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«CURRICULUM VITAE PROF. DR. SVEN C. VOELPEL Professor of Business Administration Jacobs University Campus Ring 1 28759 Bremen, Germany Phone: + 49 421 ...»

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Professor of Business Administration

Jacobs University

Campus Ring 1

28759 Bremen, Germany

Phone: + 49 421 200 4780 ⎜Fax: + 49 421 200 4793

E-mail: s. v o e l p e l @ j a c o b s - u n i v e r s i t y. d e ; svoelpel@post.harvard.edu

URL: www.jacobs-university.de/directory/03040; www.wiseresearch.org


2009- University of St. Gallen (St. Gallen, Switzerland) Visiting Professor for “Aging Workforce Management”, Ecoscientia Foundation & World Demographic Association 2009- European Business School (EBS), International University Schloss Reichartshausen (Wiesbaden, Germany) Adjunct Professor for Strategy, Leadership and Innovation 2004- Jacobs University (Bremen, Germany) Professor of Business Administration at the Jacobs Center on Lifelong Learning and Institutional Development


2008- Bremen International Graduate School of Social Science (Bremen, Germany) BIGSSS Faculty – Jointly between University of Bremen and Jacobs University funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) / Excellence Initiative 2007- WISE Demographic Network (Bremen, Germany) Founder and Director 2004- WISE Research Group (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA) Founder and Director 2003- Business School Netherlands International (Buren, Netherlands) Professor of Business Administration (lifelong) 2003- University of St. Gallen (St. Gallen, Switzerland) Portfolio Partner at the Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management


1) Strategy, Innovation and Organization

2) Strategic Leadership

3) Change Management, Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital

4) Demographic Change and Aging Workforce Management


2008 Oxford University (Oxford, United Kingdom) Oxford Round Table, 20th Anniversary Sven Voelpel Curriculum Vitae 2007 Harvard Business School (Massachusetts, USA) European Entrepreneurship Colloquium on Participant-Centered Learning 2002 Harvard University (Massachusetts, USA) GSA Post doctoral study at Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 2002 University of St. Gallen (St. Gallen, Switzerland) Ph.D. in Business Administration (Dr. oec. HSG) 1999 University of Augsburg (Augsburg, Germany) Master of Science in Socio Economics (Dipl. oec.) 1999 University of Augsburg (Augsburg, Germany)

–  –  –

2004-2005 University of Stellenbosch (Stellenbosch, South Africa) Research Professor (Chair: Strategic International Management) 2004-2005 Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) Visiting Professor (Chair: Technology and Innovation Management) 2004-2005 University of Groningen (Groningen, Netherlands) Visiting Fellow of Strategy, Innovation and Organization

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2003-2004 University of Stellenbosch (Stellenbosch, South Africa) Visiting Professor (Chair: Strategic International Management)

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2003-2004 University of Groningen (Groningen, Netherlands) Assistant Professor of Strategy, Innovation and Organization (tenured)

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2009-2011 German Israeli Foundation (GIF) “From an intra-team to an inter-team perspective of effectiveness: The role of inter-team interdependence and team’s boundary activities”, by Anat Drach-Zahavy, Anit Somech, Sven Voelpel and Eric Kearney, 250 000 € (under review) 2008-2013 German Research Council (DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) German “Excellence Initiative” Awarded: „The establishment of Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS)“ cooperation initiative of Universität Bremen and Jacobs University by Böhnke, K., Dressel, W., Gottschall, K., Leibfried, S., Mau, S., Staudinger, U. M., Voelpel, S. et al., 5 000 000 € 2008-2011 Mars: Research Associate for coordination of WDN studies, 99 260 € 2008 DFG Travel Fund (KON 873/2008 - VO 1477/5-1 for AoM), 2.110 € 2007-2010 Volkswagen Foundation Initiative „Gesellschaftliche und kulturelle

Herausforderungen Innovationsprozesse in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft“ Proposal:

„The Effects of the Aging Workforce on the Innovation Process: A Large-Scale Study of Technology Intensive Companies“ by Prof. Dr. Sven Voelpel and Prof.


Gerben Van der Vegt, 323 400 € 2007-2010 WISE Demographie Netzwerk (Companies: Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Bank, EnBW, Lonza, Otto Group, VW): 6 x 60 000 € x 3 Jahre = 180 000 € 2007-2010 BMBF “Präventiver Arbeits- und Gesundheitsschutz”, Grant total 752 240 €, CoPI with Dean Ursula Staudiner and JCLL Faculty and Director of Project 4:

„Identifikation möglicher Nichtpassungen im Bereich Kommunikation“, 150 448 € 2007 Projekt Innovationsmanagement (Companies: EADS Astrium, KAEFER, Meyer Werft, Rheinmetall): 4 x 8 000 € = 32 000 € 2007 DFG Travel Fund (KON 725/2007 - VO 1477/4-1 for AoM), 2 042 € 2006-2007 DAAD „STIBET-Doktorandenförderung“ PhD Seminar, 2 600 € 2006 DFG Travel Fund (KON 1047/2006 - VO 1477/3-1 for AoM), 2 300 € 2006 DFG Travel Fund (KON 461/2006 - VO 1477/2-1 for EURAM), 1 100 € 2005-2008 Meyer Werft: 20 418 € x 3 years = 61 254 € 2005-2007 Daimler Chrysler: 19 600 € x 3 years = 58 800 €

–  –  –

Felix J. Schmitz-Justen: “Forum-based Online Knowledge Communities:

Knowledge Processes and their Factors of Influence. An Empirical Study using Structural Equation Modeling”, 2003-2005 (Information Science).


–  –  –


BOOKS Voelpel, S. & Lanwehr, R. (in press). Management für die Champions League. Was wir vom Profifußball lernen können. Erlangen - New York: Publicis (Vorwort von Roland Berger).

Voelpel, S., Leibold, M., & Früchtenicht, J.-D. (2007). Herausforderung 50 plus: Konzepte zum Management der Aging Workforce: Die Antwort auf das demographische Dilemma. Erlangen - New York: Publicis-Wiley (Vorwort von Heinrich von Pierer; Vorwort von Klaus Jacobs).

Leibold, M., & Voelpel, S. (2006). Managing the aging workforce: Challenges and solutions. New York: Wiley (Foreword by H. von Pierer, Chairman of the Supervisory board of Siemens;

Prologue by Klaus Jacobs, Chairman of Adecco).

Davenport, T., Leibold, M., & Voelpel, S. (2006). Strategic management in the innovation economy.

Strategy approaches and tools for dynamic innovation capabilities. New York: Wiley (Foreword by H.

von Pierer, CEO of Siemens).

Voelpel, S. (2003). The mobile company. An advanced organizational model for accelerating knowledge, innovation and value creation. St. Gallen: IFPM. (Appraised as Top Research in Hilb (2008): by T. Davenport, M. Leibold and H. von Pierer, CEO of Siemens).


Davenport, T., & Probst, G. (Eds.) (2002). Knowledge management case book. Best practices. New York: Wiley. (In Editorial board; 2nd revised Ed.).

Davenport, T. and Probst, G. (Eds.) (2000). Knowledge management case book. Best practices. New York: Wiley. (In Editorial board).


Kearney, E., Gebert, D. & Voelpel, S.C. (in press). When and how diversity benefits teams:

the importance of team members need for cognition. Academy of Management Journal.

Streb, C., Voelpel, S. & Leibold, M. (in press). Aging Workforce Management in the Automobile Industry: Defining the Concept and its Constituting Elements. Zeitschrift für Personalforschung.

Korff, J., Biemann, T., Voelpel, S.C., Kearney, E. & Stamov Roßnagel, C. (in press). HR Management for an Aging Workforce - A Life-Span Psychology Perspective. Zeitschrift für Personalpsychologie.

Han, Z., & Voelpel, S. (in press). The changing pattern of knowledge sharing on a global scale: The perspective of dynamic capability. Journal of Change Management.

Stamov Roßnagel, C., Schulz, M., Picard, M. & Voelpel, S.C. (in press). ResearcherPractitioner Collaboration in Action: Older Workers’ Informal Learning Competency.

Zeitschrift für Personalpsychologie.

–  –  –

Voelpel, S., & Kearney, E. (2008). Trust within organizations – Benefiting from demographic changes by fostering intra-organizational trust. Forum on Public Policy: Journal of the Oxford Roundtable, 4(1), 1-17.

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Evolutionary paths and future advances. Organization Studies, 27(8), 1179-1208.

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Exploring the nature of industry and organizational misfit to enable strategic change. Journal of Change Management, 06(3), 257-276.

O'Donnell, D., Henriksen, L., & Voelpel, S. (2006). Becoming critical on intellectual capital (Guest Editorial). Journal of Intellectual Capital, 07(1), 5-11.

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Voelpel, S., Leibold, M., Tekie, E., & von Krogh, G. (2005). Escaping the Red Queen Effect in competitive strategy: How managers can change industry rules by sense-testing their business models. European Management Journal, 23(1), 37-49.

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–  –  –

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Davenport, T., & Voelpel, S. (2001). The rise of knowledge towards attention management.

Journal of Knowledge Management, September, 5(3), 212-221. (Emerald Literati Club:

"CONGRATULATIONS!... number ONE in Emerald’s Top 10 Most Accessed Articles...").


Biemann, T. & Voelpel, S. (2010). Career Planning for Mid-and Late-Career Workers, Perspectives on Work and Retirement. In: J. Hedge and W. Borman (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Work and Aging (pp. ##-##). Oxford University Press (invited).

Voelpel, S., Dous, M., Kolbe, L., & Brenner, W. (2009). Disseminating knowledge throughout the organization: A best practice from Siemens. In M. Rao (Ed.), Cultures of knowledge: How KM practitioners nurture and sustain knowledge creating cultures: The KM chronicles, travelogue 3 (pp. ##-##). Butterworth-Heinemann (Forthcoming).

Voelpel, S. (2008). The Mobile Company [appraised as top research in the accompanying commentary by T. Davenport, M. Leibold and H. von Pierer]. In M. Hilb (Ed.), Neue Management-Konzepte im Praxistest (pp. 47-60). Zürich: Versus.

Staudinger, U. M., Roßnagel, C., & Voelpel, S. (2007). Personalmanagement und demographischer Wandel - eine interdisziplinäre Perspektive. In K. Schwuchow & J.

Gutmann (Eds.), Jahrbuch Personalentwicklung 2008 – Ausbildung, Weiterbildung, Management Development (pp. 295-304). Munich/Unterschleißheim: Luchterhand.

–  –  –

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