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«I also have these other businesses for sale. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO SEE ALL 8. Please see below 8 new businesses I am representing for sale in Denver. ...»

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I also have these other businesses for sale. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO SEE ALL 8.

Please see below 8 new businesses I am representing for sale in Denver. If you seek sales packets, please

just email be back exactly which businesses you seek sales packet for and then I can email them to you


For Sale - New Listing: Oct. 10, 2013

4 Wheel Drive Auto Repair Shop

For Sale:

4 Wheel Drive Auto Repair Shop, Denver-Based, We ARE Recession-Proof...

Sales Price: $3,000,000. The seller is open to carry some for a qualified buyer.

We Cash Flow almost $1MM every year, even during the past 4 year recession, where others have fallen hard or gone out of business completely.

2013 WILL Cash Flow over $1,000,000 “solid”, says the owner.

2012 Cash Flow was $979,000 on $2,742,000 in Sales per CPA 2011 Cash Flow was $896,995 on $2,880,597 in Sales per CPA 2010 Cash Flow was $849,766 on $2,526,546 in Sales per CPA This business sale includes: over $1,300,000 in total Assets, including $140,000 in "cash", $100,000 in current Accounts Receivables, 7 vehicles, and over $1,000,000 in shop tooling, equipment, etc. Please call for comprehensive asset list and a recent balance sheet. The buyer will receive all assets


Selling for 3 X's 2012 cash flow! The owner is a second generation owner and is committed to make this sale very successful and stay on for however long it takes to optimally transition to the new owner.

Please email info@companybroker.com or call Paul at 303for a comprehensive sales packet with the past 5 years of financials and tax returns, and a detailed 40 minutes video interview with the owner and a full site walkthrough. We can immediately email the sales packet.


COLORADO!! Our 4 X4 Niche is Solid in Good Times and Bad Times. We are a full-service auto repair company: We are VERY unique in our niche industry in that we SELL retail parts and we do comprehensive AUTO REPAIR, concentrating on 4 X 4 vehicles of all models. Very few auto businesses do BOTH. This is the reason we enjoy the great profits that we do year-after-year. "There is much more money to be made in repairing vehicles, than there is in accessorizing vehicles, but if you can do both, the profits are even greater", the seller states.

There really isn't anyone who can do the work we do and sell the retail parts we have for 4 X 4 vehicles, in our entire market or at least a 20 mile radius. We have held a lock on this industry and market for almost 40 years now.

We Specialize in 4 X 4's and Our Services Include: oil changes, maintenance, drive train/transmission, engine repairs and recomplete rebuilds, alignments, steering and suspension, brakes, diagnostics, tire sales, used vehicle inspections, cooling systems, safety features, and offer full service, and fleet solutions for our larger long-standing customers.

We have been highly profitable for every year in operation for 39 years. For many years we have an enormous amount of drive-by traffic at our location. The drive-by traffic in front of our location is expected to explode in the coming years due to a road expansion which may double the passer-by traffic, which will help grow our location greatly.

We have substantially more work available to us than we can handle because of our great reputation. Currently, we have JUST 7 bays, which we are now expanding in to 9 bays. So unfortunately, we have had to turn down work every day; high margin, and very profitable work. However, the new owner can immediately double the sales by doubling the bays to 14. As stated above, we already have the space for 2 more bays in our current facility which we are now expanding into. Going forward however, it is an obvious first step to complete the construction to expand with the other 5-7 new bays. The seller will pay for the costs of construction since it will increase his property value anyway. The current owner owns the real estate is completely committed to construction the expansion, if that is what the new owner seeks. (He will invariably raise the rent to cover the costs over time.) The seller insists that a new owner can easily get the cash flow to $1.5MM-$2MM/year once the expansion is complete. The seller states that we have "excellent SYSTEMS" in place. "The systems run the business, and the people run the systems". Also, we have spent almost $100K on the most advanced state-of-theart software and computer systems to streamline ever procedure in our operation. All the kinks have been worked out. If the buyer puts down $2MM at closing, they will invariably get at least 1/2 that amount back every year for the next 10 years, assuming no growth. If sales double in the next 3-4 years, them the cash flow will triple since you have covered many of your fixed costs at the first $2MM-$3MM/year, much of the rest falls to the bottom line. This is now a fully turn-key operation at this stage.

"We have a great niche in auto repair and retail auto parts in one of Colorado's best markets", the seller states. We have the largest auto 4 X 4 auto shop and we have almost NO competition. We have 14 great employees that have been with us for an average of 8-10 years and we have 2 of the most efficient and state-of-the-art facilities to service cars and trucks in. We have invested heavily into the finest equipment in the auto industry.

The current owner works just part-time because he is semiretires and owns another business and has other personal interests. In addition to expanding the number of bays, another way to dramatically increase the gross sales and cash flow is to "squeeze" the current operation. What we mean here is that the seller knows that because he is not there full time, he knows that the techs and front office staff is not working to capacity. He feels that the shop techs, for example, are operating at approximately 60% of their potential capacity. In short, a new owner who is full time would expect more and push them harder, thus increasing volume. In addition, for over 30 years now we have NOT been open on the weekends, or after 4:30PM. WHY?.. If we have a much greater demand for work than we are taking on, why NOT take on more work through expanding hours in a week beyond just 40? The new owner can immediately add shifts during the work week and also work Saturday and/or also Sunday. As stated, almost 30% of our total operating costs are fixed, i.e., rent, insurance, etc. So once you hit approximately $2.5MM or so, a great portion of the incremental gross sales falls to the bottom line in profits. Thus $5MM in sales would invariably cash flow approximately $2MM/year. "Squeeze the existing shop capacity before you construct the expansion, the seller says. AND the workers are always looking to make more money and then we will not have to turn down work from our long-standing customers, who get disappointed when we have to put them off.

In terms of a new owner with more passion, we already have or can build the capacity to handle over $5-7MM/year as stated above, the seller insists. Today, we just need someone who wants to get the sales up to capacity. We have "everything" in place. The new owner needs nothing other than the talent and the vision for growth. We will have everything in place after expansion of the 5-7 new bays; we will then have all the equipment, inventory and techs to handle $6MM/year...The buyer needs no specific mechanical experience or licensing.

Our people: We have 14 seasoned technicians that have been with us for many years who can perform any shop work. You are "as good as your people".. And we have the best, they just need full time leadership and to be pushed. It took years to hand-select these people and train them.

The seller is committed to make this transaction largely performance driven and seeks a win-win structure that motivates both the buyer and seller to grow the company going forward.

The seller will carry a portion of the sales price for a qualified buyer. This speaks volumes about his confidence in its ability to grow fast going forward with a new "operator - owner". Again, $3MM and the buyer gets over $1.5MM in high-tech equipment and inventory, AR and Cash, forgetting about the incredible value of a business that generates almost 1MMK/year in cash flow as a part time owner/operation.

Our website and web presents alone are worth a fortune. We have the finest sites and strong SEO (search engine optimization) for key words that bring steady business to us.

For the past 39 years now we have built a solid name and the finest reputation for fair dealings. The seller is fully committed to sell the business and will agree to full Reps and Warrantees to a solid legal and business standing, no “ghosts in the closet”.

We have never had legal battles. Also, we have the finest record for safety (OSHA) and NO client complaints. As stated, the seller’s commitment to carry most of the sales price speaks volumes about his confidence in the short and long term performance of the business and the achievement of the aggressive cash flow and revenue targets stated above.

We are completely recession-proof and provide a highly “inelastic” services. People will always need auto repair, especially on high-end 4 X 4 vehicles. Even now more than ever... Prior to the recession, people bought new cars every 3-4 years or so. Today, people are holding on to older cars longer, so repairs are critical now more than ever. In short, during this great economic downturn we have thrived and grown steadily.

We are so confident in our repair work that we are one of the few that offer a 3 YR/36,000 mile warrantee on our service work - and our long-standing customers love us for it. Further, we have the strongest relationships with all of our suppliers in the industry. Our suppliers love us and give us the finest pricing available. The new owner will step into this incredible value.

Seller will stay on and Assist in the Full Transition to the New Owner - The final and most critical aspect of this offering is the following: the seller has an absolute wealth of knowledge, but he just doesn’t have the energy or passion to commit when the business needs it most. We are at a point in time when we are ready to explode in growth going forward, he states. Postclosing, the seller is 100% committed to give direction to the new owner take the business to the next level in sales and business development. In fact, the seller has such a wealth of experience in sales and marketing for 4 X 4 accessory sales and marketing and auto service that he has earned thousands of dollars consulting owners of other similar shops in other markets on how best to grow their business.

The seller states that he has in his head a “blueprint” of exactly WHAT TO DO to get the business to $5MM/year or more within 3 years and double the current cash flow. He just does not want to implement the expansion himself as he is trying to spend more time in his other interests. What we need today is a new owner with energy and commitment to grow the business going forward. The new owner should have sales, marketing, financial and business development experience, and should also know how to manage people. This is the skill set we need today.

Call Today Please email info@companybroker.com or call Paul at 303-382for a comprehensive sales packet with the past 5 years of financials and tax returns, and a detailed 40 minutes video interview with the owner and a full site walk-through. We can immediately email the sales packet.

–  –  –

The new owner need NO industry or technical experience, but should have a solid business, sales and marketing mind and be committed to work.

Brief Overview:

Simply put, we can sell and service ANY trailer: ATV Trailers, Cargo Trailers, Construction Trailers, Dump Trailers, Gooseneck Trailers, Recreational, Single Axel Trailers, Tandem Axel Trailers, Landscaping Trailers (BIG) Tilt Trailers, Used, Build a Trailer. We think after 10 years we have seen it all. Out West, people have trailers for 2 reasons; fun recreation and their toys, OR work and run their company/business. Both markets and end users find the use of their trailers to be critical to their fun or business operations. Even during the economic downturn we stood solid. The work and sales never slowed down.

What types of trailers do we sell? We carry new and used utility trailers, flatbeds, dump trailers and boat trailers. Brands we carry include United, performance, Carry-on, and Shoreland’r.

Do you offer maintenance repairs and service? Yes, we carry spare tires and parts for most major brands of trailers. We also can find parts or have our welding and fabrication shop devise a custom solution. More about our Trailer repair service. We do a good portion of our work in the field on service calls with our mobile unit. We can fix or repair ANTHING ANYWHERE for ANY Unit; our welding skills and creative fixes save our clients the expense of buying a new expensive trailer and they love us for it.

Mobile and Shop Repaid and Service Work: No one in the trailer business wants to do service and repair work. Their solution is always to just sell the customer a NEW trailer, which of course is wasteful and expensive. People would much prefer to pay us say $300-$600 for a repair that will give them another 2-3 years for their unit vs. being gouged for a new $2,500 trailer. People are smart, they want choices and we are the ONLY high quality trailer repair, service and sales shop in all of Denver Metro, or the entire Front Range for that matter. We have just raised our prices for service and repair work because we have been "way below market" in pricing in the past. Our customers love us and never push back our on invoices. In fact, we have VERY underpriced our service work over the past 5 years. In short, the service side of the company is expected to cash flow much better going forward.

Very few companies have the equipment and trailer repair skills to complete this work in tight areas and in short time periods. This is why we can charge higher prices. "We charge for it, and they pay it", the seller asserts.

Since 2003 we have completed over 3,000 Sales, Service, or repair jobs. Today we enjoy an incredible steady stream of call-ins and referrals from our excellent reputation for fair dealings and great work. The phone just rings; we have made no efforts to speak of to grow the company from a marketing and sales standpoint.

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