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«Date: Monday, May 23, 2011 Co-Chairs: Bong-Min Yang and Mingliang Zhang Participants: Consortium Members: Jeonghoon Ahn, Ganbat Byambaa, Wen Chen, ...»

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ISPOR Asia Consortium Face-to-Face Business Meeting Summary

At ISPOR 16th International Meeting, Baltimore, MD, USA

Date: Monday, May 23, 2011

Co-Chairs: Bong-Min Yang and Mingliang Zhang


Consortium Members: Jeonghoon Ahn, Ganbat Byambaa, Wen Chen, Bruce Crawford, Jalpa A. Doshi, Jeff Guo,

Ansgar Hebbonn, Shanlian Hu, Shunya Ikeda, Yonghua Jing, Isao Kamae, Sheldon Kong, Vithaya Kulsomboon,

Kenneth Lee, Vivian Lee, Gordon Liu, Yifei Liu, Lyn Murphy, Lizheng Shi, Jun Tang, Boxiong Tang, Ed Wang, Adele Weston, Feng Xie, Jianwei Xuan, Li Yang, Bong-Min Yang, Hongjun Yin, and Mingliang Zhang.

ISPOR Leadership: President, Scott D. Ramsey, President-elect, Mark J. Sculpher, and Founding Executive Director Marilyn Dix Smith ISPOR Staff: Nancy Sun and Zandra Yin


The objectives for ISPOR Asia Consortium Face-to-Face Business Meeting are for the Working Committees to report their activities conducted in past year; for Regional Chapters to inform their accomplishments achieved in 2010; and for all members to discuss issues concerned and suggest new initiatives.

ISPOR President and Founding Executive Director Remarks:

ISPOR President, Scott Ramsey, with ISPOR Founding Executive Director, Marilyn Dix Smith, delivered remarks by acknowledging the impressive progress made by Asia Consortium members in the region as well as thanking the Asia Consortium members for their contribution and accomplishments.

ISPOR Asia Consortium Working Committee Report:

ISPOR 5th Asia-Pacific Conference Committee: Planning of the 5th Asia-Pacific Conference has been proceeding well. Call for


has been announced. Twelve short courses and 3 plenary session topics have been selected. Ten originations from 3 countries/regions agreed to be “supporting institutions” to promote the conference. Further feedback, ideas and discussions on the conference preparation are welcome and will be communicated via among the committee members.

Education Committee: Focus will be on standardizing training program throughout Asia region, maintaining consistency and quality of training courses, and coming up ideas for training trainers.

• Short Course Committee: Short Courses topics have determined 12 courses for the ISPOR 5th AsiaPacific Conference.

• Distance Learning & Onsite Training Committee: Based on the regional need and demand, the Committee had decided to translate selected Distance Learning Modules into Chinese. The Committee is considering and will decide on which modules will be translated.

ISPOR Asia Consortium Face-to-Face Business Meeting Summary Publication Committee: Value in Health 3rd Asia Special Issue Co-Editor Dr. Vithaya Kulsomboon was appointed last November, and over 200 reviewers were recruited. Recently, the subcommittee Outcomes Research Practices & Publications Committee has been formed.

• Value in Health 3rd Asia Special Issue: There were 116 manuscripts submitted for consideration. Each manuscript received 3 or more peer reviews. The 1st editorial decision resulted 55 manuscripts being required for revision and resubmission. The 2nd round peer review was being conducted and the final decision should be made in by middle of August. This special issue is to be published in December 2011.

• The interest in publication of annual Value in Health regional issue or twice a year as supplementary to regular issue (one for Asia region and the other for Latin America region) was raised to provide information and showcase for the researchers’ work in the region. The concern is the funding for such publication. Quality of the articles is another concern. Further discussions are needed.

• Good Outcomes Research Practices & Publications Committee: As the result of the election conducted in April, the 2011-2013 Committee Chair is Hui-Chu Lang, PhD, President of ISPOR Taiwan Chapter, and Professor, Institute of Public Health & Department of Public Health, Yang Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan and the Chair-Elect is Asrul Akmal Shafie, PhD, FISPOR, RPh, Lecturer, Discipline of Social and Administrative Pharmacy, School of Pharmaceutical Science, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia. This Committee will assess the needs of translation of ISPOR articles published in ViH and ISPOR CONNECTIONS.

Health Technology Producers (Industry) Committee: The committee formed a Volunteer Working Group consists of 18 members, China PE Guidelines Working Group, and two subcommittees Pharmaceuticals & Biologics Committee and Medical Devices & Diagnostics Committee. Chair and Chair-elect for each committee need to be elected. Members contributed to the Asia Consortium activities through the following


• Providing comments on Chinese Guidelines for Pharmacoeconomics Evaluations. Over 20 members were involved.

• Supporting the ISPOR 4th Asia-Pacific Conference intellectually as well as financially. Six members were invited to participate in the conference as short course faculty or panelists for the plenary sessions, and over 10 members (through their companies) sponsored the conference and the ViH Asia Special Issue. The Committee members will continue their support to consortium initiatives.

ISPOR Asia Regional Chapter Report:

Regional Chapter Summary: Since last year’s ISPOR International Meeting, 5 regional chapters have been formed: Korea Chapter, Beijing Chapter, Singapore, India-Manipal and Mongolia Chapters. Total # of ISPOR regional chapters in Asia has increased to 15.

Mongolia Chapter: Newly established Mongolia Chapter is actively implementing Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research activities which will engage policy makers and provide information to benefit the region.

3rd Forum of Asia Huaxia Pharmacoeconomics and Health Technology Assessment: The 3rd Forum was held in Shanghai this year, organized by ISPOR Asia Consortium, TaSPOR, Fudan University (ISPOR Shanghai Chapter), CUHK, and Monash University Sunway Campus (MUSC). The forum attendance has doubled since the first forum in Hong Kong in 2009. The success of the forum has been noticed and currently being viewed as a potential model for future ISPOR Asia Consortium Country Specific Health Policy Forum.

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Open Discussion on ISPOR Asia Consortium Future Initiatives:

ISPOR Asia Consortium Country Specific Health Policy Forum: The initiative was originated from suggestions from members who attended ISPOR 4th Asia-Pacific Conference last year. The goal of the initiative is to engaging the policy makers by sharing information among countries. The idea is to invite keynote speaker to speak on important topics that are of interest to the country. The topics will be proposed by the forum organizer and determined by Asia Consortium. The frequency of the forum is proposed for bi-annual and during the non ISPOR Asia-Pacific Conference year. Due to the varied opinions expressed by the participants, the detail of the initiative would require further review and discussions.

ISPOR Asia Consortium AsiaNetHTA: The goal of ISPOR Asia Consortium AsiaNetHTA is to provide platform to exchange information on HTA among countries in Asia. Further discussions will be made on this initiative.

ISPOR Asia Consortium Executive Committee Meeting Summary at the ISPOR 16th Annual International Meeting, Baltimore, MD, USA Date: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 Co-Chairs: Bong-Min Yang and Mingliang Zhang


Members: Jeonghoon Ahn, Ganbat Byambaa, Wen Chen, Shanlian Hu, Shunya Ikeda, Isao Kamae, Kenneth Lee, Vivian Lee, Gordon Liu, Li Yang, Bong-Min Yang, and Mingliang Zhang. ISPOR Founding Executive Director: Marilyn Dix Smith, and ISPOR Staff: Nancy Sun and Zandra Yin


The objective of this meeting is to discuss and decide on the course of actions to take for ISPOR Asia Consortium new initiatives: ISPOR Asia Consortium Country-Specific Health Policy Forum, ISPOR AsiaNetHTA, and ISPOR 6th Asia-Pacific Conference.

ISPOR Asia Consortium Country-Specific Health Policy Forum Mingliang Zhang, the Asia Consortium Adversary Committee Chair, reported the discussions made at the invitational meeting on ISPOR Asia Consortium Country-Specific Health Policy Forum which was held on the previous day. The objective of this meeting was to seek the possibility of the collaboration between the proposed initiative of policy forum and Huaxia (Chinese) Forum, co-organized by ISPOR Regional Chapters in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China mainland, where Chinese is official language.

Huaxia Forum focuses on health policies and targets policymakers as audience, which is a good model.

It was suggested that the policy forum could be a joint activity of Huaxia and ISPOR Asia Consortium, when the forum held in Chinese speaking regions.

The policy forum is suggested to provide one day educational training and next day health policy discussions/information sharing.

Follow up action Further discussions on details will be held via emails and teleconferences.


Currently, only Taiwan, South Korea and Thailand have HTA agency which would mean the membership is only three. Others like China mainland Thailand do not have an official HTA agency but are in the process of establishing a formal HTA agency. Therefore, it was suggested to broaden the membership to include countries that have HTA agency and also those have privately or non-government supported HTA agencies.

–  –  –

ISPOR 6th Asia-Pacific Conference Host Country/City To follow up on the suggestion to hold the 6th conference in Beijing China, instead of previous suggested Singapore, the Executive Committee will decide when both cities agree to change the site of the conference.

Follow up actions:

ISPOR staff will reach out to Singapore Chapter to find out the current status of conference preparation and readiness, and report the status to Asia Consortium Executive Committee.

ISPOR Asia-Pacific Conference Ten Year Anniversary:

It was suggested by Dr. Isao Kamae, Co-Chair of the ISPOR 1st Asia-Pacific Conference held in September 2003, Kobe, Japan, to hold the forum in Kobe or Tokyo to celebrate 10th Anniversary of conference, or 10th Anniversary of the Asia Consortium that was officially established in August, 2004.

Several suggestions were expressed:

The celebration of 10th Anniversary of the 1st Asia-Pacific Conference could be held as part of Japan Chapter Annual Meeting in 2013.

The celebration of 10th Anniversary of the Asia Consortium could be held as one of the activities at the ISPOR 6th Asia-Pacific Conference, September, 2012.

Follow up actions:

ISPOR staff will discuss with Dr. Kamae for a detailed proposal, reach out to the consortium members for their inputs, and report the proposal/results to the Executive Committee for final decision.

ISPOR Asia Consortium Health Technology Producers (Industry) Committee Meeting Summary at the ISPOR 16th International Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD, USA Time: Tuesday, May 24, 2011, 7:00AM-8:15AM


Members: Ashoke Bhattacharjya, Edward Kim, Yonghua Jing, Hong Li, Larry Liu, Yifei Liu, Narayan Rajan, Boxiong Tang, Edward Wang, Adele Weston, Jianwei Xuan, Sam (Xin) Ye, Lin Zhan, and Mingdong Zhang ISPOR Staff: Xing Li, and Zandra Yin


The objective of this meeting is to discuss the Industry Committee organizational development, the Industry Committee’s role in advancing PE/OR in Asia and the ISPOR Asia Consortium new initiatives.

Discussion Training Collaboration Industry Committee member companies’ local offices were encouraged to work with/support local universities to set up PE/OR related courses for students Industry Committee member companies were encouraged to collaborate with ISPOR and the Regional Chapters to develop educational programs for government officers, practitioners and other interested professionals in Asia Scientific Practice Experience Sharing Suggested to build a sharing platform for disease-specific good research practice within Asia region.

Suggested to translate the ISPOR Good Research Practices into local languages.

Suggested to share experience of adopting clinical and economic research data between countries in Asia.

Local Membership Development Currently, the majority of the Industry Committee members are US-based and from multinational companies. It was suggested to embrace more professionals not only from multinational company local offices but also from local companies.

Industry Committee would work with ISPOR regional chapters to promote ISPOR and enroll more members.

Industry Committee Session at the ISPOR 5th AP Conference Agreed to host an Industry Committee forum/session at the 5th AP Conference and proposed to have a working group for the follow up actions.

Suggested to have a working group to take follow-up actions, including to solicit titles and topics from the Industry Committee members and recommend speakers.

ISPOR 5th Asia-Pacific Conference Program Committee Meeting Summary at the ISPOR 16th International Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD, USA Time: Tuesday, May 24, 2011, 1:30PM-2:30PM Chair: Bong-Min Yang*


Members: Jeonghoon Ahn, Renee Arnold, Engels Chou, Bruce Crawford, Alex (Zhenghong) Fu, Jianfei (Jeff) Guo, Isao Kamae, Anita Kotwani, Kenneth KC Lee, Hong Li, Wenfeng Miao, Boxiong Tang, Jiuhong Wu, Bong-min Yang, Li Yang, and Shengsheng Yu ISPOR Staff: Xing Li, Nancy Sun, and Zandra Yin


The objective of this meeting is to inform the status of the preparation of the ISPOR 5th Asia-Pacific Conference and to solicit further suggestions for the conference program development.


Collaboration with Supporting Institutions Supporting Institutions (named Co-Sponsors at the previous conferences) play an important role to promote the conference and draw attendees to make the conference a success. It was suggested to work with the regional chapters to recommend supporting institutions from countries in the region.

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