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«TH Technology TH Technology About Me. Karen Cannell ~ Consultant, TH Technology Mechanical/SW Engineer - Analyzed, ...»

Migrating Critical Business

Applications to APEX …


Karen Cannell


TH Technology


TH Technology

About Me …

Karen Cannell ~ Consultant, TH Technology

Mechanical/SW Engineer - Analyzed, designed,

developed, converted, upgraded, enhanced legacy &

database applications for 25+ years

Building APEX applications for government, medical,

engineering industries since HTMLDB

Leveraging the Oracle 10g,11g, 12c suite of tools Editor, Technical Journal Send Me ODTUG Technical Journal Content!

Migrate Critical Apps to APEX … Successfully TH Technology Beginning Application Express 4.2, APress, 2013 Agile Oracle Application Express APress, 2012 Migrate Critical Apps to APEX … Successfully TH Technology About You … New to APEX?

MS Access Applications?

Oracle Forms?

APEX Experience ?

Migration Plans?

Migrate Critical Apps to APEX … Successfully TH Technology Agenda Planning Migration Process The APEX Migration Workshop Lessons Learned Plan for your Migration Processes Migrate Critical Apps to APEX … Successfully TH Technology We’ll Learn What to Expect When Undertaking a Migration Project Overview of SQL Developer Migration Workbench Overview of the APEX Migration Process Migrate Critical Apps to APEX … Successfully TH Technology Why Migrate?

Migrate Critical Apps to APEX … Successfully TH Technology Why Migrate?

Consolidate - Platform, Management, DB Reliability Scalability Performance Critical Business Function onto Enterprise DB Support “Forms is Going Away” “You Have To” Security Accessibility The Decision Process - a Project in Itself Migrate Critical Apps to APEX … Successfully TH Technology Migration != Conversion Migrate Critical Apps to APEX … Successfully TH Technology Migration Is Not Easy Migrate Critical Apps to APEX … Successfully TH Technology Migration === Change User Interface Will Change Forms to Web Ms Access to Web User Experience Will Change Form/Report Flow Will Change Web Pages are Different Than ….

Sound Database Design Essential APEX Will Magnify Poor Query Performance

–  –  –

Hardware and Software Database and Application Server File Servers Disk Space Backup Bandwidth for Estimated Load Licenses Dev – Test – Production Environments

–  –  –

DB and System Support Dev – Test – QA – Production Downtime?

Service Periods?

Plan Ahead to Get Approvals, Resources Expectations Response Time

–  –  –

Post-Implementation Support End User Help Desk Developers?

End User Documentation Technical Documentation Who Writes it?

Costs Timing – Ready for Test Phase?

–  –  –

Acceptance Criteria Have A Test Plan Define Key Functionality Execute the Test Plan Make Sure Its There W/O a Test Plan, Can Never Succeed

–  –  –

Tools to Help Oracle Exporter – MS Access Forms2XML – Forms/Reports File Convertors SQL Developer Migration Workbench APEX Migration Workshop

–  –  –

Oracle Exporter MS Access Only 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 No Plans for 2010 Download from APEX Migration Workshop SQL Developer 3.2 – Integrated SQL Developer 4.0 ? Not Integrated

–  –  –

MS Access 32bit vs 64bit Beware 32bit vs 64bit Cannot Mix MS Access 32bit vs 64bit Oracle Exporter == 32bit Does Not Run in 64bit MS Access SQL Developer 32bit SQL Dev Cannot Connect to 64bit MS Access 64bit SQL Dev Cannot Connect to 32bit MS Access

–  –  –

Exporter Supported Versions 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 2010 NOT Supported


Save As Earlier Version Export Objects as XML (one at a time) Use Ms Access Export to ODBC Database Option (External Data Export—More—ODBC Database) Table at a time Make sure 32bit MS Access gets 32bit ODBC driver, 64bit Access get 64bit ODBC driver

–  –  –

In General, These Steps:

Oracle Exporter Review Output Files Import Files into SQL Dev Migration Repos Generate Output … schema.sql View Resulting schema.sql … Run?

Use Scratch Editor.. Fix Invalids Eventually  Good New Schema

–  –  –

Data Migration Schema First, Then Data Export/Import SQL Loader SQL Dev Migration “Copy to Oracle” My Best Bet on 64b MS Access Tedious for Many Tables

–  –  –

SQL Dev Migration Workbench Database to Oracle SQL Server – MySQL – Sybase – DB2 – Informix – MS Access – Teradata Earlier Version – More MS Access Later Version – More Major DB

–  –  –

APEX Performance Poor Performance is MAGNIFIED in APEX Fix SQL Performance Issues Early Fix SQL Performance Issues Outside of APEX Good Relational Design Pays Off Don’t Skimp Here!

Good Relational Design Is Important

–  –  –

Convert Parts to XML Forms2XML for Forms, Menus, Libraries Forms (.FMB), Menus (.mmb), Object libraries (.OLB) Utility or Command Line Forms Builder File Conversion Utility PL/SQL Library (.PLL) Report Builder File Conversion Utility Binary (.RDF), ASCII (.REX), JSP (.JSP)

–  –  –

Forms Conversion, cont’d Create APEX Workspaces and Users APEX Administrator Upload Database Objects into Workspace Schema SQL Scripts SQL Developer ( or your favorite SQL-PL/SQL IDE)

Sample Files:

forms_conversion_ddl.sql forms_conversion_data_insert.sql

–  –  –

Create Conversion Project Application Builder  Migrations Lower right on the page Create Project Load Forms Module XML File First (myForm_fmb.xml) Load Additional XML Files Reports, Menus, OLBs, PLLs

–  –  –

Lots of Manual Work To Do Just Keep Pluggin’ … Component by Component Use Annotations to Assign Components to Developers Track Overall Progress on Project Details Page

–  –  –

Code That Does Not Translate IF NOT ( Form_Success) … Get_Relation_Property()


Go_Block Check_Package_Failure Set_Block_Property Etc., Etc., Etc. …

–  –  –

Things Not Generated Forms Based on Views Non-Database Blocks PL/SQL Libraries Menus Object Libraries Alerts Property Classes, Visual Styles and Formats You Need to Figure Out IF and Where These Go

–  –  –

Things Generated Forms Block  Region, one per Page Master-Detail Block  Master Detail Page Tabular Form  Tabular Form Need PK, INSERT or UPDATE LOV, RG, CB Date Pickers, Editors When Possible POST-QUERY Triggers* (when moved into Enhanced Query) Reports Program Units IFF PL/SQL

–  –  –

Migration Advice Move Business Logic Into Packages Use/Develop Standard Theme CSS Templates Navigation Menus vs Tab, Button Placement, Page Hierarchy Page Flow Communicate


than Users Are Used To

–  –  –

Oracle 12c Migration Enhancements Enhanced SQL Developer Enhanced SQL Developer Migration Workbench IDENTITY Columns – defined in the table, no need for sequence and trigger Implicit Result Sets 32K VARCHARs - up from 4000, MAX_SQL_STRING_SIZE DB parameter


10 PERCENT ROWS ONLY SQL Translation Framework

–  –  –

SQL Translation Framework Does Not Convert to SQL or PL/SQL For Apps w ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB or.NET Enables Client-Side Code to Run Unchanged Neat Stuff But Not Usually a Help for APEX Migrations

–  –  –

What Works Re-Evaluate, Re-Engineer for Oracle DB for Web Pages for Web Flow / Interface Good Relational DB Design Have Standards – Apply Standards Communicate Evaluate – Reassess – Repeat

–  –  –

What Does Not Work Straight Conversion Migrating as Isolated Project Migration as APEX Training Skimp on DB Design No or Skimpy Training No or Poor Communication “Aw, This is Easy…”

–  –  –

Lessons Learned Plan Know Your Team Re-Think, Re-Engineer the Business Process Take Time for Good DB Design Migration Utilities May Help Maintain Communications Keep Showing, Validating Progress Migrate Critical Apps to APEX … Successfully TH Technology Honesty

–  –  –

Summary Migration is a Process Re-Evaluate – Re-Engineer These HELP SQL Developer Migration Workbench APEX Migration Workshop Lots of Manual Work to Do Communication - Expectations

–  –  –

References/Recommended Reading






https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.oracle.com%2Ftechnetwork%2Fd atabase%2Fmigration%2Fmigrating-to-oracle-database-wp-12c-1896125.pdf







For help, there is a separate Oracle forum for Application Migrations, including MS Access:

http://forums.oracle.com/forums/category.jspa?categoryID=27 Migrate Critical Apps to APEX … Successfully TH Technology References/Recommended Reading




https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.oracle.com%2Ftechnetwork%2Fd atabase%2Fmigration%2Fmigrating-to-oracle-database-wp-12c-1896125.pdf


TUTORIAL (FYI) https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=44785:24:0::NO:24:P24_CONTENT_ID,P24_PREV_PA GE:7500,16

–  –  –

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