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«Antony Fielding B. Sc. (Econ.), M. Sc., FSS, C.Stat. FHEA CURRICULUM VITAE July 2011 Date of Birth: 12.5.44 Married with three daughters Next of Kin: ...»

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Antony Fielding

B. Sc. (Econ.), M. Sc., FSS, C.Stat. FHEA


July 2011

Date of Birth: 12.5.44

Married with three daughters

Next of Kin: Alison Ann Fielding.

Education, Qualifications and Recognitions:

1955-1962 Chadderton Grammar School:

GCE "O" Level (1959) 9 subjects.

GCE "A" Level (1961) History (with distinction),

Economics, Pure Mathematics.

GCE "A" Level (1992) Pure Mathematics (with distinction), History (with distinction), Economics.

GCE "S" Level (1962) History, Pure Mathematics.

1962 Awarded State Scholarship.

1962-1966 London School of Economics (University of London):

B.Sc. (Econ.), Specialism: Statistics.

M.Sc., Statistics and Operational Research.

1966 Elected FSS, Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society.

1993 Awarded Professional Status of C.Stat. (Chartered Statistician).

2002 Member of the Institute of Learning and Teaching, now Higher Education Academy.

Career Posts to Date:

2006- 2008 retired Professor of Social and Educational Statistics, University of Birmingham 2003- 2006 Reader in Social and Educational Statistics, University of Birmingham.

1976 -2003 Lecturer then Senior Lecturer in Social Statistics, University of Birmingham.

1972 - 1976 Lecturer in Statistics, London School of Economics, University of London.

1966 - 1972 Assistant Lecturer and then Lecturer, Department of Statistics, University of Edinburgh.

1965 -1966 Research Assistant, Unit for Economic and Statistical Studies in Higher Education, London School of Economics.

Other Relevant Honours and Official Positions:

2010-2011 Member of Home Office Science Advisory Committee 2010-2011 Chair, Statistics sub-committee of Home Office Science Advisory Committee 2009- Invited Chair of Data Monitoring and Ethics Committee, Systematic Therapy for at Risk Teens Project, University College London.

2008- Visiting Professor, Centre for Multilevel Modelling, Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol 2008-

–  –  –

Current and Projected Research Projects and Activities Evaluation of the Targeted Mental Health in Schools Programme (Co Applicant and Team member) 2008 -2012, Department for Children Schools and Families (DCFS). (£1.5million) As Visiting Professor on the ESRC National Centre for Research Methods, Learning Environment for Multilevel Methodology and Applications Node, I participate in an ongoing programme of on line training provision. This also involves training workshops the most recent of which was at Queens University Belfast Recent Funded Research Projects Degree attainment, ethnicity and gender; analysis of quantitative evidence (Director), Higher Education Academy, 2008.

Testing the Trans-Theoretical Model in Adolescent Smoking Acquisition Cessation, Joint Director with P. Aveyard (Public Health, University of Birmingham) and S. Sutton ( University of Cambridge), 2005-2007, Cancer Research UK. (£84,000).

The National Evaluation of the Children’s Fund, Member of Tendering Team and Member of Research Team, 2002-2006, Children and Young Persons Unit, Department for Education and Skills. (£6 million).

Using Cross Classified Models to Improve Estimates of the Determination of Pupil Attainment.

Phase 1: Literature Review and Scoping Analysis Investigation, Joint Director with H. Thomas (School of Education, University of Birmingham), 2005-6, Value for Money Unit, Department for Education and Skills. (£19,700).

Publications and Other Printed Work:

Journal Articles Guo, B, Fielding, A., Sutton, S.& Aveyard (2011), Psychometric properties of the processes of change scale for smoking cessation in UK adolescents. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 18(1):71-78 Chevalier, A. & Fielding A. (2011) An introduction to anchoring vignettes, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A (Statistics in Society), 174, 1, 569-574 Aveyard, P., Guo, B, Fielding, A. & Sutton, S. (2011), What causes backward stage movement?

Path analysis applied to a cohort of adolescent smokers. Preventive Medicine (forthcoming) Guo, B, Aveyard, P., Fielding, A. & Sutton, S. (2009), Do the Transtheoretical Model processes of change, decisional balance and temptation predict stage movement? Evidence from smoking cessation in adolescents. Addiction, 104(5), 828-38.

Guo, B, Aveyard, P., Fielding, A. & Sutton, S. (2009), Using Latent Class and Latent TransitionAnalysis to Examine the Transtheoretical Model Staging Algorithm and Sequential Stage Transition in Adolescent Smoking. Substance Use and Misuse,44, 2028-2042 Guo, B, Aveyard, P., Fielding, A. & Sutton, S. (2009), The Factor Structure and Factorial Invariance for the Decisional Balance Scale for Adolescent Smoking. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 16, 158-163 Guo, B, Aveyard, P., Fielding, A. & Sutton, S. (2008). Testing the convergent and discriminant validity of the Decisional Balance Scale of the Transtheoretical Model using the Multi-Trait Multi-Method approach. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 22(2), 288-294 Fielding, A., Charlton, C. Leckie, G., Kounali, D. (2008) Degree attainment, ethnicity and gender:Interactions and the modification of effects (150pps) Equality Challenge Unit, Higher Education Academy.

(http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/resources/detail/ourwork/research) Gunter, H., Rayner, S., Butt, G., Fielding, A., Lance, A., Thomas, H. (2007). Transforming the School Workforce: Perspectives on School Reform in England. Journal of Educational Change, 8,, 25-39 Spencer, N.H. & Fielding, A. (2007). Estimation and Comparison of Endogenous Ordered Category Multilevel Models. In D. Gregori, G. MacKenzie, H. Friedl, R. Corradetti (Eds.), Correlated Data Modeling, 303-320, Franco Angeli: Italy Fielding, A. and Yang, M. (2005). Generalised Linear Mixed Models for Ordered Responses in Complex Multilevel Structures: Effects Beneath the School or College in Education.

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A (Statistics in Society), 168, 1, 159-183.

Gunter, H., Rayner, S., Thomas, H., Fielding, A., Butt, G., Lance, A. (2005). Teachers, Time and Work: Findings from the Evaluation of the Transforming the School Workforce Pathfinder Project. School Leadership and Management, 5, 441-454.

Beauchamp, M., Bray, S., Fielding, A., Eys, A. (2005). A Multilevel Investigation of t Relationship between Role Ambiguity and Role Efficacy in Sport. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 6, 289-302.

Butt, G., Lance, A., Fielding, A., Gunter, H., Rayner, S., Thomas, H. (2005). Teacher Job Satisfaction: Lessons from the TSW Pathfinder Project. School Leadership and Management, 25, 5, 455-471.

Fielding, A. (2004). Invited Expert Comment on Papers by Draper & Gittoes and Bratti et al.:

Special issue on Performance Monitoring. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A (Statistics in Society), 167, 3, 497-498.

Fielding, A. (2004). Scaling for Residual Variance Components of Ordered Category Responses in Generalised Linear Mixed Multilevel Models. Quality and Quantity, The European Journal of Methodology, 38, 4, 425-433.

Fielding, A. (2004). The Role of the Hausman Test and Whether Higher Level Effects Should be Treated as Random or Fixed. Multilevel Modelling Newsletter, 16, 2, 3-9.

Fielding, A. (2004). The Hausman Test of Random Effects Specifications (Abstract). In C. van Dinkum, J. Blasius, H. Kleijer and B. van Hilten (Eds.), Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Logic and Methodology, CD Rom ISBN 0-9067606-176X.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands Institute for the Social Sciences.

Fielding, A. and Hughes, N. (2004). Indicator Data and Targeting Groups and Units in Implementing Preventative Measures. National Evaluation of the Children’s Fund, Online Conference on Understanding Prevention: Children, Families and Social Inclusion, Published on the Web: http://www.ne-cf.org/conferences/.

Fielding, A. and Spencer, N. (2004). Model Building and Interpretation of Ordinal Multilevel Random Effects Models with Exogeneity and Endogeneity. In A. Biggieri, E. Dreassi, Lagazio and M. Marchi (Eds.), Proceedings of the 19th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling. Firenze, Firenze University Press.

Firmstone, V. R., Bullock, A.D., Fielding, A, Frame, J. W., Gibson, C. and Hall, J. (2004). The Impact of Course Attendance on the Practice of Dentists. British Dental Journal, 196, 2, 773-777.

Corcoran, C., Douglas, G., Pavey, S., Fielding, A., McLinden, M., McCall, S. (2004). Network 1000: The Changing Needs and Circumstances of Visually-Impaired People, Project Overview. British Journal of Visual Impairment, 22, 93-100.

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