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«SALE EVERY THURSDAY – LANES STARTING AT 8:30 AM Bel Air Auto Auction - Clayton Station Facility – Edgewood, Maryland 8:30 AM - Insurance ...»

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8:30 AM

Bel Air Auto Auction - Clayton Station Facility –

Edgewood, Maryland

8:30 AM - Insurance Consignment, Damaged Rental

Vehicles & Donations State and County

Government Vehicles as scheduled monthly.

Bel Air Auto Auction – Main Location – Bel Air, MD

9:00 AM – Lane 5 – Ally followed by Independents

9:30 AM – Lane 3 – New Car Dealer Express 9:30 AM – Lane 4 – Dealer Express 9:30 AM – Lane 2 – Dealer Express 10:00 AM – Lane 6 – Fleet/Lease 10:00 AM – Lane 1 – Dealer Express 1:00 PM – Lane 6 – Ally /Repos – Car and Truck Public Sale (different policy guide) General Policies This Policy Guide outlines the broad guidelines and policies for dealers conducting business at Bel Air Auto Auction. Dealers should read and understand our rules, polices and the manner in which we operate this dealer vehicle exchange before transacting business at this auction. Fairness must prevail in these business transactions between buyers and sellers, and dealers who register agree to abide by the policies and procedure of this auction.

All dealers must register with this Auction before buying and selling.

Bel Air Auto Auction is an Auction Access member.

First time attending dealers must call ahead or visit our dealer registration counter to activate their Auction Access number with us.

The Auction reserves the right to accept or reject applicants. Use of our buyer's card is a privilege and is non-transferable. Bel Air Auto Auction may revoke the dealer's privileges when deemed necessary and the holder must return the card upon demand.

Dealer Registration files must be kept current.

Changes in information such as ownership, authorized buyers, banks, bonding companies, etc. must be reported to the Auction in writing.

Dealers are responsible for their representatives. If a representative breaks any auction rules, the Principal will be held accountable.

Dealer and/or dealer’s representative using a card agrees to abide by all the policies of this Auction in which the dealer and/or representative may be involved.

Safety practices prohibit children on the Auction premises.

Dealers entering the Auction may be asked to show proper Auction Identification.

Auction reserves the right to limit the number of “Drivers” accompanying an attending dealer and drivers must show a valid driver's license.

Retail customers are not allowed during dealer only auction scheduled times (See Lane Schedule).

All transactions (buying or selling of vehicles) taking place anywhere at this Auction’s facility must be processed through the auction office. Any act or effort to circumvent this policy will be grounds for revoking the privileges of both the buyer and seller involved in the unauthorized transaction.

Buyers and sellers understand and recognize that this Auction acts solely as a Dealer Only vehicle exchange to facilitate the transaction between buyer and seller with title passing from seller to buyer. All transactions are strictly between the seller and buyer. The Auction is not involved in chain of title, although the Auction provides specific title warranties as stated in the terms stated on the Vehicle Agreement of Sale (Block Ticket), which both seller and buyer sign.

Auction makes no representations or guarantees as to the description, equipment, warranties, service policy, title status/accuracy, or odometer on any vehicle sold or offered for sale.

• Auction in not a party to the contract of the sale. The sales contract is between the Seller and Buyer only.

The Seller is required to give the Federal Odometer Mileage Statement in connection with any auction sale as required by the Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Savings Act of 1972 or any other applicable laws. Auction is not responsible for the accuracy of odometer readings, odometer statements, or damage disclosure statements.

Any sale in which the Auctioneer does not state the selling price of the vehicle or “sell under the hammer” is considered a “Lot Sale”. All “Lot Sales” are conditional until the buyer signs the block ticket or appropriate document for the vehicle signifying they have inspected and accepted the vehicle. Until the appropriate document is signed, the sale in not binding to either party. Buyers are cautioned to inspect “Lot Sale” vehicles very carefully before purchasing because vehicles are sold “AS IS” with no arbitration.

All vehicles consigned must have a public Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plate attached to the vehicle.

Those vehicles having a reassigned VIN plate by the State in place of the original VIN plate must be announced or will be subject to sale cancellation or Buyer return. Auction reserves the right to refuse the sale of any vehicle in which the VIN plate appears to be altered in any way.

Auction reserves the right to review any audio/video documentation to verify the accuracy of a sale.

The Auction always attempts to administer and rule on matters involving transactions in an impartial and equitable manner. The Auction retains total discretion to make final judgments and to rule on all matters involving auction policies. Any effort to circumvent Auction policies or guidelines will not be tolerated. The Auction management will make all final decisions involving dealer disputes.

The Auction reserves the right to refuse the registration or consignment of any vehicle in which, in its discretion, it determines is unacceptable.

The Auction may adopt new policies as required from time-to-time, and changes will be posted.

This Member Auction adheres to the general philosophy, mission statements and the Code of Ethics of the National Auto Auction Association.

Vehicle Registration Registration Hours Monday & Tuesday: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Wednesday: 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM Thursday:

7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Registration Rules Earlyregistrationofvehiclesbeginsat2:00PMonThursd ay for the following week’s auction date. To qualify for early registration, the vehicle must be physically present on the auction lot. Once registered, the vehicle must remain on the auction lot until it crosses the block on auction day.

Phone-in number reservations begin at 8:00 AM on Friday preceding the next week’s auction Reserved numbers are not transferable to another dealer.

Absolutely no cancellations. Once numbers are reserved, you are responsible for fees.

Numbers may be changed from one lane to another without extra charge prior to sale time.

Late arriving vehicles may be run at the end of the Lane. No exceptions.

The first 20 numbers in Lanes 5 are eligible for re-runs at no charge, if properly registered and represented by seller the first time across the block Vehicles not removed from grounds by noontime Monday following each sale will automatically be re-registered for the current week’s auction.

Gate Release Any vehicle leaving the auction yard must have a stamped and bar coded gate pass.

Security guards are not authorized to issue gate passes.

Vehicles can be picked up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week unless otherwise posted.

Sale- Light System The auction has a light system which permits Sellers to describe the condition and/or announcements related to the vehicle being sold. Sellers are responsible for ensuring that their vehicles sell under the correct light.

Buyers are responsible for listening to announcements made by the auctioneer prior to the start of the sale for each vehicle. The Buyer is also responsible to observe and understand what the various lights mean.

GREEN LIGHT – Signals that the vehicle is covered by the auction’s rules for arbitration. Regardless of light, any vehicle selling for $2,500 or less is automatically AS- IS and cannot be arbitrated for any reason except odometer or title discrepancy.

YELLOW LIGHT – Indicates the announcements have qualified the condition and limits arbitration of this vehicle.

RED LIGHT – “AS-IS” – Signals that the vehicle is not covered by the auction rules for arbitration. Vehicles sold under the Red Light cannot be arbitrated for any reason except frame, odometer, flood or title discrepancy. Vehicles sold for $2,500 and under are automatically AS-IS regardless of light and cannot be arbitrated for any reason except odometer or title discrepancy BLUE LIGHT – “CTA-Title Delay” – Identifies that the title is not present at the time of sale. See TITLE INFORMATION Section for CTA - Title Delay policies.

WHITE LIGHT – “Mileage” -Announces mileage over 100,000 or multiples thereof (200,000 etc.), irregular or broken odometer, and/or TMU – True Mileage Unknown.

–  –  –

All arbitration must be handled through the Auction Arbitration Department.

Unless otherwise noted arbitration claims must be brought to Auction Arbitration within one hour after the lane in which it was purchased closes.

Inoperable odometers must be brought to the Auction Management's attention by 5pm -the day of the sale.

Vehicles must be on Auction premises to be verified.

Missing or deployed airbags must be brought to Auction Management's attention by 5pm day of sale. Unit must be on Auction premises.

Emission control equipment missing or inoperable must be brought to Auction Management's attention by 5pm day of sale (subject to $500 repair limitation). Unit must be on Auction premises.

Visible Defects are not grounds for arbitration.

Air Conditioning defects not subject to arbitration.

Oil leaks and/or Transmission leaks are not subject to arbitration unless deemed excessive.

Power Accessory defects not subject to arbitration.

The Auction will not be involved in arbitration, adjustment or settlement of any defect or claim on units sold outside of auction block. Such sales are considered AS-IS and cannot be arbitrated for any reason except frame, odometer, flood, or title discrepancy except for units under $2,500 which can only be arbitrated for odometer and title discrepancies.

Check Engine, ABS, Air Bag, Fluid Level, Seat Belt Lights are not subject to arbitration.

All guarantees as stated by the Seller are those of the Seller only. The Auction makes no representations or guarantees as to the description, equipment, history, warranties, service policy, title status/accuracy or odometer on any vehicle sold or offered for sale.

The auction does not guarantee or get involved in any factory or dealer warranty coverage issues on vehicles sold or offered for sale.

Audio visual electronic equipment is not subject to arbitration. Missing Navigation disks are not covered by Arbitration.

No Arbitration on vehicles over 20 years old – AS-IS The Auction does not guarantee information listed in Electronic Vehicle Data Histories and may not accept arbitration claims based solely on EDVH data.

The Auction does not guarantee any warranty books, VIN plates, or the year of kit vehicles, trailers, motorcycles, watercraft, recreational vehicles, antique, homemade or modified vehicles. All of these vehicles are sold AS-IS and have no odometer and/or frame guarantee. The auction does not guarantee titles on watercraft.

All vehicles in Dealer Express Lanes 1, 2, 3 and 4 are sold under the RED LIGHT – AS-IS and cannot be arbitrated for any reason except frame, odometer, flood or title discrepancy.

Donation Vehicles designated as Lane 14 and Car & Truck Lane 35 are sold AS-IS and “WHERE-IS”. There is no arbitration on these vehicles for any reason regardless of faults or conditions of any kind- including frame or flood.

Vehicles sold in Lane 9 – Insurance Consignment, Damaged Rentals and Salvage are all sold AS-IS and “WHERE IS”. There is no arbitration on these vehicles for any reason regardless of faults or conditions of any kindincluding frame or flood.

The Auction Arbitrator will inspect only the defect which is on the arbitration form. Each vehicle is allowed one chance at mechanical arbitration. If price adjustment is made and accepted, vehicle becomes AS-IS property of Buyer and is not subject to any further arbitration for mechanical defects or adjustments.

Mechanical repairs less than $500 are considered minor and not subject to arbitration.

• Wearable items, including clutches, are not subject to arbitration.

Arbitration claims involving Auction's use of outside labor and/or expense will be charged against responsible dealer (to be determined by Auction).

Seller will not be paid for vehicles in arbitration unless or until arbitration is settled and vehicles are sold.

The decision of the Auction Arbitration Department is final and binding on both the Buyer and Seller.

Vehicles with more than 500 miles on odometer then originally sold will not be considered for arbitration.

–  –  –

* Must announce Defects that are singularly more than $500 to repair.

** Arbitration Periods apply only if item is arbitratable, and sale day arbitration items are subject to time of day limitations.


Any frame claim must be brought to the attention of Auction Management within 5 (five) business days from the sale date of vehicle. (Sale day is Day 1) This Auction follows the guidelines of the NAAAStructural Damage Policy. (See Appendix) Post Sale Inspections -Please see Post Sale Policies – (Vehicles with over 100,000 miles are not eligible for Post Sale) CTA – Title Policy The seller guarantees the title of vehicles that are sold through the Auction. This guarantee of title warrants that title shall be marketable and free and clear of liens and encumbrances, including any brand (such as Salvage) noted on the current or any prior certificate of title unless such encumbrances were announced at the time the vehicle is sold through the Auction and for a period of 7 days from the date of auction sale The Auction will not be responsible for any expenses incurred on vehicles for late title.

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