canal is holding a mankind awakening to being amidst a universe constructed upon the foundations of hyper-time (hadronic hyper-temporality), resolving many of the problems in “meta”-physics today, including the “issue” of time travel.

And which has proven that living systems are operating as time machines to maintain their consistency to our senses, and that time travel is integral to life in general — holds the spice for a truly cosmic natal apotheosis.

(Basic Considerations About Kozrev’s Theory Of Time From Recent Advances In Specialist Biology, Mathematical Physics & Philosophical Informations, Dr Stein Johansen, Trondheim University) Coupled with new findings re-examining the “observer effect” in the famous “double slit experiment,” to be interpreted as 41 parallel physical worlds co-existing with our own here and now, influencing the nucleus of the atom to push electrons to their orbital rings of our projected world reality — brings home new implications of the importance of Dialogues and Communications with the Cosmos, for mankind.

Interface translation with cosmic Intelligence is integrally vital to mankind’s existence, and ontological realisation.

The plurality of iso-dimensions co-existing within our own, implied through the proven experiments in hadronic mechanics, or the projection of objects into our 3 dimensional sensorial form from a higher order of topology, with 4 isounit time flows, upon the larger order of 4 genounit time flows, and upon the macro-order of 4 hyperunit time flows — changes the complete game on UFOs and what the UFO intelligences are, in an empowering way.

We shall be presenting edited excerpts on one advanced view of this, in regard to Contact.

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The Human Meditation Of Cosmic Disclosure Ananda MJ Bosman



After a diligent effort, and fair game, political activist Steven Basset reports that there were over 1 million twitter, emails, and Facebook requests and postings to members of the senate and congress regarding the Congressional Hearing Initiative — and this includes many of you, brave enough, or moved to do this.

Of course it is difficult to know how these figures comply exactly to the number of people, as some use multiple routes and multiple signatures to get the attention of these governmental personnel. So the million plus may reduce to 640,000+-. But THAT IS a statement unto itself, made by the people of the western world.

We congratulate all of you, and all civilians amidst mankind. We DID make the effort, together. This has never happened before in such a concerted way.

Well done. It does make a big difference. It is a signal to cosmic Intelligence, of our freewill concordance to this. And it DOES represent MANY of our civilisation. A signal from an assortment of an Awakening Mankind dispelled from the dream of history into the Awakening Dream of our foundation within cosmic Intelligence.

Amidst a collective cognitive sense-bound humanity, such a synchronised yawn towards an disclosure of the cosmos, is a clear sign of an ontologically Awakening Mankind, unveiling the existential foundation of Being, through the meditation practice of the collective disclosure process (all of it. All facets. Including the ET within).

As we suggested in the “Cosmic Gate” Grailzine, December 2014: after PRG’s effort, we can fall back on the highly documented work showing that the cosmic Intelligence behind UFOs have demonstrated their concern for our nuclear weapons, since its dawn — like Robert Hastings work. Last months news declared that in 2014 UFOs continued to appear over French and Belgian nuclear sites, as reported by the Austrian major media source ORF (even

the Director of the Nuclear Power Plant, states they are UFOs, in Sudouest France):

http://orf.at/stories/2259911/ http://www.sudouest.fr/2015/01/21/c-est-un-ovni-pas-un-drone-qui-a-survole-la-centrale-nucleairedu-blayais-1804446-2780.php http://www.huffingtonpost.com/alejandro-rojas/ufo-buzzed-french-nuclear_b_6558798.html As the trend tide is now well turning on mankind's stirrings to things cosmic, the world media may be guided to have its attention drawn to focus more on the objective UFO evidence, like that made by Robert Hastings, who organised the September 2009 CNN press conference “UFOs & Nukes”, which gave sworn affidavits to the press of 120 military personnel directly involved in cases where UFOs have deactivated nuclear missiles, at the

most sensitive sites:

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