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  1. «Submitted to the Department of Biology, Chemistry, and Pharmacy At the Freie Universität Berlin By Philipp Jäger From Hamburg, Germany February ...»
  2. «Wiebke E. Krämer PhD Thesis, University of Bremen Bremen, February 2012 University of Bremen Photoecophysiology of symbiotic zooxanthellae of ...»
  3. «PROGRAM KONFERENCE / SBORNÍK ABSTRAKT Lipidomická sekce České společnosti pro biochemii a molekulární biologii Česká společnost pro genovou ...»
  4. «Improvement of MLPA technique (Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification) to study human genetic diseases Doctoral Dissertation Eva ...»
  5. «An alternative secretory pathway in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum Dissertation zur Erlangung des Doktorgrades der Naturwissenschaften ...»
  6. «Abstract. The different sensibility of the benthonic macro-invertebrates has been used in determining the manner in which these communities are being ...»
  7. «DECLARING A MAJOR Any full-time faculty member of the department can be your advisor. Try to meet with as many of the faculty members as possible to ...»
  8. «Abstract Commonly, the researchers sustain that as the environmental sciences is an interdisciplinary issue; it does not have an epistemology to ...»
  9. «Robert Oprisko, PhD Center for the Study of Global Change Indiana University roprisko@indiana.edu Kristopher Kaliher Butler University ...»
  10. «Ferrer Montaño, Orlando José Ecology for Whom? Deep Ecology and the Death of Anthropocentrism Opción, vol. 22, núm. 50, 2006, pp. 181-197 ...»
  11. «A simple and rapid preparation of M13 sequencing templates for manual and automated dideoxy sequencing Tom Kristensen1, Hartmut Voss and Wilhelm ...»
  12. «Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie Abteilung Strukturforschung Biologische NMR-Arbeitsgruppe Structural Investigations on Green Fluorescent Protein ...»
  13. «Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie Abteilung Strukturforschung Biologische NMR-Arbeitsgruppe STRUCTURAL AND FUNCTIONAL STUDIES ON PHOTOACTIVE ...»
  14. «Proteasen in pflanzlichen Organellen: Funktionelle Charakterisierung und Strukturanalyse der Cystein-Endopeptidase in Ricinosomen und Reinigung einer ...»
  15. «PR Montague P Dayan SJ Nowlan A Pouget TJ Sejnowski CNL, The Salk Institute 10010 North Torrey Pines Rd. La Jolla, CA 92037, USA ...»
  16. «About three centuries after Newton we are thoroughly familiar with the concept of natural science—most unequivocally with physical and biological ...»
  17. «Part One TheoreTical PersPecTives on values, religion, and adolescenT develoPmenT in culTural conTexT © in this web service Cambridge University ...»
  18. «Consider a potter throwing a vessel on the wheel (Fig. 2.1). Think of the complex ways brain, body, wheel and clay relate and interact with one ...»
  19. «Overview │ Ethics and Writing │ Getting Started │ Primary Research Research Papers │ Citing Sources │ Professor Tips Overview What is ...»
  20. «Emergency Management and Continuity of Operations Plan Anthrax Introduction Anthrax is an acute infectious disease caused by the spore-forming ...»
  21. «ANTHROPIC PRINCIPLE—a way of reasoning whereby one tries to draw conclusions concerning the global properties of the universe from the evident fact ...»
  22. «A Message from the Chair of the Department Deciding to major or minor in anthropology means embarking upon an undergraduate career full of challenge, ...»
  23. «Conservation and Development Problem Solving Team Graduate Program in Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology University of Maryland, ...»
  24. «Abstract This paper aims to characterise the aggressive behaviour of great apes: the orang‑utan, the gorilla, the chimpanzee and the bonobo. We ...»
  25. «Research Institute for the Biology of Farm Animals, Dummerstorf, Germany ULRICH KÜCHENMEISTER and GERDA KUHN Regulation of intracellular Ca2+ ...»
  26. «Forschungsinstitut für die Biologie landwirtschaftlicher Nutztiere (FBN), Dummerstorf, Germany CHRISTINE BAES and NORBERT REINSCH Computing the ...»
  27. «Agricultural University of Szczecin, Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Poland DANIEL POLASIK, MAREK KMIEĆ, ARKADIUSZ TERMAN and FILIP ...»
  28. «Heritability and repeatability of the number of lambs born and reared estimated using linear and threshold models Dariusz Piwczyński, Bogna ...»
  29. «Genetic variability of traits recorded during 100-day stationary performance test and inbreeding level in Polish warmblood stallions Alicja ...»
  30. «Integrative Computational Approaches to Complex Ecophysiological Systems Andreas Bohn (Oeiras, Portugal) With 6 Figures Abstract The present work ...»
  31. «by Roland Bauchot, honorary professor of biology University of Paris Denis Diderot In 1861, in the bulletin of the Paris Anthropology Society, a ...»
  32. «R Anthrax Attacks, Biological Terrorism and Preventive Responses John Parachini CT-186 November 2001 The RAND testimony series contains the ...»
  33. «MITOTICKÉ DISRUPCE U MNOHOČETNÉHO MYELOMU Diplomová práce Jakub Petrík VEDOUCÍ PRÁCE: prof. MUDr. Roman Hájek, CSc. Brno 2013 ...»
  34. «Abstract. All biological organisms must be able to regulate certain essential internal variables, e.g. core body temperature in mammals, in order to ...»
  35. «Abstract. All biological organisms must be able to regulate certain essential internal variables, e.g. core body temperature in mammals, in order to ...»
  36. «Introduction It takes only a little first-hand knowledge of Bergson’s texts to enable one to move beyond the stereotypical interpretation of ...»
  37. «A proposed name for aperiodic brain activity: stochastic chaos Walter J Freeman Department of Molecular & Cell Biology University of California ...»
  38. «Gábor Gondi München 2013 Einfluss eines Carboanhydrase XII-spezifischen Antikörpers auf das Tumorwachstum in vitro und in vivo sowie ...»
  40. «Agent Classification: Biological Type: Bacteria (Bacillus anthracis), many strains Description: B. anthracis is a naturally-occurring, rod-shaped ...»
  41. «DANY SHOHAM The Anthrax Evidence Points to Iraq Any analytical context that is not merely technical, but relies on the power of mind, ultimately ...»
  42. «ABSTRACT. This article has focused on the Aristotelian philosophy from which I have sketched some traits of biocentrism. Through the discussion, I ...»
  43. «Anthropogenic nutrient enrichment of seagrass and coral reef communities in the Lower Florida Keys: discrimination of local versus regional nitrogen ...»
  44. «'Everything is' is one extreme. 'Nothing is' is the other. Between these two I teach the truth of interdependent origination. The Buddha Young ...»
  45. «Instituto de Genética e Bioquímica, Universidade Federal de Uberlândia, Uberlândia, MG, Brasil Instituto de Biologia, Universidade Federal de ...»
  46. «Eine sozialgeographische Analyse im südlichen Marokko Dissertation zur Erlangung des Doktorgrades der Fakultät für Biologie, Chemie und ...»
  47. «Herausgegeben von Heinrich H. Bülthoff Karl R. Gegenfurtner Hanspeter A. Mallot Rolf Ulrich Knirsch Verlag Kirchentellinsfurt Prof. Dr. Heinrich H. ...»
  48. «by zac McDonald Submitted in fulfillment of the academic requirements for the degree of Master of Science in the Department of Biology University of ...»
  49. «The Series on Knots and Everything: is a book series polarized around the theory of knots. Volume 1 in the series is Louis H Kauffman’s Knots and ...»
  50. «1) British Academy Centenary Research Project, School of Biological Sciences, University of Liverpool, Crown St, Liverpool L69 7ZB, UK 2) new ...»
  51. «Research Article The mangrove forest at the Bucatu Lagoon, Northeast Brazil: structural characterization and anthropic impacts Rômulo Romeu Nóbrega ...»
  52. «GEO 387H – Professor Yang November 18, 2008 Ria Detmer Literature Review   Abstract Scientist has raised some concerns with the current rise of ...»
  53. «The Unofficial Guide for Graduate Students in Anthropology at Boston University Produced by the B.U. Anthropology Graduate Students Association ...»
  54. «Experience and Cultural Models Matter: Placing Firm Limits on Childhood Anthropocentrism Sandra Waxman Douglas Medin Northwestern University, ...»
  55. «Sandra Waxman and Douglas Medin Northwestern University Experience and Cultural Models Matter: Placing Firm Limits on Anthropocentrism Abstract This ...»
  56. «Introduction. As our closest living relatives, great apes share similarities with humans in terms of cognition, emotion, sociality, and ...»
  57. «1. Introduction This chapter discusses the classical and Renaissance genre legacy which influenced Carl Linnaeus (Carl von Linné, 1707–1778) in ...»
  58. «Aphids (Hemiptera: Aphidinea) and ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in the urban environments of Bydgoszcz and its vicinities Mszyce (Hemiptera: ...»
  59. «Book of Abstracts ssNMR in Comparison to Other Structural Investigation Techniques Beat Meier Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences, ETH ...»
  60. «Proposal To Sequence the Genome of the Pea Aphid (Acyrthosiphon pisum) The International Aphid Genomics Consortium (IAGC) Steering Committee (in ...»
  61. «Can aphid-induced plant signals be transmitted aerially and through the rhizosphere? Keith Chamberlaina, Emilio Guerrierib, Francesco Pennacchioc, ...»
  62. «Dissertation zur Erlangung des Doktorgrades der Naturwissenschaften (Dr. rer. nat.) Fakultät Naturwissenschaften Universität Hohenheim Institut ...»
  63. «‘Love with robots will be as normal as love with other humans’ 1 Simone Hinds-Addow BSc Psychology Patterns of Action Dissertation May, 2014 ...»
  64. «Naturalizing Anthropomorphism: Behavioral Prompts to Our Humanizing of Animals Alexandra C. Horowitz* and Marc Bekoff† *Department of Psychology, ...»
  66. «Species richness, species–area curves and Simpson’s paradox Samuel M. Scheiner,1* Stephen B. Cox,2 Michael Willig,2 Gary G. Mittelbach,3 Craig ...»
  67. «Linzer biol. Beitr. 45/2 1907-1919 20.12.2013 Effect of Bombus terrestris L. (Hymenoptera, Apidae) pollinating on flowering and fruiting trends of ...»
  68. «APHORISTIC COMPENDIUM A tribute to Juan Magariños Oscar Fernandez Aphoristic Compendium A tribute to Juan Magariños Dialogarts Publicações ...»
  69. «Biology of rosy apple aphid, Dysaphis plantaginea Passerini, (Homoptera: Aphididae) on its summer hosts in eastern Washington AUTHORS. STEPHEN D. ...»
  70. «1 Abstract: Emotional reactions to basic, artificial, yet carefully controllable point-light displays (PLDs) were investigated with ratings of ...»
  71. «zur Erlangung der Doktorwürde der Naturwissenschaftlich-Mathematischen Gesamtfakultät der Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg vorgelegt von ...»
  72. «Fakultät für Biologie Untersuchungen zur Aufklärung der in vivoFunktion des Zytolysins ClyA von Escherichia coli Dissertation zur Erlangung des ...»
  73. «1. Introduction The purpose of this paper is to examine recent advances in the evolutionary psychology of religion, and to explore how this research ...»
  74. «Biology and Management of Woolly Apple Aphid S. D. Cockfield and E. H. Beers Washington State University, Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center, ...»
  75. «Social Cognition Unbound: Insights into Anthropomorphism and Dehumanization Adam Waytz1, Nicholas Epley2, John T. Cacioppo2 Harvard University ...»
  76. «Christian Ramp Dissertation zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades eines Doktors der Naturwissenschaften (Dr. rer. nat) Marine Zoologie Fachbereich ...»
  77. «1. GRUNDLAGEN UND RANDGEBIETE 1.1 Allgemein 1.2 Biologie allgemein 1.3 Botanik – Vegetationskunde 1.4 Zoologie – Ornithologie 1.5 Biomonitoring ...»
  78. «Titel der Diplomarbeit Cell cycle and DNA damage dependent control of transcription of the DNA repair gene AtCOM1 Verfasser Stefan Bailey ...»
  79. «Measuring the Amount of Ascorbic Acid in Cabbage Carol Reiss Section of Plant Biology Division of Biological Sciences, Cornell University Ithaca, New ...»
  80. «Tag der mündlichen Prüfung: 24.11.2005 Environmental variables and plankton communities in the pelagic of lakes: enclosure experiment and ...»
  81. «Beitr. Naturk. Oberösterreichs 349-355 25.4.2005 Erste Nachweise der Mückenfledermaus, Pipistrellus pygmaeus (LEACH 1825) (Chiroptera, ...»
  82. «University Press Scholarship Online Oxford Scholarship Online Language Down the Garden Path: The Cognitive and ...»
  83. «Improving food safety of sprouts and cold-smoked salmon by physical and biological preservation methods Dissertation zur Erlangung des Grades eines ...»
  84. «Dissertation zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades des Doktors der Naturwissenschaften (Dr. rer. nat.) eingereicht im Fachbereich Biologie,Chemie, ...»
  85. «Dissertation In partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of a Doctorate Degree in Natural Sciences (Dr. rer. nat) The Faculty of Biology, ...»
  86. «Dissertation zur Erlangung des Doktorgrades der Naturwissenschaften (Dr. rer. nat.) Dem Fachbereich Biologie der Philipps-Universität Marburg ...»
  87. «Inaugural-Dissertation zur Erlangung des Doktorgrades Dr. rer. nat. der Fakultät für Biologie an der Universität Duisburg-Essen vorgelegt von ...»
  88. «Dissertation zur Erlangung des Doktorgrades der Naturwissenschaften (Dr. rer. nat.) dem Fachbereich Biologie der Phlilipps-Universität Marburg ...»
  89. «Time- and Concentration-dependent response of a liver cell line to Benzo(a)pyrene Time- and Concentration-dependent response of a liver cell line to ...»
  90. «Dissertation zur Erlangung des naturwissenschaftlichen Doktorgrades der Bayerischen Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg vorgelegt von Eva ...»
  91. «eingereicht an der Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät I der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin von DIPL.-BIOL. SUSANNE FIETZ geboren am ...»
  92. «Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, GO, Brasil Faculdade de Farmácia, Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, GO, Brasil Corresponding ...»
  93. «DISSERTATION zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades doctor rerum naturalium (Dr. rer. nat.) im Fach Biologie eingereicht an der ...»
  94. «Vorgelegt von Jakob Hartmann Juni 2014 Dissertation eingereicht am: 23. Juni 2014 Mündliche Prüfung am: 03. November 2014 1. Gutachter: PD. Dr. ...»
  95. «The organization of the sensory system of Oligochaeta worms PhD Thesis Gábor Kiszler Supervisor: László Molnár PhD Associate professor PÉCS, ...»
  96. «Doctoral thesis for a doctoral degree at the Graduate School of Life Sciences, JuliusMaximilians-Universität Würzburg, Section Integrative Biology ...»
  97. «DISSERTATION vorgelegt an der Fakultät für Biologie der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Christina Muck Seewiesen, September 2011 Die ...»
  98. «Dissertation zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades doctor rerum naturalium (Dr. rer. nat.) im Fach Biologie eingereicht an der ...»
  99. «vorgelegt von Thorsten Werner Universität Hamburg Fakultät für Mathematik, Informatik und Naturwissenschaften Fachbereich Biologie Hamburg, 2013 ...»
  100. «Doris Kahle-Zuber Diss. ETH No. 18080 Biology and evolution of the European mistletoe (Viscum album) A dissertation submitted to the ETH ZURICH for ...»
  101. «Dissertation Zur Erlangung des Doktorgrades der Naturwissenschaften (Dr. rer. nat.) an der Fakultät für Biologie der Ludwig-Maximilians ...»
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